Zimmer Zfx abutments products now available to 3Shape Dental System users

Oct. 2, 2014
Users of 3Shape Dental System will now be able to design implant cases using Zimmer Zfx abutments that include both original and compatible-with Zimmer Zfx products.
3Shape, a provider of 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions and Zfx GmbH, a provider of dental oral rehabilitation products, announced the addition of the Zimmer Zfx abutment library to 3Shape Dental System, supported by new software capabilities within 3Shape’s Dental System solution.

3Shape users now gain access to the wide range of Zimmer Zfx prosthetic components, including the option to connect to the Zfx milling center directly from the 3Shape Dental System interface. Technicians can now work locally with Zimmer Zfx titanium bases for making two-piece abutments, or choose to send designs to the Zfx Milling Center and receive single piece abutments in titanium.

The two companies worked together to create the Zfx Abutment library and add this to 3Shape’s Dental System solution.

“Many labs are steadfast users of both the 3Shape CAD/CAM Dental System and Zimmer Zfx Abutments,” says Flemming Thorup, President and CEO at 3Shape. “The addition of the Zimmer Zfx libraries to 3Shape Dental System demonstrates our commitment to open technology by providing labs and dentists with the market’s largest ecosystem and the freedom to choose their preferred solutions when caring for patients.”

Zfx CEO Oliver Werschky says “with our extensive portfolio of CAD / CAM components and milling services, we aim to offer dental technicians maximum flexibility in terms of computer-aided manufacturing of prostheses. The addition of Zimmer Zfx libraries to the 3Shape Software, increases flexibility for dental technicians even further.“

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