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Sept. 29, 2006
Colleague has a question about the water temperature used in piezon scaler.

Dear RDH eVillage,

I have a question that I brought up with a fellow hygienist. In our office we use the EMS Piezon Scalers. Our practice is located in Massachusetts where climate affects water temperature. I have received numerous complaints from patients that the water is too cold and suggestions that perhaps a water heater could be installed on the unit.

I have yet to look into this, but when the complaint was presented to the other hygienist, she didn't feel it was a problem. She said she remembered in hygiene school being told that warm water wasn't as effective, and that cold water actually worked better.

I was under the impression that with some ultrasonic units, the reservoir chambers could be altered to contain mouthrinses like chlorhexidine gluconate or warm water or any other medicament. Please inform us about this so our patients can be more comfortable.

J. Hill, RDH

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Dear Kristine,

I just have to tell you how much I am enjoying receiving eVillage online. It is so easy to read and I can go back to it whenever I wish to. Thank you for all the time and effort that you are devoting to make eVillage successful.

I also have to say that you are introducing us (through eVillage) to many people and areas that might not be addressed in any of the other publications, and we appreciate it. It is nice to see new faces and information in many venues and eVillage. The hard work that you put into getting this all in and out to us is so appreciated.

Jane Weiner, RDH
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