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KaVo Kerr introduces OptiBond eXTRa Universal bonding agent

Jan. 7, 2019
KaVo Kerr has introduced OptiBond eXTRa Universal, a new self-etch, two-component universal adhesive.

KaVo Kerr has introduced OptiBond eXTRa Universal, a new self-etch, two-component universal adhesive. It features patented OptiBond GPDM (glycero-phosphate dimethacrylate) technology with a universal solution for one consistent protocol. Because of its Smart pH technology, OptiBond eXTRa Universal is compatible with virtually all types of cements, composites, and core buildup materials and does not require any auxiliary products, such as silane.

With its GPDM monomer, OptiBond eXTRa Universal ensures stronger and more reliable adhesion to tooth structures as well as resin material. Additionally, it contains acidic phosphate groups to fully anchor the adhesive to the hydrophilic surface of the tooth, plus more methacrylate functional groups than other adhesive monomers for a better interface with the hydrophobic resin.

“Built on its predecessor OptiBond XTR, the new OptiBond eXTRa Universal continues our tradition of providing the gold standard in adhesion for dentists,” said Phil Prentice, vice president marketing, KaVo Kerr.

In short, the new OptiBond eXTRa Universal delivers more reliable outcomes that are less sensitive to technique or restrictions and creates the compatibility dentists are looking for with both substrates and overall higher bond strength.