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WOW Oral Care 10-pack

Nov. 2, 2010
New dentifrice with therapeutic gum treatment.
CARSON, California--Wow Oral Care, a division of Carson Laboratories, has announced a new convenient size and cost effective way for busy people to freshen their breath without mints, gum, water, or a toothbrush for those times when you simply can’t brush.With the WOW Powder Oral Rinse 10 Pack, people can gain healthier teeth and gums at the same time. The 10-pack is the ideal size to put in a backpack, car, or desk.To use WOW, pour a stick of WOW Powder Oral Rinse on the tongue, swish for 90 seconds, and expel or swallow-- the rinse is nontoxic--to experience a clean, fresh mouth. WOW Powder Oral Rinse comes in a sugar-type packet, a “stick”, which is opened and poured on the tongue where it dissolves almost instantly. WOW freshens breath for up to 12 hours while helping promote healthy teeth and gums.“We’ve been testing the acceptance of our new, breakthrough breath freshener nationwide,” said Dr. Michael Arnold, cofounder and president. “We’re very excited about the rapid acceptance by consumers ,and are focusing on how to serve their needs best. We found that many people want to try WOW Powder Oral Rinse more than just one or two or three times, sampling various flavors along the way, before they buy a 60-day supply, which is what has led us to develop the 10-pack. The WOW Powder Oral Rinse is a safe and effective means of removing plaque and combating gum disease, cleansing the oral cavity, and delivering fresh breath that last for hours. As a new dentifrice-mouthwash effervescent oral composition, WOW can be effective for travelers, active outdoors lovers, campers, the military, busy moms, plant and office workers … just about anyone seeking a convenient way of cleaning teeth and gums. WOW has been shown in a double-blind clinical study performed at the University of Southern California Dental School to cause a statistically significant reduction in the anaerobic oral pathinogens that cause gum disease and chronic halitosis. For more information, visit read more about oral care, go to oral care.To comment on this product, go to