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New home tooth repair product headed to consumers next year

Nov. 1, 2021
Tooth repair at home? The new product from OrVance will help patients get through many of their emergencies until they can schedule a dental appointment.

Your patients will soon be able to repair their broken teeth at home. That’s right. Patients who break their teeth may not have to immediately contact your office. OrVance Temporary Tooth Repair (TTR) will hit retail shelves next year and will enable patients to provide themselves with temporary relief until they can seek proper dental treatment. TTR is indicated to provide temporary relief from broken teeth, lost fillings, and crowns, and it’s received strong support from dental professionals.

“We’re excited about our expansion into the temporary tooth repair self-care segment,” said Ron Schutt, OrVance CEO. “Not only do we believe our TTR product is well positioned to become the number one brand, but we estimate its ease of use, being the first temporary solution for broken teeth, along with higher recommendations from dental practices, will expand this retail segment to more than $45 million in the US. And, as OTC products for dental emergencies are commonly purchased in the brick-and-mortar retailers, our plan is to launch this product with an established CPG company in the oral care segment.” 

OrVance LLC, a developer of proprietary consumer oral health products, released key research findings from a survey of dentists on the at-home dental cement retail segment. Key findings include: 

  • 91% of dentists surveyed would prefer their patients use OrVance TTR versus one of the at-home dental cement leading brands.
  • 94% say hygienic (single-use) packaging is important for a product used for broken teeth, lost fillings, and crowns. (OrVance is the first to offer hygienic packaging in the temporary tooth repair segment and the orthodontic wax segment with its OrthoDots Clear product.)
  • Only 43% of dentists surveyed have recommended at-home dental cement in the past while 94% say they would recommend OrVance TTR to their patients if it were available at major drugstore chains. 
  • A majority of dentists do not recommend their patients recement crowns at home. 83% would prefer their patients use OrVance TTR only to provide temporary relief from dentinal hypersensitivity until they can make an appointment for proper recementing. 

“OrVance has again proven its ability to bring meaningful innovation to oral health with this TTR product,” said Brian Tyler, DDS, an OrVance advisory board member. “First, they discovered the unmet need for temporary relief from broken teeth in its consumer research in January 2020. Then, when all our dental practices were closed due to COVID-19, we learned that our patients in need of temporary relief used OrVance’s OrthoDots Clear with very high satisfaction. So, it’s now obvious that providing a hygienically packaged, tooth-colored, pliable material that sticks will be a winner with consumers and supported by the dental profession as a safe and effective remedy until permanent treatment.”

The company is aiming to partner with consumer packaged goods company for distribution.

Dental professionals can learn more about OrVance TTR by watching this quick instructional video.