New floss containers turn into food for microbes

Aug. 26, 2009
Smart Floss containers are biodegradable.

HONOLULU, Hawaii--Dr. Tung's Products has announced that its Smart Floss is now available in a biodegradable dispenser.

Smart Floss is already one of the most popular flosses in the natural marketplace, and the company expects the biodegradable dispenser to win even more consumers.

"Until now, if someone tosses their empty floss dispenser into the garbage, it takes up to 100 years to degrade," said CEO Colin Davis. "Using leading-edge technology, our new containers turn into food for microbes. They become biomass within just one to five years."

The technology keeps the container stable in the bathroom and in the store, so shelf life is not affected.

Smart Floss is clinically proven to be up to 55% more effective in removing plaque than other leading floss types. It uses a natural flavoring and a combination of vegetable and bees wax rather than the petrochemical waxes used by conventional supermarket and drugstore brands.

The effectiveness--and name--comes from its ability to expand into interdental spaces during use.

The floss can be recognized by its colorful round dispenser.

'We have a large following of savvy consumers who just love how Smart Floss cleans between the teeth," Davis said. "To nonusers we say, 'You spend time flossing, so why use a less effective floss, that removes less plaque?'

"And now, it is both better for you and for the environment," Davis continued. "Hundreds of millions of plastic floss dispensers are already sitting in landfills until the year 2050 and beyond! Millions more are destined for the same fate each year. We're very proud that Smart Floss can help change the trend of floss dispensers being harmful to the environment."

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