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Some great new dental products I saw at the 2013 Chicago Midwinter Meeting

Feb. 24, 2013
After walking the exhibit floor at the 2013 Chicago Midwinter Meeting, here are some of the products (listed below in no particular order) introduced in the Windy City that caught my eye.

After walking the exhibit floor at the 2013 Chicago Midwinter Meeting, here are some of the products (listed below in no particular order) introduced in the Windy City that caught my eye.

The Canary System from Quantum Dental Technologies (pictured above) – Talk about a "wow product" that will make an impact on your patients. This is a tool that will identify carious lesions as deep as 5mm below the tooth surface and as small as 50 microns in size. A handheld laser emits a low-power, pulsating light to collect unique signatures of luminescence and heat released from the tooth. It's noninvasive, easy to use, and quick with its prognosis. This product has been available in Canada for some time and it is now making its way into the United States. Check it out at

EndoSequence from Brasseler USA – Including BC Sealer, Root Repair Material, and the BC Obturation System, this grouping of products is looking to change the way you think about your endo procedures. Among the highlights ... the BC Sealer utilizes the moisture naturally present in the dentinal tubules to initiate its setting reaction, the Root Repair Material is highly biocompatible and osteogenic, and the BC Obturation System's BC Points are subjected to a patented process of impregnating and coating each cone with bioceramic nanoparticles that, when used in conjunction with BC Sealer, increase the fracture resistance to a level comparable to that of teeth that have not undergone root-canal therapy. Check it out at

Visalys Temp from Kettenbach This material is BPA-free and provides exceptional stability and high-quality esthetics. The company states that temporary crowns and bridges fabricated using Visalys Temp fracture noticeably less often than temporary restorations made from other materials. It's suitable for a long-term temporary restoration (longer than four weeks), easy to apply, and provides a smooth surface and high luster without polishing. Check it out at

New mobile technology from Curve Dental The folks at Curve Dental pride themselves on being at the forefront of the technology curve (no pun intended) and this new feature is a perfect example of that. Dentists and dental team members will be able to view, edit, delete, and/or add appointments to their schedule from any Apple or Android smartphone, as well as view patient contact information when out of the office. This new mobile technology comes at no additional cost to the practice. Check it out at

Steriplex SD from Southland Distribution and Sales – Yes, I talked about this product when I first saw it at the ADA Annual Session in San Francisco, but I love the upgrades the folks at SDS have made to this product since then. It's now available in a "bucket size" where the bucket can be reused after refilling the wipes and liquid. Speaking of the wipes, one is large enough to clean and disinfect an entire operatory and holds four times as much liquid as any other wipe. It's safe to use everywhere in the practice, even cleaning any children's toys you might have in the reception area. Check it out at

i-CAT FLX from iCAT I saw this on the show floor and was really amazed with the details and clarity of the scan, but perhaps even more amazing is the fact that the i-CAT FLX provides 3D imaging at a dose lower than a 2D panoramic X-ray with QuickScan+. Nine different field of view options allow your practice to target exactly what you want to see while minimizing the radiation for your patients. Additionally, the SmartScan STUDIO touchscreen interface is simple to use. Check it out at

Secure-Mail from Brightsquid Dental Link We posted a short video on this product recently, but it wasn't until I talked with the company executives in Chicago that I really understood the product and how much it can help a dental practice. This enables secure and compliant collaboration between dentists and specialists and/or labs by allowing private patient information to be shared. Need to monitor lab requisitions or get insight into your patient's treatment schedule when he or she goes to a specialist? This is the answer. You can attach and send up to 500 MB per message and it only costs $40 per month for GPs. Check it out at

Dentrix Ascend from Henry Schein Practice Solutions If you're a fan of Dentrix, you're going to love Ascend. This is a Web-based product with a GPS (Goals, Problems, and Solutions) that really impressed me. The GPS eliminates you having to generate a report, research the problem, and then go to a different screen to solve it … the GPS technology guides you through it, from start to finish. Using Google Chrome, Dentrix Ascend will work on a Mac or PC, iPad (or any other tablet). It provides all of the advantages of a secure, Web-based architecture anywhere, any time, and with the cost of just one monthly subscription. It's currently in the Beta phase right now, and will be available later in the year. If you're interested in being part of the Beta phase, or want more information on the product, check out

EasyThread Floss from Sunstar Americas — After numerous consultations with dental hygienists, Sunstar Americas developed EasyThread Floss. The design for the floss focused on accurately measuring strands of floss needed for each use, and the container features a "rewind" dial to cut down on waste. Each strand had durable threader sections on both ends that are less likely to irritate periodontal tissue, yet stiff enough to enable access to hard to reach areas, doubling the useful life of each strand of floss. Check it out at

PreviDent 5000 Booster Plus from Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals —
The PreviDent 5000 Booster Plus was introduced for high-risk caries patients, and the home fluoride therapy prescription toothpaste contains 1.1% sodium fluoride, the company's FluoriGard technology, and tricalcium phosphate. FluoriGard enacts a temporary shift in pH to promote remineralization and fluoride uptake. As with other PreviDent products, the toothpaste uses a liquid gel formula for faster fluoride dispersion. Check it out at

The Elevance Delivery System from Midmark (pictured below) – Coming this spring, the Elevance Delivery System features a unique Integration Control Module (ICM) that allows control of all components from one centrally mounted location with digital controls for more precise air pressure and water flow. By offering five utility presets for up to three unique users on each delivery head, the Elevance Delivery System eliminates the need to adjust settings multiple times during the day. In addition, the full color LCD screen displays the current instrument settings whenever a device is removed from the holder for immediate confirmation that the proper preset has been selected. Check it out at