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GC America Fuji Temp LT

Feb. 8, 2011
Glass ionomer temporary cement scheduled to be available in March 2011.
ALSIP, Illinois--GC America has introduced GC Fuji TEMP LT.To read more about GC America, go to GC America.The conventional glass ionomer temporary cement is scheduled to be available in March 2011.GC Fuji TEMP LT is indicated for:* Temporary (provisional) cementation of all types of all-ceramic, resin, and metal-based crowns and bridges, as well as implant abutments.GC Fuji TEMP LT provides the following features and benefits:• Handling without runny consistency• Easy to remove excess cement• Low film thickness for an accurate fit• Thermal insulation (helps prevent sensitivity)• Biocompatibility• Fluoride release and recharge• A stable and reliable performance for long-term luting of provisional restorations• High bond strength and appropriate physical properties for cases in which high retention is needed (short- and long-term)• Easy to clean up from abutment surface with no adverse effect on the final cementation of the restorativeFor more information, call (800) 323-7063 or visit comment on this product, go to