FireFly toothbrushes

Dec. 9, 2010
Family includes six types of toothbrushes.

Does your child give tooth brushing short shrift?

Add some pizzazz and a little character to the routine and watch him/her brighten at the prospect of spending the requisite time at the sink.

To read more about FireFly, go to FireFly.

From Dr. Fresh, a leader in children’s oral care, comes a family of light-up timer character toothbrushes. Choose the original colorful and sparkly FireFly, baby FireFly, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Spider-Man, or the new Peanuts model.

Each lights up at the touch of a button and flashes for one minute; the time dentists say is needed to thoroughly brush each row of teeth.

The flashy FireFly family includes:

* Original FireFly: A brightly colored toothbrush with a flashing light that blinks to indicate how long a child should brush each row of teeth, top and bottom. Try it in “disco mode” with lights off! SRP $.99

* Baby FireFly: Babies love color and light. This toothbrush, which comes in baby pink and baby blue, lights up and flashes to keep a baby distracted while the mother brushes the teeth. Sized for baby and toddler's mouth. SRP $2.49

* Barbie: The legendary doll and original FireFly’s chic cousin. The light blinks pink to match Barbie’s dress. SRP $2.99

* Spiderman: The superhero alter-ego of the FireFly, the brush defends against the dark forces of cavities. SRP $2.99

* Hot Wheels: Auto-motivate a child to brush longer and better. This toothbrush features the classic toy car and puts kids in the driver’s seat when it comes to good hygiene. SRP $2.99

* Peanuts: Snoopy is now tooth brushing’s best friend. The winsome canine from the iconic comic strip sits atop this colorful toothbrush. SRP $2.49

Inadequate, rushed brushing is one of the top causes of early childhood cavities. These friendly and familiar character brushes encourage compliance in young children and help instill good oral care habits.

Features include:

• Soft, high-quality dupont bristles that won’t cause microscopic cuts to children’s delicate gums
• Ergonomically sized for a child’s hands
• Light stops functioning after approximately three months, indicating it is time to replace the toothbrush

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