March 31, 2011
Mouthwatchers Anti-Bacterial Power Toothbrush fights tooth and gum decay.

The Mouthwatchers Anti-Bacterial Power Toothbrush works synergistically with toothpaste to fight tooth and gum decay.

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The bristles of each Mouthwatchers brush is composed partly of nano-sized colloidal silver compound particles. This colloidal silver content has the same anti-bacterial effects in the mouth as in infection applications. This makes the brush immune to becoming a home to microorganisms and having anti-bacterial tooth and gum cleaning effects even without toothpaste.

The Mouthwatchers power toothbrush also features flossing bristles, which operate at 5,000 oscillations per minute to access the central fossa area of a tooth and periodontal pockets between the teeth and gums to clean these areas in the same way as dental floss.

Cost of the toothbrushis $19.99 (three-pack replacement heads are $12.99 each).

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