Philips introduces Sonicare Flexcare+

Oct. 7, 2009
Power toothbrush is designed to motivate patients to achieve consistent oral home care for improved gum health.

STAMFORD, Connecticut--What motivates your patients to maintain a good oral health care regimen at home?

For some, it may be the promise of a whiter smile; for others it's staying free of cavities. As a dental professional, a goal is to encourage these healthy habits; however, inconsistent at-home oral care and gum disease remain common patient problems.

Philips Sonicare has launched FlexCare+, its most advanced toothbrush yet. FlexCare+ is specifically designed to motivate patients to achieve consistent oral home care for improved gum health.

"As a dental professional, I know that patients often need extra motivation to maintain consistent oral care regimes," said Dr. Hal Crossley, DDS, PhD, professor emeritus at the University of Maryland Dental School.

"The new Sonicare FlexCare+ has been proven to encourage patients to brush longer and more thoroughly at home for improved gum health, with the superior plaque biofilm removal that Sonicare has always delivered."

With advanced features including a new Gum Care mode that provides two minutes of overall cleaning followed by one minute of gentle cleaning to focus extra effort on trouble spots along the gumline, FlexCare+ is clinically proven to improve gingival health in only two weeks.

FlexCare+ also helps prevent gum recession, reduces bleeding sites by 71 percent in four weeks, reduces gum inflammation and even reduces gingivitis in smokers--a population at high risk for periodontal disease.

FlexCare+ helps motivate patients by providing a brushing experience that they can feel and see. This includes clean-feeling teeth, stain removal, and less handle vibration.

In clinical studies, patients brushed significantly longer with FlexCare+ in Gum Care mode than with either a manual toothbrush or Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide.

"We've updated our successful and effective FlexCare with unique features to develop the most advanced Sonicare ever," said Dr. Joerg Strate, vice president, Philips Oral Healthcare, Clinical & Scientific Affairs.

"FlexCare+ is the next evolution in improving patient motivation to help extend professional dental care to consistent at-home care in order to achieve a lifetime of better oral health."

FlexCare+ continues to offer Sonicare's patented sonic technology, five power modes, and ProResult brush heads to deliver results. In fact, FlexCare+ removes significantly more plaque than Oral-B Triumph or a manual toothbrush, overall and in hard-to-reach places. Additionally, the integrated UV Sanitizer removes up to 99 percent of selected bacteria found on brush heads.

Philips Sonicare power toothbrushes are proven to promote and improve oral health, from reducing plaque to improving overall gum health. They also have demonstrated the ability to increase patient compliance by promoting a consistent oral health and hygiene regimen between dental visits.

At a suggested retail price of $189.99, the Philips Sonicare FlexCare+ is scheduled to be available in October 2009. FlexCare+ will be carried at retail outlets nationwide including drug, department and specialty stores, mass merchandisers and select dental offices.

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