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Material Product News

May 1, 2001
Affinis impression materials
Coltene/Whaledent introduces AFFINIS™, the next generation of polyvinylsiloxane impression material for void-free and distortion-free impressions.
Affinis impression materialsColtene/Whaledent introduces AFFINIS™, the next generation of polyvinylsiloxane impression material for void-free and distortion-free impressions.
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AFFINIS™ wash material flows like hydrocolloid. This optimized flow captures detail while providing all the desired benefits of a polyvinylsiloxane material. AFFINIS™ has outstanding wetting characteristics in a moist environment. The outstanding wetting behavior of a cured AFFINIS™ impression against the die stone assures an accurate model.

AFFINIS™ is available in both 50ml and microSystem® dispensing systems. There are five viscosities offered, including light-body and regular-body wash material and heavy body and putty-soft/putty-soft fast tray material.

For more details, contact your authorized Coltene/Whaledent distributor or visit (800) 221-3046, Ext. 8198

Biocrown Fiber CompositeBiocrown crowns and bridges are made by Recigno Laboratories Inc., using a new three-step process. 1 — Die is scanned by a laser. 2 — Finished coping/framework is designed and fabricated using CAD/CAM equipment. 3 — Cristobal+ is applied to the coping/framework.

Biocrown crowns and bridges are available from single units and bridges up to a complete roundhouse. Biocrown features include: Use for crowns and bridges up to a full roundhouse • Precision marginal fit of 20 microns using laser and CAD/CAM DCS Smart-Fit® technology • Can be adjusted or stained in the mouth with light-cure technology • High-strength framework substructure milled from reinforced fiber composite • Cristobal+ superstructure for excellent esthetics • Lower enamel wear compared to other materials.

Visit to request your free Biocrown starter kit, including mailing boxes, shipping labels, Rx forms, and patient-education material. (800) 732-4466, Ext. 9024

FlossBrite® makes flossing funBergman Oral Care introduces FlossBrite®. The FlossBrite® mission is to capture a worldwide market niche with a fun and easy, innovative, safe and effective flossing device that demonstrates a higher level of oral hygiene and dental awareness.

Studies show that 90 percent of us dislike flossing because it is difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming, so we choose not to floss regularly.

FlossBrite's user-friendly, bright, and fun advantage serves the frustrated flosser. It helps kids age 6 and older to master successful self-flossing. FlossBrite® also serves those with limited dexterity and the physically challenged.

For more details, visit (877) FLOSSBRITE

Johnson & Johnson gives your patients another reason to floss: Reach® Whitening Floss. It is the only floss said to be clinically proven to whiten between teeth where stains form most (in controlled clinical studies).

The innovative, silica-coated floss gently polishes away stains. The floss is shred-resistant, slides easily between teeth, and is gentle on gums. It can be used alone or as adjunct to other whitening products.

For additional information, contact Johnson & Johnson at (800) 224-6513 or visit (800) 224-6513

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Glove dispenserNo more fumbling for disposable gloves when time is critical. Keep your disposable gloves at your fingertips. The Glove Butler provides fast and easy accessibility for most any size glove. The spring-loaded dispensers hold most popular size glove boxes firmly in place. It's easy to install, either sitting on the counter or wall-mounted, using key-holes located on the back.The baked enamel dispensers are available in white or "custom" colors. Model #GB-3 is 5 ½" wide and 10" in height.

For more details, contact Bowman Medical Products by e-mail at [email protected] or visit (800) 962-4660

Self-Seal Sterilization PouchesMedicom Inc.'s Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches have been designed to provide a reliable, convenient, and cost-effective solution for quality infection control. They are designed with the highest quality materials and produced on state-of-the-art equipment.

The pouches are steam, chemical vapor, and ETO compatible. Special medical-grade, heavy-weight paper stock provides superior strength against rips and tears. Self-Seal Pouches are available in nine different sizes to accommodate your sterilization needs. Medicom products are available through your dental distributor.

Call Medicom today to receive a sample of your favorite size. Mention this product write-up and receive a special promotional offer for the Self-Seal Pouches — buy five boxes, get one free.

