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Liquid Dentist Superhero revolutionizes consumer health: nutritional remedy prompts oral health, general immunity, and “super clean teeth” feeling

May 18, 2015
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz brings you Liquid Dentist, a new product developed to reverse tooth decay and gum diseases nutritionally, while prompting general immunity against colds and flus.

Health professionals and consumers report an immediate “super-cleaning” of their teeth after a 3-minute swish with Liquid Dentist — a new product developed to reverse tooth decay and gum diseases nutritionally, while prompting general immunity against colds and flus.

Liquid Dentist, based on the research of infectious disease authority and America’s leading dental self-care expert, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, is an all natural, optimally organic, consumer health product guaranteed to keep your teeth “hygienist clean and smooth” for up to three days between uses or your money back.

Dr. Horowitz, who served on the faculties of Tufts School of Dental Medicine and Harvard Dental School, sought a way to reverse tooth decay and gum diseases nutritionally as well as boost whole body immunity against infectious diseases. He researched decay-stopping medical ozonation followed by tooth remineralization to advance a personal care formula challenging vaccines for safety and efficacy in supporting oral and general healthcare for optimal self-care.

The mouth is one of the dirtiest places on earth. More than 500 strains of bacteria and numerous virus-varieties thrive in the wet and warm oral cavity. This climate, coupled with natural sugars in saliva, is the perfect culture media for disease-formers.

These conditions were perfect for natural remedies, Dr. Horowitz realized. He consulted with world leading biochemists to advance Liquid Dentist, which produces an astonishing “super-clean” feeling of your teeth within minutes, coating your teeth and gums with a protective layer of natural oils, minerals, and enzymes.

Curious tongues find Liquid Dentist’s “super-clean” feeling positively addicting and continuously motivating for maintaining the cleanest teeth you ever imagined. The pleasant taste for sparkling teeth motivates users to repeat the general immunity-boosting routine every 1 to 3 days.

Great oral hygiene alone, using thorough mechanical cleaning, seems inadequate after trying Liquid Dentist. Freshly brushed and flossed teeth quickly become contaminated by salivary sugars and microbes minutes after leaving the dental office. But followed by a two to three minute “super-cleaning” swish with Liquid Dentist, including gargling and swallowing this good tasting product, preserves your “hygienist smooth and clean teeth” feeling and provides disease prevention benefits for up to three days.

“Then comes the best part for improved public health,” Dr. Horowitz, the product’s inventor, said. “You swallow, rather than spit, to gain a natural nutritional immunization against more than a thousand strains of germs, prompting general immunity against colds and flus, not simply reversing tooth decay and gum diseases.”

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