Southland Distribution & Sales introduces Bio Lube™ E-Formula

Oct. 14, 2005
Electric handpiece contra angles run cooler and longer with unique Bio Lube™ E-Formula.

SDS (Southland Distribution & Sales) the creator of Bio Lube™ with TLC Technology introduces Bio Lube™ E-Formula -- a revolutionary lubricant formulated especially for high speed electric handpiece contra angles. New Bio Lube™ E-Formula is proven to reduce wear, optimize performance, and keep contra angles running cooler and quieter. TLC nano-lubrication technology creates a polymer coating on metal gears and bearings. It dramatically reduces friction, heat, and wear by eliminating metal-to-metal contact -- making costly repairs a thing of the past! All Bio Lube™ products are food grade, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable, require no Haz-Mat shipping, and are available through your preferred dental dealer. Visit or call (800) 880-0240 to get more information about Bio Lube™ and find out about the free* introductory offer.

Bio LubeTM Product Line:
(BIO-CL-24) Advanced Handpiece Lubricant*
(BIO-C-12) Advanced Handpiece Cleaner*
(BIO-AL) Auto-Lube (for use in handpiece maintenance stations: HandpieceSPA, Assistina, Care3)
(BIO-AC) Auto-Clean (for use in the Assistina maintenance station)
(BIO-EF-500) E-Formula (for electric handpiece contra angles)

*Buy 1 Lube, Get 1 Cleaner Free! For details, visit or call (800) 880-0240.