For more details, visit (800) 435-9267

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Silver D filmFlow X-Ray introduces its latest improvement in film-image quality, new Silver D film. Silver D reportedly has wider contrast, greater latitude, and is a more "forgiving" film to processor and exposure irregularities.Silver D has excellent contrast, definition, and less grain than comparable films. It is available in adult single- and double-film packets, 150 per box (Value Pak), and 600 per box (Econo Pak). It's also available in child film size 0.

For additional information or a free sample, contact Flow X-Ray or your local distributor. (800) 356-9729

Two Striper ShortCutsPremier Dental Products Company introduces 23 popular shapes of Two Striper® ShortCut diamond rotary instruments, designed with a shorter shank to provide dentists with better access into the posterior. According to Premier, only Two Striper® diamonds are manufactured through the unique PBS process, which permanently attaches natural diamond crystals to a surgical-grade, stainless-steel shank, resulting in accelerated cutting rates and extended useful life.

Premier is offering the ShortCuts in convenient and economical five-packs, with an offer that ensures dentists will have the shapes they need: Purchase three ShortCut five-packs and receive one free. This offer is available for purchases made to authorized Premier distributors, with the free five-pack shipped from Premier to the dentist upon receipt of the dealer's invoice. This may not be combined with other offers.

For more information, visit Premier Dental Products Company at (610) 239-6000

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Impregum™ Penta™ Soft MB3M ESPE introduces 3M™ ESPE™ Impregum™ Penta™ Soft Medium Body Impression Material, a breakthrough product ideal for crown and bridge and inlay/onlay impressions.Impregum™ Penta™ Soft impression material, a medium-viscosity, polyether precision impression material, saves dentists time and aggravation because less block out is required. Laboratories will appreciate easier removal from models, saving time and reducing the risk of breaking the model.

For more information, contact 3M ESPE, Dental Products, 3M Center, Building 275-2SE-03, P.O. Box 33275, St. Paul, MN 55133-3275. (800) 344-8235

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PRESIDENT® System 360 Heavy BodyColtene/Whaledent Inc. introduces the PRESIDENT® System 360 heavy body impression material for use in counter-top mixing machines. The System 360 A-Silicone tray material is available in quick and safe self-activated foil bags with a 5:1 mixing ratio. The foil bags are easily disposed and replacement cartridges are simply installed.

For additional information, visit Coltene/Whaledent at (800) 221-3046

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Midwest Plus™ Aerosol NozzleDENTSPLY Professional Division introduces the Midwest Plus™ Aerosol Nozzle for use with all Midwest fixed backend high-speed handpieces, low-speed handpieces (excluding the Shorty® and Tru-Torque®), and low-speed attachments. This unique spray nozzle is to be used with the Midwest Plus™ aerosol and will allow the dental practice to lube and maintain a fixed backend handpiece in one step.For additional information, visit 800-7202
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CEREC Presentation KitSirona Dental Company announces the availability of the CEREC Presentation Kit, designed to assist lecturers in educating professionals within the dental community about the CEREC System and build awareness about how CAD/CAM technology is being used to improve the delivery of care to patients.The kit contains educational support slides, accompanied by suggested narratives, providing speakers with a complete overview of the CEREC product line and available materials for use with the CEREC System. The kit is designed to be used as an adjunct to existing presentations covering the topics of restorative dentistry, high-tech dentistry, CAD/CAM, or practice management. The images are included on a CD-ROM, ready to be incorporated into a PowerPoint presentation.

Contact Sirona to request a free presentation kit. (732) 935-8679

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Sure Lab Plasters and StonesMarjean Enterprises announces its expanded "Sure" line of plasters and stones. Previously, our products were limited to orthodontic plaster and stone. Our new products provide an outstanding and competitively priced selection of materials for the entire range of dental-laboratory applications such as case mounting, denture flasking, diagnostic occlusal set-ups, and appliance fabrication. The products are conveniently shipped in 25 and 50 lb. sizes in plastic pails and cardboard cartons.

For additional information and pricing, contact Marjean. (888) 820-8609

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Easy access bite blocksBite blocks are an effective tool for some dental procedures because they stabilize the arch, support the joints, and help reduce fatigue, but there are access problems associated with traditional bite blocks. The C-shape design of Logi Bloc eliminates visual and physical drawbacks by allowing unrestricted access for both the dentist and the assistant. The latex-free material also is beneficial to latex-sensitive patients and professionals alike.

