Prophy paste has splatter-resistant formula

Feb. 2, 2010
CPR Sapphire Prophy Paste intended to replace rough pumice and composite pastes.

CPR Sapphire Prophy Paste now has a smoother, splatter-resistant formula.

CPR is intended to replace rough pumice and composite pastes. The paste is safe for routine maintenance of veneers, helps restore brilliance to dull crowns, removes up to four shades of stain from composites while cleaning and polishing natural teeth and other surfaces as quickly as coarse pumice with less abrasivity than some daily-use toothpastes.

A one-micron uniform sapphire spherical composition makes CPR a choice for non-abrasive routine mixed mouth prophylaxis, as well as a final step after placement and adjustments in maintaining cosmetic restorations.

Routine polishing with CPR creates smooth surfaces.. This helps make it difficult for adhesion of biofilm, thus minimizing stain and caries.

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