New cross-cut carbide burs introduced

Dec. 15, 2006
MultiPrep burs are a choice for multi-purpose, high-performance cutting duties when the use of a single is preferred.

DENTSPLY Professional introduces the new MultiPrep family of premium quality fine cross-cut carbide burs for superior cutting performance.

MultiPrep burs are a choice for multi-purpose, high performance cutting duties when the use of a single is preferred. Selection is simple, for example use the Midwest MultiPrep 557 as a high performance multi-use upgrade to the standard Midwest 557 bur.

Features include:

Faster and more precise: Proprietary blade geometry and maximum cross-cut density for optimal cutting efficiency and longer life--less force is required to achieve the same cutting rate as other burs.

Smoother: With up to 80 percent more cross cuts than their standard Midwest counterparts, Midwest MultiPrep burs actually reduce undesirable chatter delivering efficient smooth cutting performance for the most demanding applications.

More versatile: Midwest MultiPrep burs offer the most extensive selection of shapes and sizes, with 32 burs available in familiar configurations to meet most clinical needs, cutting through metals, porcelain, composites and natural dentition with precision and ease.

The burs are available in packages of two (oral surgical lengths only), 10 and 100 burs, price ranges from about $1.42 to $2.40 per bur (standard FG & FG short shank) depending on quantity purchased, dealer price and promotions. Midwest MultiPrep burs are in stock now at local Dentsply dealers.

For more information about Midwest Carbide Burs or other products, please contact a local Dentsply Professional sales representative or customer service at (800) 800-2888.