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Hager Zahn Pick Soft

July 9, 2010
HAGER Worldwide introduces Zahn Pick Soft.
ODESSA, Florida--HAGER Worldwide has introduced Zahn Pick Soft, an easy-glide flosser aid. Zahn Pick Soft is non-waxed and PTFE-coated to make it slide into narrowinterdental areas. Its tape shape "unfolds" between the teeth to aid in cleaning. Zahn Pick Soft, a combination of dental floss and toothpick, is tear-proof and does not rove or fray. Zahn Pick Soft features include:• Slides easily to remove plaque and help prevent gingivitis• Unwaxed dental floss tape mounted in a deep bow holder (tension mounted) is contoured to remove food particles and stimulate the gums• Individually and hygienically wrapped in a re-closeable box• The opposite end is a toothpick• Single use only – dispose after ease useFor more information, call HAGER Worldwide at (800) 328-2335, send an e-mail to [email protected], or visit read more about HAGER Worldwide, go to HAGER Worldwide.To comment on this product, go to