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KOMET USA Cut, Finish, Polish Kit

May 21, 2012
Kit simplifies seating of full-contour, all-ceramic restorations

Rock Hill, SC — The KOMET® LD0707 kit from KOMET USA offers an ideal range of specifically selected rotary instruments designed to cut, finish, and polish full-contour restorations fabricated of zirconium oxide, lithium disilicate, aluminum oxide, or pressed ceramics.

The kit provides four ZRTM Flash PolishersTM and three ZRTM Diamonds, all conveniently organized and secured in a stainless-steel, sterilizable bur block. These instruments feature distinct polishing and cutting characteristics that specifically address the unique material properties of today’s generation of dental ceramics.

To recontour, adjust, or finish a zirconia, lithium-disilicate, or other high-strength ceramic crown, or to gain endo access through or remove high-strength ceramic restorations, KOMET’s ZR Diamonds are each uniquely engineered with a permanently bonded, densely packed diamond layer to meet the challenges of these new materials, at chairside or in the lab.

The coarse-grit ZR Diamonds provide an exceptional performance-to-service life ratio, and the medium-grit versions are especially suitable for a wide range of adjustment procedures. For seating adjustments, preparing endodontic access, or crown removal, KOMET ZR Diamonds save chair time and optimize the quality of all-ceramic restorations.

The kit’s ZR Diamond selection includes a medium-grit, egg-shaped diamond (ZR379 FG-014) for minor adjustments and features blue and white color coding for easy identification; a coarse-grit diamond (ZR6274 FG-016) for adjustments to crown anatomy, identified by green and white rings ; and the 4ZR FG-014 crown-cutter diamond, with a gold shank and a white ring , for cutting or removing high-strength ceramic crowns.

To meet the unique preliminary and final-polishing requirements of high-strength ceramic materials at chairside, KOMET’s ZR Flash Polishers smooth, polish, and impart a high shine when applied to restorations fabricated of zirconia, lithium disilicate, aluminum oxide, and pressed ceramics. Incorporating interspersed diamonds for consistent, reliable performance and a long working life, the polishers produce outstanding results in just two steps, each of which can be easily identified by the color of the ZR Flash Polisher: Blue for smoothing and prepolishing and light gray for high-shine final polishing.

The ZR Flash Polishers in the KOMET LD0707 kit include a blue cup-shaped polisher (94022C RA.060), a light-gray cup-shaped polisher (94022F RA.060), a blue flame-shaped polisher (94020C RA.040), and a light-gray flame-shaped polisher (94020F RA.040). They have a golden shank as a distinctive visual mark.

The KOMET LD0707 kit of precision-engineered and carefully constructed instruments maximizes the potential of full-contour all-ceramic restorations and minimizes seating challenges.

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