For additional information, contact Common Sense Dental Products. (888) 853-5773

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Rubber Dam Clamp lineThe Miltex Rubber Dam Clamp line is comprised of 37 of the most popular styles of rubber dam clamps. The wide variety of styles offer a rubber dam clamp for almost every application. The line is an important addition to the popular Miltex Rubber Dam instrumentation line of rubber dam punches, rubber dam forceps, and rubber dam frames.For additional information, call Miltex customer service or visit (800) 645-8000Fun and games — part of the drill at Dentistry.comAs any dentist will tell you, a sweet tooth can lead to trouble. But a suite of tooth-themed games may lead to better dental health — or so a team of dental professionals is hoping.
Click here to enlarge image, a Los Angeles-based provider of dental-health information and resources, recently added the games to encourage visits to its virtual "dentist's office." While the Web site is designed for both the general public and the online dental community, the primary goal is to draw children to the site.

The site boasts three different games, all of which are easy to learn and quick to play. "Dental Defense" is similar to the old "Space Invaders" game, but a close brush with extinction here comes not at the hands of attacking aliens, but against candies, pies, and other confections. "Celebrity Smiles" is similar to the old "Concentration" game and "Whack-a-Molar" is similar to the popular online "Whack-a-Mole" game.

The games are challenging enough that no player, child or adult, is likely to master them without investing some time at the site — which is precisely the point.

For more details, visit or e-mail [email protected]. (805) 490-2460

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Luxatemp® AutoMix Plus Bleach Light shadeTo help dentists create the most esthetically pleasing temporary crowns and bridges, Zenith/DMG has released its popular Luxatemp® provisional crown and bridge material in a Bleach Light shade. Luxatemp® AutoMix Plus Bleach Light shade is an opaque white provisional material that incorporates subtle translucency to create natural-looking results.

Luxatemp® AutoMix Plus System uses Zenith's AutoMix technology to provide a predictable, accurate, and consistent mix every time with no hand mixing, air bubbles, or wasted material due to over-mixing.

For additional information or to order the AutoMix Plus Refill Kit (contains one 76 g cartridge and 15 fine mixing tips), visit Zenith/DMG at (800) 662-6383

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BruxiGuard nightguardAble to withstand grinding and clenching in a single bite ... MicroDental's BruxiGuard is a professionally made nightguard that offers your patients a more comfortable solution to the problems associated with bruxism and TMJ. Available as a custom-made hard, hard/soft, or soft nightguard, Bruxi-Guard provides incredible comfort, durability, and abrasion resistance.To learn more, visit MicroDental Laboratories at (800) 229-0936
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Easy SyringeEasy Syringe is a disposable syringe with prelubed O-ring. It has an extra long plunger to avoid air trap, ensure smooth sliding, and even application of rubber base, silicone, alginate, and all types of elastic impression materials. Each box contains 50 syringes (25 large and 25 small intraoral tips). Tips also fit mixing tips of all brands, available in a separate pack.For additional information, contact Applied Dental, Inc. (888) 841-8481
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Marketing on holdEveryone places callers on hold. Why not use this time to inform and educate your callers about your practice and the products and services you offer? SOH Productions has created more than 30,000 on-hold productions in the past 12 years. During the production process, you will have the opportunity to choose voice talent and music selections as well as professionally written scripts customized to your practice. Call SOH Productions for a demo of our satisfied customers on the audio reference line. These are actual working productions. Simply dial (800) 945-8465 and type in the code you want to hear (2541 — General; 2546 — Orthodontic; 2545 — Pediatric; 2543 — Cosmetic; and 2912 — Family).

For additional information, call Bryan at SOH Productions, (614) 523-3535, Ext. 2005. (614) 523-3535

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STAGE-1™ Single Stage Implant SystemLifecore Biomedical, Inc. announces that its STAGE-1™ Single Stage Implant System is available now with Lifecore's RBM (Resorbable Blast Media) Surface. The line also includes a choice of two different prosthetic connection diameters for enhanced restorative flexibility. The regular diameter (4.8 mm) connection is intended for general use throughout the mouth and the wide diameter (6.5 mm) connection is optimized for molar restorations.

