Tungsten carbide cutters introduced

May 7, 2007
Cutters to provide higher material reduction and better surface quality.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina--KOMET USA, a worldwide leader in the production of precision rotary instruments for the dental industry, has introduced its new patented UM Cutters.

The cutters are tungsten carbide cutters designed for multifunctional cutting of non-precious metal and model cast alloys. With this announcement, KOMET unites three different toothing functions into a single cutter, for higher material reduction and better surface quality.

KOMET's UM tungsten carbide cutters offer significant advantages over conventional tungsten carbide cutters. Practitioners can control the contact pressure to emphasize either material reduction or surface quality. High contact pressure results in higher material reduction, while low contact pressure achieves better surface quality.

The new blade configuration contributes to a smoother operation and reduced vibration, without strain to the user's wrist. The materials used to manufacture the cutters, a particularly fine, hot-isostatically pressed tungsten carbide, guarantees sharp, unmarred blades and a long service life. Its unique design features a red ring and golden shank, clearly distinguishable from cutters with conventional toothing.

Extensive laboratory tests have confirmed that KOMET USA's UM Cutters produce a better surface quality--equal to fine toothing--than cutters with conventional staggered toothing.

For more information about KOMET USA, contact the company at (800) 208-1630 or via the Internet at KOMET USA.