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National Dentex Corporation acquires Tri-County Dental Laboratory

Jan. 30, 2014
Operations will merge with Keller Labs

National Dentex Corporation (NDX) announced the acquisition of Tri-County Dental Laboratory in Washington, MO on Jan. 21. Tri-County will be merged into the operations of Keller Laboratories Inc., an NDX lab in Fenton, MO. Tri-County has been owned and operated by Russ Wagoner since 1981.

“Russ could see retirement on the horizon and needed help developing a transition plan that worked for him, his clients, and his employees,” said Steve Casper, the CEO of NDX. “We are proud to work with lab owners like Russ to discuss what their options are for retirement beyond simply closing their lab.” Tri-County Dental Laboratory represents the fourth acquisition National Dentex has closed since 2012. The acquisitions have each generated annual Net Revenue ranging from less than $1.0 million to greater the $5 million. “When it came time to for me to retire, it was important to me to take care of my clients and offer my team members employment security,” said Wagoner. “Keller is an excellent lab with a national reputation for their customer focus. Keller Labs and NDX will take good care of my clients and provide opportunities for my team.”

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