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SW Pearlescent

Nov. 10, 2010
Gloves boast a glossy exterior.
UNION CITY, California--SW has launched an advancement in hand protection: Pearlescent nitrile disposable gloves. SW Pearlescent nitrile disposable gloves boast a glossy exterior. A patent-pending manufacturing process produces the Pearlescent sheen, which is available in rose and iris shades. SW Pearlescent nitrile disposable gloves are adapted for dentistry professionals who must often come into contact with bodily fluids and chemicals. Known for barrier protection and chemical resistance, Pearlescent nitrile disposable gloves are durable without sacrificing dexterity. Tactile sensitivity and a wet grip allow users to properly handle tools and rinse gloves when needed.Moreover, SW Pearlescent nitrile disposable gloves are intended for longer periods of wear. An extra soft interior, coupled with a proprietary, organic moisturizing formula, helps ease hand fatigue and bring relief to dry, chapped skin. Pearlescent nitrile disposable gloves provide users with the flexibility of latex without the risk of an allergic reaction.SW Pearlescent nitrile disposable gloves are subjected to vigorous testing and quality assurance, resulting in dependable protection with a consistent fit. Each glove is 100% air inflated to help ensure users are guarded against pinholes and leakage. Additionally, the gloves are examination grade and held to a higher quality standard than other industrial grade gloves. SW Pealescent nitrile disposable gloves are designed with the specific needs of dentistry professionals in mind.For more information, visit read more about exam gloves, go to exam gloves.To comment on this product, go to