Omnii Oral Pharmaceuticals introduces CavityShield 200 count package

Oct. 29, 2001
200 count packages of CavityShield Unit-Dose 5% Neutral Sodium Fluoride Varnish now available.

Omnii Oral Pharmaceuticals announces the availability of 200 count packages of its CavityShield Unit-Dose 5% Neutral Sodium Fluoride Varnish. CavityShield, the first unit-dose 5% neutral sodium fluoride varnish available to the profession, provides the proven performance of fluoride varnishes plus premeasured dosage sizes to assure consistent results. Two dosage sizes and color-coded brushes (included) for patient safety and practitioner convenience. The ingredients in sodium fluoride varnish can separate over time. With CavityShield, unit-dose "mixing wells" allow you to mix fluoride varnish prior to application. Plus, you get all of these benefits at a lower cost per application vs. traditional fluoirde varnish brands.

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