BIOLASE Launches DIOLASE PLUS™ Cosmetic, Soft Tissue Hygiene Dental Laser

May 7, 2004
BIOLASE Committed to Launching at Least One Significant New Product Every Year

BIOLASE Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: BLTI), a medical technology company that develops, manufactures and markets lasers and related products focused on improving dental procedures, launched a new dental laser product for cosmetic, soft tissue and
hygiene dental procedures, the DIOLASE PLUS(TM), priced at $10,900 USD.

The DIOLASE PLUS(TM) is a newly upgraded, fully-featured, entry level cosmetic, soft tissue and periodontal laser that is based on the DIOLASE acquired by BIOLASE in its asset purchase of American Dental Technologies, Inc. in May 2003.

Jeffrey W. Jones, BIOLASE CEO and President, commented, "DIOLASE PLUS(TM) is the company's first dental laser product that comes as a result of the integration of the American Dental Laser and BIOLASE technology. We believe this product is excellent for multi-laser practices where dentists would like a laser for each hygienist. In addition, we expect this product will also
result in many up-sale opportunities, where dentists contact us for a DIOLASE laser, who then after become more informed and subsequently purchase our market leading Waterlase(R) system."

BIOLASE will focus its sales and marketing efforts for the DIOLASE PLUS(TM) on cosmetic dentists and general dentists using the laser for cosmetic smile design, treating gum disease and other soft tissue procedures as well as on hygienists for laser hygiene procedures.

The DIOLASE PLUS(TM) delivers more power and features than competing entry-level diode lasers. DIOLASE PLUS(TM) has 7 watts of power vs. 3-5 watts found in competing systems. It also offers important differences such as easy to use, programmable presets for various clinical procedures, fully adjustable
pulse modes, basic and advanced training through the World Clinical Laser Institute and factory-direct service and support.

DIOLASE PLUS(TM) has many cosmetic and soft-tissue applications: soft tissue curettage; laser removal of diseased, infected, inflamed and necrosed soft tissue within the periodontal pocket; and removal of highly inflamed edematous tissue affected by bacteria penetration of the pocket lining and junctional epithelium.

BIOLASE also offers guaranteed upgrade options with the purchase of a DIOLASE PLUS(TM), giving the clinician flexibility to upgrade to either the LaserSmile(TM) Soft Tissue and Whitening laser or the market leading Waterlase(R) Hard and Soft Tissue system.

Jones further commented, "BIOLASE is committed to launching at least one new significant product every year and we believe this product will substantially leverage our marketing dollar. DIOLASE PLUS(TM) is our first major new product this year and complements our LaserSmile(TM) and Waterlase(R) systems, giving dentists and hygienists a well-featured, quality diode laser at an entry-level price. This new product will expand our market
share reaching dental professionals who are more price sensitive."