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Materials Product News

March 1, 2003

GINGAGuard light-cured resin dam

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Cosmedent® introduces GINGAGuard, a new resin dam material with unique chemistry and qualities that virtually eliminates patient sensitivity and pain. GINGAGuard is a highly protective material designed to prevent the destruction or deterioration of gingival tissue, adjacent tooth structure, and porcelain or resin restorations due to power bleaching. It protects against microabrasion and hydrofluoric acid and also is an excellent material to use as a blockout material for undercut areas.

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GINGAGuard has several advantages over other materials of this type. It produces minimal heat upon polymerization, greatly reducing patient sensitivity. Its consistency allows easy application and control, with virtually no slumping. It is easily removed thanks to its flexibility and nonstick chemistry. These properties make GINGAGuard a superior resin dam material.

For more information, call (800) 621-6729.

New full-arch, closed-mouth alginate tray

Premier introduces Alfa™ Triple Tray® to eliminate gagging, cut chair time in half, and improve all alginate impressions.

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Alfa Triple Tray utilizes a palate-free, patent-pending design that engages the patient's tongue to restrict the overflow of impression material and eliminate gagging. This full-arch, one-step impression technique simultaneously captures maxillary and mandibular impressions — plus the bite registration — while the operator is freed from holding the tray as the material sets.

It is ideal for all alginate impressions — study models, custom trays, whitening trays, night guards, athletic guards, and temporaries. The simplified, closed-mouth technique is especially helpful for anxious patients, reducing stress for the dental team.

Single-patient Alfa trays require less alginate to capture both impressions, and need no clean up.

Risk-free offer: Attached to each box is a free sample pack containing an assortment of trays. For a brief tutorial, visit For more information, contact your dealer or call (888) 627-6160.

SyncroSonic� advanced-action toothbrush

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Waterpik Technologies introduces the newest addition to their oral care product line, the SynchroSonic™ Advanced Action Sonic Plaque Removal System (DT-400). It features 40,000 microsonic brush strokes per minute, unique multi-directional brush action, patented dual-motor design, and an angled brush head for easy access. Additional features include two brushing speeds and a two-minute timer. It also comes with a tongue cleaner and polishing attachment along with two brush heads.

For more information, visit Waterpik Technologies at or

The Crescent Knee Support�

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Crescent Products is pleased to announce the development of another patient-comfort item — the new Knee Support™! This support raises the patient's knee area six inches. Not only does it allow the legs to lie in a more natural position, but it takes pressure off of the lower back as well. It is 16" wide so it covers almost the entire width of a standard dental chair. It is covered in medical-grade vinyl for easy disinfecting and has a gripping material on the bottom so it will not move around while in use.

Your patients will feel amazing pressure relief in their lower backs and hips while using the Knee Support. It works extremely well in conjunction with other Crescent Products comfort items — the Headrest, Backrest, and Bodyrest pad. Available in teal green or beige at $69 each.

To order, call (800) 989-8085 or visit

ShadeEye NCC dental chroma meter

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Shofu has developed, through years of research, the most technologically advanced shade taking system on the market today — the new ShadeEye NCC dental chroma meter. The cordless measuring unit digitally analyzes the shades and immediately transmits the data to the main unit via an infrared interface simply, quickly, and reliably. The Shade Eye NCC records the tooth or porcelain base shade along with hue, value, and chroma without being affected by lighting conditions or the operator's understanding of color. The ShadeEye NCC will give the operator a recipe to reproduce an exact porcelain restoration in the Shofu Vintage Halo porcelain system and a reading for other shade-guide systems, such as Vita 3D Master, Chromascop, Vita Classical, NCC, and Biodent. This information can be printed out on the base unit or transferred to your personal computer using the Shade Eye Viewer software. The software allows you to record all of the patient's shade information, attach digital photographs, and then email to the laboratory.

For more information, call (800) 82-SHOFU.

AFFINIS™ Putty Super Soft saves time!

Coltène/Whaledent Inc. introduces AFFINIS™ Putty Super Soft. It's easy to mix, and fast. Putty Super Soft has an extremely soft, oil-free texture that mixes in just 25 seconds and orally sets in a mere 150 seconds. This saves time!

