Curing light offers versatility

Nov. 22, 2005
Satelec Mini L.E.D. Curing Light can be integrated directly into the company's C8+ dental unit.

Dentists looking for strength and versatility in an L.E.D. curing light should embrace the new Satelec Mini L.E.D.

Curing Light that can be integrated directly into the Sirona C8+ dental unit. Introduced in 2004, the Satelec Mini L.E.D. is the strongest curing light available today.

With the ability to polymerize 2 mm of any composite in only six to 12 seconds, the Mini L.E.D curing light combines power, efficiency and speed at your fingertips.

In addition to unmatched power, the Satelec Mini L.E.D. combines the highest quality materials -- anodized aluminum handpieces, latest generation SMD electronics, etc. -- into an ergonomic design that facilitates better practitioner performance.

As with most Sirona equipment, the Mini L.E.D. puts a premium on versatility. With three modes -- fast, pulse, ramping -- for optimal curing on all types of composites, the Mini L.E.D. will adapt to any curing need, in any environment.

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