STAGE-1™ implants are packaged in Lifecore's patented "flip top" packaging that includes a placement head, cover screw, instructions for use, and three patient chart labels. The packaging is color-coded by implant diameter and corresponds to the surgical instruments and kit.

For more details, contact Lifecore Biomedical, Inc. at (952) 368-4300. (800) 752-2663

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ICN dosimetersICN Worldwide Dosimetry Service is one of the world's largest providers of radiation dosimetry services. ICN offers a full range of services for measuring ionizing radiation, primarily through film, thermoluminescent, and track etch technologies. ICN dosimeters are worn by the client's employees or deployed for area monitoring.

For additional information, contact ICN Worldwide Dosimetry Service at (714) 545-0100 or visit (800) 251-3331

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Anatomic Endodontic Technology™The Endo-Eze® System, from Ultradent Products, Inc., incorporates Anatomic Endodontic Technology™ (A.E.T.), said to be the first and only endodontic technique developed to address and maintain the natural anatomy of individual root canals. A.E.T. conserves canal anatomy and maintains a stronger root through an effective, minimally invasive cleaning and shaping technique.

The Endo-Eze® System includes all the necessary materials to treat root canals from diagnosis to restoration, including the new Endo-Eze® files and burs, obturation materials and handpieces.

For more details or an in-office demonstration, contact Ultradent Products, Inc. or visit (800) 552-5512

Garant™ 2 Dispenser System3M ESPE introduces the 3M™ ESPE™ Garant™ 2 Dispenser System for light-body impression materials in cartridges. Separate openings for base paste and catalyst minimize the risk of cross-contamination, and the new dispenser design requires less effort to extrude impression material out of the dispenser.

The Garant™ 2 dispenser system is economical, as dentists use only the exact amount of material needed, and the color-coded cartridges and mixing tips make the handling of different products easy.

The Garant™ 2 dispenser system provides homogeneous and void-free impressions, and consistent quality. The easy-to-use system comes with a step-by-step card explaining proper usage.

To ensure optimal mixing, it is highly important to use the correct mixing tips and the correct intraoral tips for each material. For additional information, contact 3M ESPE Dental Products, 3M Center, Building 275-2SE-03, P.O. Box 33275, St. Paul, MN 55133-3275. (800) 344-8235

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Vista US-12 SyringeVista Dental Products recently introduced the Vista US-12 Utility Syringe. The Vista US-12 is a disposable 12cc utility syringe similar to the Monoject® #412 syringe. The Vista US-12 is designed for surgical site and post-surgical home irrigation and also can be used with silicone and rubber-based impression materials.

Additional product information is available from Vista Dental at (877) 418-4782

HeraCeram PorcelainHeraeus-Kulzer, Inc. introduces HeraCeram Porcelain. The same materials and technology used to produce HeraCeram was used in the Apollo mission to the moon in 1969.HeraCeram is suitable for all common alloys; it has no silver discoloration and a wide range CTE. It exceeds the highest clinical and esthetic standards due to opalescence, fluorescence, and abrasion characteristics. Features include very easy handling characteristics, minimal shrinkage, one opaque bake only, and no confusion between fast and slow cool firing cycles. Natural opalescence and logical colors eliminate multiple layers and opacious dentines.

For additional information or to place an order, call (800) 431-1785 in the U.S., (800) 268-2030 in Canada, or visit (800) 431-1785

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Scenic-relaxation video: SpringFor the past five years, HUG Video has been providing dental-office reception rooms with videotapes to help patients pass the time while waiting for their appointments. Now available, Spring, a beautiful and colorful program showcasing the change of season from early spring to early summer. Highlighting blossoming plants and flowers, wildlife, and scenery, Spring helps ease the viewer into a more relaxed frame of mind. Photographed in the digital video (DV) format and accompanied with soft music, Spring is an excellent addition to your office video library. All titles in our library are offered as a two-hour single program or an eight-hour combination of different programs. Please ask about our variety of programs.

For additional information or to place an order, call or fax HUG Video at (856) 627-9529; credit cards or checks are accepted. (800) 552-5512

CareCredit® lowers minimumCareCredit® has lowered the treatment-fee minimum for the Extended Payment Plan to $1,500. The change in the minimum amount will help practices increase treatment acceptance of higher level, more comprehensive cases, including cosmetic implants and reconstructive cases.