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AFFINIS Putty Super Soft is dry to the touch. The base and catalyst quickly mix into a homogeneous, ideally firm tray material. The putty blends perfectly with AFFINIS Light- or Regular-body wash material for a void-free and distortion-free impression. With a Shore A hardness of 65, a tear strength of 1.9 mPa, and a dimensional change of - 0.08 percent, AFFINIS Putty Super Soft has features that are incomparable in the operatory. Make your own comparison.

For more information, contact your dental dealer or Coltène/Whaledent at (800) 221-3046, ext. 8198, Fax at (201) 529-2103, or visit

No-etch bonding agent

Parkell recently introduced Brush&Bond, a 4-META-based, one-bottle system that reduces bonding to a 35-second procedure. The dentist applies Brush&Bond to the preparation (both dentin and cut enamel) using one of the special MicroBrush activators supplied with the kit. The liquid remains on the tooth for 20 seconds, then the surface is blown with an air-syringe and cured for five to 10 seconds using any type of light (halogen, LED, laser, or PAC). Composite build-up can begin immediately.

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The fibers of the special MicroBrush contain a co-initiator that triggers a complex penetration/polymerization reaction as the adhesive is applied. This eliminates the need to mix components.

Brush&Bond creates a thin film (9 microns), so it can be used along with a resin cement to bond indirect restorations. It adheres to all major types of composites (light-cure, dual-cure, and self-cure), and the adhesive also can be used without a restoration to eliminate cervical sensitivity.

The kit costs $99 and comes with a three-month, risk-free trial. To order or request more information, call (800) 243-7446.

Retraction cord stays where you place it!

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First String retraction cord from CLINICIAN'S CHOICE™ is a unique, 100-percent cotton-braided retraction cord that features a tight weave for easy handling. Unlike many cords, nonimpregnated First String holds its shape as you manipulate it throughout the placement procedure, maximizing tissue retraction. You'll notice a significant difference when working with First String — it actually stays where you place it!

First String strands will not separate or fray when cut. And, because it is so small (available in four sizes), you'll find it is easily packed, and non-evasive to the sulcus — ensuring minimal tissue trauma.

For more information or to buy First String direct, call (800) 265-3444.

Pre-mounted cover screw

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The newly introduced Osteo Pre-mounted taper implant includes a pre-mounted first stage surgical cover screw. Never drop another cover screw. The cover screw is pre-mounted onto its own driver; no additional tools are required. The unique delivery system also provides the practitioner with a free .050" hex driving tool. This innovative design allows for maximum convenience in threading the cover screw into the surgically placed implant, using a single motion. The combination of the tapered threads of the implant and the pre-mounted cover screw make the Osteo taper the most user-friendly implant in the industry.

The price of the Osteo Pre-mounted taper is $155 for AMP (Advanced MicroPorous) surface, and $165 for HA coated. For more information, call OIC at (800) 654-5560.

Wol-Ceram alumina ceramics

Announcing beautiful all-ceramics that prep, cement, fit and cost the same as PFMs. Talk about good news! Wol-Ceram is the first all-ceramic system that allows you to prepare using feather-edge margins — shoulders and chamfers are not required.

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The outstanding fit and strength of Wol-Ceram are the result of an electronically deposited alumina oxide ceramic coping or bridge framework. The coping is shaded a dentin color during a glass infiltration process and is the key to Wol-Ceram's beautifully natural esthetics. Wol-Ceram is $99 per unit. For more information, please call Glidewell Laboratories at (800) 854-7256.

Wedge Wands™ achieves better contacts

Garrison Dental Solutions introduces Wedge Wands™, interproximal wedges with attached placement handles. The placement handle, or applicator wand, permits wedge placement without the need for cotton forceps or a hemostat. Insertion is accurate and firm, as the wedge can be bent to any angle on the applicator wand. Once inserted, the wedge can be separated from the wand with a simple twist.

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While the applicator wand makes the Wedge Wand different from any other wood or plastic wedge, the wedge itself provides necessary gingival seal and tooth separation. Each edge is contoured to mimic the interproximal anatomy of the teeth and gingiva and prevent damage to the gingiva when inserted. Eliminating the problems associated with wooden or plastic wedges, the contoured and pliant material adapts to anatomy for gingival seal, separation, and matrix band support. Wedge Wands are available in three sizes.

For more information, call (888) 437-0032 or visit

Single-patient, disposable drills

Centerpulse Dental, Inc., announces the addition of single-patient drills to its surgical product offering. The new disposable drills — designed for use with the AdVent®, tapered Screw-Vent® and tapered SwissPlus® dental implant systems — assure fresh, sharp drills for every patient, and surgical efficiency and time savings for the dental staff.

