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Tokuyama Dental America introduces Estelite Universal Flow flowable composite

Nov. 13, 2018
Tokuyama Dental America has introduced Estelite Universal Flow, a supra-nano filled flowable composite.

Estelite Universal Flow is a supra-nano filled flowable composite available in three different viscosities—high, medium, and super low—to provide clinicians with the ideal flow for a wide range of indications.

Estelite Universal Flow has a higher filler content than traditional flowables and offers the benefits expected from less viscous composites, such as great cavity adaptation and easy handling, without compromising strength.

Easy to extrude, Estelite Universal Flow provides nonsticky consistency with minimal stringiness and high polishability and shade blendability for natural-looking restorations. Additionally, Estelite Universal Flow delivers high strength, long-term wear resistance, gloss retention, low shrinkage stress, and resistance to staining.

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