Have you ever wondered how celebrities get their perfect smiles?

Feb. 11, 2002
The AAP has the answer!

If you've ever wondered about those perfect smiles, come hear dental experts tell their secrets to obtaining the perfect smile at the American Academy of Periodontology's Enhancing Esthetics with Periodontal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialty Conference. Experts will address new techniques in periodontics and the shift over the past 15 years in the way we think about periodontal therapy. From gummy smiles and black triangles between teeth to long or missing teeth, you will hear about learn new techniques to fix these problems and create a lifetime of smiles.

WHY: Experts on aging predict that many of the "baby boomers" will live to be 100 years old or more, and they will change the face of aging by aging more gracefully than any prior generation. Nearly 2 million baby boomers had plastic surgery in 1999, more than double the amount in 1997. Periodontics, along with general dentistry, has felt this trend and has experienced a significant shift toward cosmetic-related treatment in the last 10 years.

WHEN: May 17-19, 2002

WHERE: Hilton Chicago, 720 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60605

WHO: Dentists, periodontists, dental hygienists, dental students, plastic surgeons, and anyone interested in cosmetic dentistry

TO REGISTER: Visit the American Academy of Periodontology's Web site at www.perio.org/meetings/scaw/registration.htm. Event schedules are available by calling (312) 573-3210.