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March 2, 2011
elexxion plans to present pico and delos 3.0 and duros 3.0 at IDS 2011.
elexxion AG, a market and technology leader for dental lasers made in Germany, plans to presenting the pico and new delos 3.0 in Hall 4.2, Stand J 41 at IDS 2011. To read more about elexxion, go to elexxion.Optimized versions of the nano and the claros and duros dental lasers will also be on display.elexxion picoThe pico has only been on the market since September 2010. The pico is a mobile diode laser for professional use that weighs less than 600 g (21 oz.).The unit has therapeutic benefits and economy with a price-performance ratio. The pico was designed for mobile deployment anywhere in the dental office, eliminating the need to invest in multiple devices. Each charge of the high-performance lithium-ion batteries is sufficient for regular treatment daily. Its five-button user interface lets dentists alternate between endodontic and periodontological indications, three surgical levels, and more than 25 specific soft-laser indications. The pico is also intendedl for laser power bleaching. It allows the procedure to be performed by assistant dental staff. The laser unit makes a contribution toward popularizing laser treatment in dentistry. elexxion delos 3.0More and more dentists are discovering that an Er:YAG/diode laser combination, such as the delos 3.0, can be used for preparing the dental office for the challenges of the future. The elexxion delos 3.0 is based on the delos. It combines the advantages of the two most important laser wavelengths in a single unit. The delos 3.0, which is scheduled to premiere at IDS 2011, is characterized by a number of new features. They include an Er:YAG module with 50% more output power, a mirror-joint arm that circumvents the inherent efficiency loss of fibre-based systems, an efficient cooling system, and completely redesigned system software that is intuitive to use and offers predefined, as well as freely programmable indications.Optimized elexxion claros and durosWith its patented Digital Pulsed Laser technology, the elexxion claros is one of the most powerful diode laser available. The mature and easy-to-use product offers a range of indications,with special emphasis on major surgical procedures. The new model to be shown at IDS 2011 features a new software interface for better operator usability.The elexxion duros has been the focal technology of many clinical studies. At IDS 2011, a new and improved version--the duros 3.0--will be revealed to the public. It is a pure-bred Er:YAG dental laser that facilitates efficient hard-tissue preparation and bone ablation tasks without requiring external compressed-air or water connectors.The duros 3.0 now features a 10.5-inch colour touch-screen for intuitive access to predefined and custom programs, as well as the integrated fee calculator. Another feature is the mirror-joint arm that offers higher efficacy compared to fibre-based systems. For more information, go to comment on these products, go to