Two products launched for U.S. dental market

May 17, 2007
Indigreen Innovations introduces the Mirro-Vac Saliva Ejector Mirror and the Angle-Ease Adjustable HVE Tip.

Indigreen Innovations has added two new innovative items to its product line for the U.S. dental market.

The new disposable Mirro-Vac Saliva Ejector Mirror combines evacuator and mirror functions into one efficient instrument, enabling the dentist to reduce the number of hands needed, instruments used, and procedure time. Ideal for sealants, air abrasion, bonding and other dry field procedures, Mirro-Vac™ has an upper suction inlet that relieves tissue grab and ensures the anti-fog acrylic mirror stays clear, even under direct exhalation. The size 4 lens with a 35° inclination delivers standard mouth mirror feel and function without compromise.

Designed to maximize operator comfort, visibility, and suction efficiency, Indigreen's new disposable Angle-Ease Adjustable HVE Tip has 12 locking angle adjustment positions that allow it to meet every treatment and operator requirement.

Angle-Ease offers superior ergonomics and operator comfort because it adjusts from a straight bayonet position to a 90° angle. This design allows it to easily reach any quadrant, while lowering fatigue and easing strain on the wrist by reducing hose tension and drag. Angle-Ease also improves visibility, increases efficiency and provides full retraction. Its reversible design accommodates either right or left-sided assisting.

Indigreen Innovations distributes a variety of other unique dental products through numerous dealers. To view its complete product line or to contact Indigreen about dealership opportunities, visit Indigreen Innovations.