Terec Meeting

TEREC, NA holds Spring dental lab meeting

July 8, 2014
The symposium brings American dental labs together to share ideas and learn new techniques

Boston was host to the TEREC, NA Association, a strategic alliance of leading North American independently owned dental laboratories. The three-day meeting included presentations by representatives of Custom Automated Prosthetics, LMT, and BEGO USA.

(Pictured from left, David Lampert, TEREC Vice President; Nick Azzaro, Vice President, BEGO USA; Mike Young, TEREC President; and Lou Azzaro, President BEGO USA)

TEREC, NA reaches out to the leading companies and associations in the world for the latest in dental lab technology, manufacturing, and industry trends. At their June meeting in Boston, Custom Automated Prosthetics provided TEREC group members with a tour of their recently expanded facility before settling into the day’s sessions. Over the course of the day, members were given insight into new product offerings, including the imes-icore 250 mill, ProJet 1200 3D wax printer, Pritimirror 3D facial scanner, Priticrown near net shape ceramic milling blank, a new custom abutment promotion, and a newly designed TEREC/CAP partner program. Members were also given a first look at the upcoming CAP Academy Cruise shipping off from Ft. Lauderdale January 2015.

"Our mission is to be the digital partner to the dental lab industry,” said Bob Cohen, cofounder and president at CAP. "TEREC represents what this industry and dental laboratories are all about. These meetings build on our collective knowledge and experience to ensure we all remain on the forefront of dental technology for the next decade and beyond."

Lou Azzara, president of BEGO USA, gave the group a comprehensive view of the current state of corporate dentistry, as well as perspective on the future trends in corporate dentistry.

Kelly Carr, Associate Publisher/Editor of LMT, the leading business trade magazine for dental labs in the U.S., gave an update on current and future laboratory trends. “LMT’s State of the Industry presentation at the TEREC meeting was a great opportunity to share industry insights and pinpoint trends based on LMT’s exclusive research data, “ Carr said. “I enjoyed the spirited discussion about digital technologies, changing demographics and the impact of the economy, and hearing feedback from 13 of the leading laboratories in the country.”

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