Cad Cam For Everyone

Sirona grows CAD/CAM product line, strives to meet tech needs of every dentist

June 11, 2013
New Milling Units and Digital Impressioning Systems
Looking to ensure that every dentist in America could have a technology system that would fit their needs, Sirona Dental unveiled three new CEREC milling units, two new digital impressioning systems, and enhancements to the CEREC software platform today during a media event held at the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry.Watch my exclusive video report from Scottsdale by clicking here.

"When I got into CAD/CAM, there was one choice. If it didn't work for you, oh well," said Dr. Sameer Puri, director of CAD/CAM at the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry. "This is opening the door to dentists to have the best choice for their practices."

The new products are part of a new campaign from Sirona titled, "CAD/CAM for Everyone." Under the theme, the CAD/CAM giant believes it is or has introduced a product that will work in any dental practice for any budget, with prices ranging from $19,750 (digital impressioning system) to $79,995 (chairside milling).

"Whether you want to invest $20,000 or $80,000, there is a Sirona product for you," said Roddy MacLeod, Vice President of CAD/CAM Systems for Sirona USA.

"This opens the door for all dentists to use CAD/CAM," said Dr. Mike DiTolla, director of clinical research and education at Glidewell Laboratories. "Dentists used to object to CAD/CAM because of the price point. Not any more. There are many combinations for dentists to upgrade their technology and provide optimal care for their patients."

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Read below for the official release from Sirona and see the new products announced today in Scottsdale at

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Sirona Dental, Inc., the company that pioneered digital dentistry more than 28 years ago and the global number one producer of dental CAD/CAM systems, announced the introduction of three new CEREC milling units, two new Digital Impressioning Systems and enhancements to the CEREC software platform. The new products kick off a campaign called “CAD/CAM for Everyone”, whereby Sirona has introduced a CAD/CAM product suitable for every dentist. Only Sirona offers every variety of CAD/CAM, including digital impressioning systems starting at just $19,750 to chairside milling starting at $79,995.

To meet the individual needs of every single dentist, Sirona expanded the CEREC product range to include three different milling units at different price points. Each unit offers extremely accurate and fast milling to deliver to best experience for every case.

· CEREC MC – for practices focusing on chairside single-tooth restorations, CEREC MC is the most cost-effective milling unit choice. The indication spectrum includes single-unit inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers, and a large selection of chairside materials up to a block size of 20 mm.
· CEREC MC X – is ideal for dental practices offering a wide range of Chairside treatments, including implants. The MC X milling unit creates the same restorations as MC, as well as bridges, abutments and surgical guides, on blocks up to 40 mm.
· CEREC MC XL Practice Lab – perfect for the dental practice with an onsite lab. When it comes to lab-side restorations such as bridge frameworks, customized implant abutments, surgical guides, telescopes, bars and attachments — MC XL Practice Lab does it all. In addition, the MC XL Practice Lab features four spindle motors, an easy-to-use touch display, and mills blocks up to 85 mm in size.

“With the introduction of these new milling units, single-visit dentistry for chairside restorations is more affordable than ever before,” said Roddy MacLeod, Vice President of CAD/CAM at Sirona. “Sirona is dedicated to providing our customers with the very best CAD/CAM solutions in the marketplace, and now dentists can get started with chairside CAD/CAM for as low as $79,995, or just about nine crowns per month.”

CEREC Software 4.2: The Platform for Perfect Results
With the intuitive user-interface of CEREC software 4.2, users can easily create patient-individual restorations in just a few easy steps. New highlights of CEREC SW 4.2 that expand the users’ design options include:

· Customized implant abutments that can be designed and milled chairside.
· Smile Design uses a patient photo to virtually place a restoration and see how the patient looks before any restorations are milled.
· Virtual articulator simulates the patient's jaw movements, allowing users to find both the static and dynamic contact points, allowing the restoration to be adjusted during the design process.

Apollo DI: Easy handling, precise imaging and the proven Sirona Connect workflow
Sirona’s new digital impressioning system, Apollo DI, offers dentists the most economical entry into the world of digital impressions. Starting at just $19,750, the digital impression system includes an imaging unit, APOLLO Connect software, and the APOLLO DI intraoral camera.

“APOLLO DI rounds out Sirona's extensive range of digital impression systems,” added MacLeod. “APOLLO DI is an economical solution for dentists who want to offer digital impressions, but still plan to work closely with the dental technician and are interested in a lower-priced system.”

CEREC AC Connect with Omnicam
Last year Sirona launched the extremely successful CEREC AC with Omnicam for the chairside market and has now made it available as a Digital Impressioning system. The CEREC AC Connect with Omnicam comes with Sirona Connect 4.2 software for easy image taking and upload to Sirona Connect. It’s full-color display, powder-free capability and ease of use makes taking digital impressions effortless.

For more information about CEREC or to schedule a free in-office demonstration, visit or call your local Patterson sales representative at 800-873-7683.