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Single-patient drills are discarded after use, so usage tracking is unnecessary. Because they are disposable, these drills eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination between patients. Dental staff would otherwise have to clean and sterilize reusable drills between uses.

To find out more about Centerpulse Dental's products, practice building programs, and continuing education, call (800) 854-7019 or visit

Lorin Library of Smiles helps patients

Dentists who are experienced with cosmetic treatment know that the subtleties of smile design can make the difference between the success and failure of a case

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Clinical observation suggests that teeth are defined by their independent genetic code. If this is correct, how do we decide what shape to make a patient's new smile? The answer is to leave the decision up to the patient — let them decide. This is why we created the Lorin Library.

The Lorin Library has two modules. The first is the Smile Guide. This spiral-bound, full-color book presents a three-step process for the selection and communication of an unambiguous smile design. Module two is a CD containing digital versions of each of the smile designs. Your patient can be male or female and of any age or race.

The Smile Guide is a great stand-alone product if you do not have cosmetic imaging capabilities. If you do have imaging capability, the Digital Smile Designs CD works with almost any cosmetic imaging software program!

For more information, visit, or call (800) 741-7966.

Oxyfresh fluoride toothpaste

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Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc., a leader in safe and effective oral hygiene and breath-control products, introduces its fluoride toothpaste. This innovative dentifrice combines ingredients that are unique to the dental industry. In addition to fighting decay with 0.235 percent sodium fluoride, the paste contains Oxygene™, a proprietary formula of stabilized chlorine dioxide, as well as zinc acetate.

It is saccharine-free, utilizing sucralose as its sweetener. The low-abrasion formulation will support all cosmetic dental procedures. It also is concentrated, lasting three to four times as long as conventional toothpastes, making it an excellent value for patients.

For information and details, call (800) 333-7374 or send an email to [email protected].

QuickBooks® 2003 In Your Practice

Before you invest time, money, and energy taking a QuickBooks® class from your community college, check out the new QuickBooks 2003 In Your Practice Workbook. Written by Susan Gunn, these workbooks are the result of frustrated dentists wanting a workbook specifically for dental practices.

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Whether your are a novice or experienced user, unlike other guides, this workbook is specifically geared for dental practices using dental practice software. It contains only information they need, with countless ideas from practices using QuickBooks. Because of the continued benefit to dentists, Gunn produces workbooks containing the latest information for the latest QuickBooks versions. Versions 2002 and 2001 also are available.

Retail price is $59, plus $6 for shipping and handling. Order online at, or call (817) 994-3167.

New KaVo SMARTait dust extractor

KaVo introduces SMARTair — a single dust-extraction system for in-office labs and commercial laboratories. This system offers reliable filtration of detrimental microparticles and vapors.

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Its features include stronger suction power, easy operation via touch panel, and reduced noise level — resulting in exceptionally quiet operation (52 dBA to 61 dBA). Also, it offers the benefit of combining three different filter types that provide superior dust collection of various materials.

SMARTair's new features and increased power are comparably priced to KaVo's previous dust collectors. The system is available in a portable version or as a filter drawer to be installed on workstations. The new design is not only an eye-catcher in the lab, but a serious solution in protecting your health.

For more information call (800) 323-8029 or visit

SAVE-A-TOOTH saves teeth and worry

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It happens five million times a year — knocked-out teeth. Until now, unless the patient got that tooth to a dentist in a matter of minutes, it would be almost impossible to replant. Enter SAVE-A-TOOTH, a patented product invented by endodontist and teacher, Dr. Paul Krasner. SAVE-A-TOOTH preserves, protects, and reconstitutes an avulsed tooth for four days — plenty of time for a successful replant. SAVE-A-TOOTH uses a specially formulated solution as well as a unique apparatus that protects and saves root-surface cells crucial to the replantation process. Cost is $17.95, with free shipping! (Bulk rates are available.)

SAVE-A-TOOTH is the only system accepted by the American Dental Association.

The SAVE-A-TOOTH system is available online at, or by calling (888) 788-6684.

New Alpen™ procedure kits

Coltène/Whaledent now offers five Alpen Gold diamond bur procedure kits. These kits were designed in consultation with Drs. Gary Alex and Andrew Shannon to minimize instrumentation and maximize results.

