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Dec. 6, 2010
Offer due to a significant increase in Dentaplex interest among dental professionals, MediNiche says.
ST. LOUIS, Missouri--Pharmaceutical company MediNiche is offering practitioners in the U.S. the choice of a free Dentaplex product display for office use and/or patient coupons each good for a free bottle of Dentaplex. iTo read more about Dentaplex, go to Dentaplex.The offer is due to a significant increase in Dentaplex interest among dental professionals, the company said. MediNiched hopes the offer, creates an increase in awareness, office trial, and patient usage.Dentaplex--vitamin mineral supplement for teeth and gums--helps repair, protect, and maintain healthy teeth and gums. It is a supplement for periodontists, general dentists, and hygienists for perio, surgical, implant, canker sore, and orthodontic patients. Dentaplex was introduced to the market in 2001. According to Samuel Alioto, MediNiche president and CEO, Dentaplex product and information requests have escalated to a point where additional support is warranted. “We have patiently sat back and watch Dentaplex grow," Alioto said. "Dental professionals and patients have provided extremely positive feedback on their Dentaplex experiences. It is now time to give dental professionals everywhere an opportunity to evaluate the product.”Through the end of 2011, MediNiche will offer dental professionals a free counter display that contains six bottles of Dentaplex, a patient brochure easel, starter samples, and staff training materials for the cost of shipping and handling only. This $200 value will cost $13.99. Customers can visit on the Internet to access the free display program or call, toll-free to (888) 325-2395. The offer is valid for new customers only and will be good while supplies last.In addition to the free office counter display kit offer, MediNiche will offer dental practitioners a complimentary supply of “Free Bottle of Dentaplex” coupons for distribution to patients. The coupon allows patients to receive a free bottle of Dentaplex for a shipping and handling fee. Patients can take advantage of the free offer by going to,, or by calling (866) Dentaplex [866-336-8275] toll-free.The Dentaplex formulation is built on a "C-complex" of calcium, vitamin C and carotene, and high potency levels of B-complex vitamins. These are key nutrients known to be helpful in maintaining healthy gums and strong teeth.For more information, send an e-mail to [email protected] comment on this product, go to