Microflex XCEED exam gloves

Jan. 11, 2011
XCEED powder-free nitrile examination gloves mimic the soft fit, feel, and tactile sensitivity of disposable natural rubber latex gloves.

LAKE FOREST, Illinois--Microflex Corporation, a provider of latex and synthetic barrier protection products, has announced the global launch of XCEED nitrile disposable examination gloves.

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“Be prepared for XCEED to revolutionize the examination glove markets,” said Kathy Zanzucchi, director of marketing. “This product combines the latest in nitrile polymer technology with state-of-the-art manufacturing capability to deliver unparalleled thin-mil performance characteristics,” said Zanzucchi.

XCEED mimics the soft fit, feel, and tactile sensitivity of disposable natural rubber latex gloves while delivering up to 90% greater tensile strength than leading natural rubber latex gloves.

Additionally, XCEED gloves are as much as 60% stronger than leading nitrile brands. For the user, increased tensile strength equates to stronger gloves with improved tear and puncture resistance.

Value packed at 250 gloves per box (2,500 gloves per case) and competitively priced, XCEED offers a combination of benefits for disposable examination glove users (nitrile or latex) looking to increase glove quality and durability while maintaining or even reducing their cost of acquisition.

Microflex is a subsidiary of BarrierSafe Solutions International.

For more information, contact Mike Schoen via e-mail at [email protected] or visit www.microflex.com/XCEED.

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