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The first kits include an Inlay/Onlay kit designed for conservative preparations, a Veneer kit enabling simple and precise creation of anterior veneers, and a Crown and Bridge kit for esthetic crown and bridge preparations. An Esthetic Finishing kit and an All-Ceramic Restoration Removal kit complete the offering.

With more than 700 shapes and grits available from your dental dealer, the Swiss precision-manufactured diamond burs offer the highest level of performance and durability at a reasonable cost.

For more information, call (800) 221-3046 or visit

3M ESPE announces new use for CAD/CAM

Producing high-strength, reliable restorations with excellent esthetics and an outstanding marginal fit, the Lava™ All-Ceramic System from 3M ESPE can be utilized for a wide range of crown and bridge applications for most anterior and posterior prosthetic requirements.

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The heart of the Lava all-ceramic system is a framework consisting of zirconia supplemented by a custom veneering ceramic. To develop this framework, the system employs three steps: scanning, computer-aided framework design, and milling of pre-sintered zirconia blanks. The size of the blanks have been digitally calculated and increased to compensate for shrinkage during sintering.

The high strength and natural esthetics of the framework mean that less tooth structure is removed, and cementation can be accomplished using proven, conventional techniques, such as those utilized with PFMs. Available in eight different shades, the zirconia frameworks are thin and translucent, helping to ensure a natural tooth appearance.

For more information, call your dealer, or (800) 634-2249.

AXIS Dental introduces operative carbides

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AXIS Dental Corporation is proud to announce the introduction of its new NTI® Operative Carbide product line. These welded two-piece operative carbides feature a stainless steel shank. The welding process allows for a better joint of the stainless steel shank and the carbide cutting section resulting in a more precise and accurate cutting action. NTI® Operative Carbides are available in friction grip and right angle stainless steel shanks. For more information, call (888) 654-2947 or visit www.

Enhanced shelf life and stability for gel

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Power-light bleaching has never been more precise, effective, and long-lasting. Rembrandt One-Hour whitening has built upon its unique technology with Rembrandt Lightning Plus, the newest power-light bleaching gel and the only power-bleaching procedure that whitens teeth up to 10 shades in less than one hour with little or no sensitivity. The Rembrandt Sapphire light used with Lightning Plus gel can bleach all teeth at once, or one tooth at a time, concentrating on problem teeth. This flexibility provides the most natural, uniformly white teeth available today. The results last — no need for a return visit.

The two-patient kit featuring a dual-barrel syringe provides on-the-spot mixing, easy gel placement, and a longer, 18-month shelf life.

For more information, call (800) 433-6628 or visit

Intra-office paging software

IDG, Inc. has released version 3.0 of its highly acclaimed Venga paging software! New features include: Quick Setup Wizard, CD-based tutorial, and a free 30-day trial.

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Venga is a software-based intra-office communicator designed for computerized offices. Standard features include: basic paging with unique sound and color for each staff member, multiple paging priorities, a "patient waiting" indicator that displays elapsed time, and messaging in the form of popup notes. The program works independent of your practice-management software, and can be used with any network that supports Windows 98 and higher workstations.

For more information, call (866) 364-2100, email at [email protected], or visit

Hex-Lock® temporary abutments

Centerpulse Dental Inc. introduces its new Hex-Lock plastic temporary abutments to its prosthetic component offering.

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The new abutments are designed to allow for simple and esthetic temporary restorations when used with the company's Tapered Screw-Vent® and Screw-Vent internal hex dental implants. They also may be used in single- and multiple-tooth provisional restoration protocols with Tapered Screw-Vent implants. Provisional restorations can be affixed with temporary cement, or autopolymerizing acrylic can be bonded directly to the abutment.

Each abutment is manufactured from a plastic that is easier to prepare than metal, yet durable. The off-white color of these abutments allows for enhanced esthetic outcomes, especially in anterior regions.

For more information, call (800) 854-7019 or visit

The Originate� impression tray

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AXIS Dental Corporation has introduced the Originate™ Disposable Impression Trays to the line of NTI® rotary instruments. Originate™ trays are palate-free, which aids in reducing gag reflex. These trays are full arch with enough rigidity to prevent the side-to-side movement associated with flimsy bite trays. Originate™ trays can be used with any type of impression material used in fabricating crown and bridge restorations, whitening trays, and mouthguards. For more information, call (888) 654-2947 or visit