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Viziflex Seels

March 8, 2011
Company incorporates BIOSAFE anti-microbial technology into its product.
NEW JERSEY, New Jersey--Viziflex Seels, a manufacturer of transparent, form-fitting keyboard covers, has incorporated BIOSAFE anti-microbial technology into its product.To read more about Viziflex, go to Viziflex.Patients may judge the professionalism and trustworthiness of practitioners based on the cleanliness of the environment and the equipment they use. According to BIOSAFE, “The protection against antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria is recognized as a critical healthcare problem”, one that Viziflex Seels can help solve with such coating technology as BIOSAFE anti-microbial. Viziflex Seels computer covers feature a patented anti-microbial polymer. This polymer helps to provide protection against damaging bacteria, mold and mildew, hygienic cleanliness in high-contact environmental surfaces, such as those within the health-care sector.The polymer is made of a nontoxic polymer that renders the polyurethane surface free from microbes throughout the product’s lifetime. With such benefits, BIOSAFE anti-microbial technology helps to improve product safety and delivers confidence to users that the product is hard at work, 24/7.Michael Glicksman, president and CEO of Viziflex Seels, said, “As long as the spread of damaging bacteria on product surfaces, which could potentially increase infection, remain a major clinical problem, protection will continue to be a priority for health-care providers. "Viziflex Seels, Inc. recognizes that this is an issue and one that we can help practitioners overcome through the use of our one-of-a-kind BIOSAFE anti-microbial computer keyboard covers. We are currently rolling out this new product across the world,” added Glicksman.For more information, go to comment on this product, go to