CareCredit® offers patient payment plans from $100 to $25,000. The Extended Payment Plan features a low interest rate lower than most bank cards, a low monthly payment, and a low, fixed processing fee. This plan is ideal for patients who would prefer more time to pay for treatment over $1,500.

For more information, visit CareCredit® at (800) 300-3046, Ext. 519

Film for dental applicationsDentists who use 35mm photography to document patients' smiles and teeth now have a new tool from Kodak: two neutral color-balanced film products packaged in 12-exposure rolls. Twelve-exposure rolls let dentists dedicate one roll per patient; for easier organizing of images. Neutral balance supports more accurate documentation of color information for communicating with dental labs.

The film rolls provide space for recording patient information and notes, for additional help in tracking the photos. The film is available through dental supply dealers for convenient ordering.

For additional information, visit the Kodak Health Imaging Dental Products Group at (800) 933-8031

Dental catalog has almost 'everything'The new Salvin Dental Catalog has "Everything for your implant practice but the implants." Geared to the doctor who surgically places implants, products include surgical instruments, bone-grafting materials, Criticare vital-sign monitors, defibrillators, centrifuges, osteotome kits, fixation-screw kits, bone-tack kits, implant motors and handpieces, headlamps, infection-control products, and case-presentation models.

For more information, send e-mail to [email protected], or visit (800) 535-6566

Piranha™ diamondsHigh-quality SS White® Single-Patient-Use Diamonds have a new name: Piranha™. Designed to provide a sharp, fast-cutting instrument for every patient, Piranha™ has 20 percent more diamond exposure than a typical multiuse diamond. Piranha™ also eliminates the time and material costs associated with the cleaning and sterilization that multiuse diamonds require. The product is available now in a convenient 10 pack as well as the standard 50 pack.

For more information, contact SS White Burs at (877) 779-2877. (877) SSW-BURS

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ReminderPro™ for Windows 2.0JulySoft announces ReminderPro™ for Windows 2.0, which delivers appointment reminders and important messages by telephone or e-mail. Patient-friendly and interactive, ReminderPro™ reduces no-shows, eases phone overload, and eliminates costly mailed reminders.Version 2.0 fully automates appointment-data overload, call-session activation, and results reporting. Call results can be sent automatically to printer, fax, e-mail, or file, and can be archived permanently for future reference.

For additional information, visit JulySoft at (800) 350-7693

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Disposable window safety shieldsNow the window of your MicroCab™ and MacroCab™ can be protected against the harsh environment created by abrasives. The disposable safety shields come 10 to a package and are made from the same material as the window itself. The shield fits under the window and is held in place by its weight, providing a clear view inside the cabinet.For product and ordering information, contact Danville Engineering. (800) 827-7940DXGroup™ software systemDentrix Dental Systems, Inc. recently announced the release of DXGroup™, an enterprise management software system for dental practices that have several locations and more than a handful of dentists. DXGroup™ is an important product for dental group practices that are smaller, but need the robust reporting and security features found in the larger-scale enterprise management systems.

DXGroup™ offers a variety of important tools and features for helping dental organizations manage the overall efforts of each clinic and provider within the group. It operates as the core-management software for the central office of the group practice, while the individual clinics use front-end software that is very similar to DENTRIX. DXGroup™ combines ease of use with full-powered management tools that handle many aspects of dentistry, including recall, billing, clinical charting, appointment scheduling, and much more.

An in-office demonstration and presentation of DXGroup™ may be scheduled by contacting Dentrix Dental Systems' special Enterprise Software Hotline at (800) 565-2016 or visit (800) 565-2016

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Cergogold™ pressable ceramicDental laboratories new to pressable ceramic or in search of better investment material specifically designed for Cergogold™ pressable ceramic have the option of using introductory-size Cergo® fit pressable investment packages.The Cergo® fit package from Degussa-Ney consists of four envelopes of powder, special liquid, and working instructions. Easy to use, Cergo® fit produces accurate fits and flawless reproductions without any risk of cracking. It is phosphate-bonded, containing no plaster or graphite. For more details about Cergo® fit pressable investment material, contact Degussa-Ney Dental. (800) 243-1942

For more details about Cergo® fit pressable investment material, contact Degussa-Ney Dental. (800) 243-1942

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DELTA FORCE Bracket SystemOrtho Organizers introduces its newest bracket-line addition: the variable force DELTA FORCE Bracket System. Developed to provide orthodontists with the ability to control the friction between the archwire, bracket and elastic ligature, the orthodontist, by varying the ligature placement, more fully controls his or her method of sliding mechanics to more easily increase or decrease force to facilitate the prescribed treatment.

