Inflammation can affect periodontal disease

Feb. 21, 2006
Research shows a dramatic decrease in gingivitis (inflammation) with natural anti-inflammatory when combined with traditional dental treatment.

WESTMONT, Ill.--According to recent research, inflammation is the culprit in many diseases including heart disease, stroke, and periodontal disease.

Loma Linda research shows a dramatic decrease in gingivitis (inflammation) with natural anti-inflammatory when combined with traditional dental
treatment. Seventy percent of the U.S. has bleeding gums (inflammation) according to the American Dental Association.

Heart attack and stroke are the biggest killers in the US. Now we can link a major inflammatory marker, C-Reactive protein, with bleeding gums and heart disease. Dr. Schefdore's research found that reducing inflammation in the mouth reduces inflammation throughout the body (C-Reactive protein). This program is an easy, inexpensive, and effective means to improve health.

C-Reactive protein (major heart marker) is developed by the liver in response to inflammation and is a more accurate indicator of a heart attack or stroke than high cholesterol according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

Results show that C-Reactive protein levels come down about 25% by
treating Periodontal disease and gingivitis by traditional means. Just this is good news because Statin Drugs with possible side effects reduce C-Reactive about 30%.

However when incorporating natural anti-inflammatory with treatment C-Reactive levels are reduced 50 to 90 percent within weeks! In addition HbA1c levels (blood sugar) dropped dramatically when including natural anti-inflammatory when treating gum disease. Americans with elevated blood sugar could improve by simply treating gum disease and taking natural nutraceuticals.

Dr. Schefdore, a pioneer in the oral systemic connection, trains dentists to take C-Reactive and HbA1c (blood sugar) tests on all periodontal and gingivitis patients with a simple pin prick blood test at the dental office.

If the tests scores do not go down after our treatment then there is an underlying medical condition and the patient is referred to their physician. Physicians found cancer, gout, diabetes and others! There is finally a way for the medical and dental communities to closely work together to improve health.

Preliminary testing is also very positive to reduce cholesterol and homocysteine levels. "By going to the dentist, treating gum disease, and adding natural nutraceuticals as I describe at the Midwinter Meeting on Saturday can improve the health of the entire country!!" said Dr. Schefdore.

Dr. Ron Schefdore can be reached at [email protected], or via FAX at (630) 986-1524.