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Applied Dental products

Feb. 11, 2011
Three products introduced by company.
Applied Dental has introduced three products.UNIBLADE Disposable Surgical Scalpels incorporate an ultra-sharp stainless steel blade with a plastic handle, sterilized by GAMMA radiation. Each blade is supplied with a flexible blade cover for user protection. It is available in sizes 10, 11, 12, 12B, 15, and 15C. Each box contains 10 individually packed scalpels for $5.95.To read more about scalpelsl, go to scalpels.
Sterile I-pak eliminates cross-contamination and saves on sterilization costs. Each disposable pack includes one dental anti-fog coated mirror and one patented double ended probe and explorer (high-grade stainless steel). Probe is marked at 3-6-9 mm universal style, tapered with round tip for excellent readability and patient comfort. Each box contains 50 packs sterilized by EtO.
H-pak is an oral hygiene pack packaged in a recyclable LDPE zipper pouch with a business card/appointment reminder display. Each pack includes one soft bristled toothbrush with travel cap, one compact dispenser with 10m of mint waxed floss, and one patented tongue cleaner with triple ridges to remove debris/bacteria and fight breath odor.For more information, call (888) 841-8481, visit, or send an e-mail to [email protected] comment on these products, go to