Made of quality stainless steel and produced by state-of-the-art metal-injection molding, each DELTA FORCE bracket features our advanced micro-etched patented mesh-base design, GRIP-LOK™, which university research has proven to improve bond strength while greatly reducing bond failures.

For additional information or a free brochure, visit (800) 547-2000

Par Needle HoldersPatterns of the 4 ½" and 5 ½" Par Needle Holders are available now in the Miltex dental line. Par needle holders feature a "Castroveijo" type beak on a standard ring-handled needle holder for better control during suturing. The delicate serrated precision-milled tungsten carbide beaks provide positive nonslip grip on fine needles and sutures. Gold-plated finger rings help identify the needle holders as a tungsten-carbide pattern. Par Needle Holders are covered under the Miltex lifetime guarantee.

For additional information, contact Miltex Instrument Company at (516) 349-0001 or visit (516) 349-0001

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Timken dental bearingsScore International and Handpiece Headquarters are now the sole authorized distributors for Timken (MPB) dental bearings and products. Timken is a major supplier of dental bearings to both original handpiece manufacturers and the aftermarket.For information on direct purchasing, contact the wholesale department at (800) 326-9308. (800) 326-9308
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C&B MetabondParkell, Inc. has introduced a new formulation of C&B Metabond. The new formulation offers dentists double the working time while retaining the same strong bonding strength.According to Parkell, C&B Metabond bonds to both metal and the tooth structure. It has a wide range of applications, including bonding cast restorations to short, nonretentive preparations as well as bonding to a wide range of materials, including enamel, dentin, composite, acrylic, and all metals.

The new formulation extends the working time up to a minute longer than the original. Dentists using the new formulation will have more time to complete complicated restorations and repairs.

For more information, contact Parkell, Inc. (631) 249-1134

Professional Protector Plan®The Professional Protector Plan® has been serving dentists nationwide since 1969, providing protection to dental students and practicing dentists through professional liability, general liability, workers' compensation, and property insurance products. The PPP is a program committed to meeting the ever-changing needs of the dental profession. (813) 222-4173RelyX™ Veneer Cement3M ESPE introduces a veneer-cement system with a customer-preferred delivery and color-match system that's easy to use and easy to choose. The RelyX™ Veneer Cement provides simple and efficient bonding of porcelain, composite and ceramic veneers. The dentist-preferred, nonslump viscosity prevents veneer drift and is easy to dispense, apply, and clean up — traits common to the RelyX cement family. The light-cure only, resin-based cement also privides exceptional color stability and simplified shade selection. For more information, visit (800) 634-2249"Brush-on" Duraflor® Fluoride VarnishMedicom, Inc.® introduces Duraflor® 5% Fluoride Varnish in a new convenient unit-dose application. Each pre-measured unit-dose contains 0.5ml of 5% fluoride varnish, along with a disposable brush. Duraflor® is recommended for use with dentinal hypersensitivity. Duraflor® is easy and simple to use! Just paint-on the thick varnish and it dries immediately in the presence of saliva. The product will remain in place up to eight hours allowing maximum fluoride uptake. Studies have indicated your patients will be free of hypersensitivity for up to six months. Duraflor® is packaged in a box of 16 unit-dose applications, along with instructions for use. Please contact your local dealer to place your order. For product information, please call (800) 435-9267 or visit towelettes and sprayPalmero Health Care introduces a fast-killing hospital disinfectant that is ready to use. It effectively kills MRSA, VRE, HIV-1, Herpes, Adenovirus, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, E-coli, and is fungicidal — all in one minute! DisCide ULTRA also is tuberculocidal, convenient, economical, and effective. Choose from towelettes in dispenser canisters, quart spray bottles, or individually wrapped towelettes. For more details, contact Palmero Health Care at (800) 344-6424 or visit