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Hager Duration

June 17, 2010
Duration air/water syringe tips from Hager Worldwide help Improve dental practices while improving the environment.
ODESSA, Florida--Imagine the environmental impact if every practice would stop sending more than 4,000 single-use plastic air/water syringe tips to landfills each year. Hager Worldwide offers Duration air/water syringe tips. These tips:• Display high performance (spray pattern with multiport air ports) • Are made of stainless steel (medical grade stainless steel) • Hep eliminate wastes (no more single-use air/water syringe tips)• Can save the average dental practice more than $4,000 in a five-year period as compared to the cost of disposablesIn five years, the average practice (with 4.1 operatories) will use 21,530 single-use plastic tips, at 21¢ apiece. That results in a cost of $4,438.81. Meanwhile, if over that same period of time that average practice would use Duration, the cost would be just $146.78. This is a savings of nearly $4,300.Duration also is backed by a five-year warranty, and a percentage of its sales is donated to the World Wildlife Fund.For more information send an e-mail to [email protected], visit, or call (800) 328.2335.To read more about Hager Worldwide, go to Hager Worldwide.To comment on this product, go to