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Jan. 1, 2006

DASH® Medical Gloves offers new nitrile exam glove

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DASH Medical Gloves announces the addition of the halo™ powder-free and protein-free nitrile glove to its nonlatex glove line. The new gloves are formulated to provide superior tactile sensitivity while giving a super-soft, natural rubber-like feel for comfort. halo gloves are durable and puncture-resistant, and come in five sizes - extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large.

Orders for DASH gloves can be placed by calling (800) 523-2055, or order online at They also are available through most dental dealers.

Henry Schein Caries Indicator Syringe Kit

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The new Caries Indicator Syringe Kit detects infected dentin using red dye, which is safe, economical, and effective. The kit contains easy-to-use syringes and sponge applicators that accurately help place the bright, red dye exactly where the operator chooses. The kit contains four 1 ml syringes and 20 sponge tips.

For more information, call Sullivan-Schein Dental at (800) 372-4346 or visit

Discus Dental licensed to distribute Aphthasol®

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Distributed exclusively to licensed dental professionals by Discus Dental, Inc., Aphthasol is the first FDA-approved and only prescription drug specifically indicated for the treatment of aphthous ulcers in healthy adults. Studies show that up to 25 percent of dental patients suffer from Recurrent Aphthous Ulcers (RAU) but, until now, treatment options have been marginally effective or simply palliative. Finally, Aphthasol is clinically proven to accelerate healing and reduce pain.

Aphthasol, Amlexanox Oral Paste (5%), is a tasteless and odorless mucoadhesive paste that is known to be a potent inhibitor of mast cells and allergic response. Mast cells are found in greater quantities in RAU lesions when compared with healthy mucosa. Aphthasol is proven to provide 72 percent faster healing time and 90 percent faster pain resolution when compared to no treatment.

For more details, call (800) 422-9448 or visit

New practice-management products catalog

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Stepping Stones to Success has produced its latest product catalog which includes many new products. It features, among others, all the forms from the First Encounter™ system, Informed Consent booklets, Emergency Records, HIPAA forms, and four patient brochures. Titles of the brochures include, “My Insurance Covers This….Right?,” “What is the Difference Between a ‘Regular’ Cleaning, Perio Maintenance, and Root Planing?” “What is a Debridement?” and “Crowns, Veneers, Inlays, and Onlays. Why Can’t I Just Have a Filling?” Free catalogs may be requested at (800) 548-2164. The catalog and brochures may also be viewed online at

CoolTemp® NATURAL now in 5 ml automix syringe

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Coltène/Whaledent Inc., introduces Cool Temp NATURAL, a 5 ml automix syringe for its temporary crown and bridge material. This is in addition to the existing availability of a 50 ml cartridge. Key benefits include a faster set time than the top four leading brands by up to 46 percent, Natural Vita™ shades with fluorescence for optimum esthetics, and cooler exothermic setting temperatures for patient comfort. There is no dispenser needed, and small mixing tips mean less waste, a consistent mix every time, and better, controlled application. Cool Temp NATURAL is the natural choice for fast, easy, and esthetic provisionals.

For information, call your authorized dental dealer, or Coltène/Whaledent Inc. at (800) 221-3046, or visit

BisCover™ Low Viscosity (LV) brush-on polish

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Bisco, Inc. releases BisCover LV, a new low-viscosity, light-cured, brush-on liquid polish and esthetic sealant. The light-cured resin formulation is used to seal restorations while leaving a smooth polished/glazed surface. BisCover LV cures without a sticky oxygen-inhibited layer, and it may reduce or eliminate the need for manual polishing. It is recommended for use both intra- and extraorally on direct and indirect composites, provisionals, acrylic appliances, and resin-modified glass ionomers.

BisCover LV cures to a hard, smooth-polished surface, eliminating patient discomfort often resulting from manual polishing techniques. BisCover LV is sold individually in a 5 ml bottle, or as a kit. To order or to find out more, call (800) 247-3368 or visit

New Cerasorb® M DENTAL reduces resorption time

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Curasan, Inc., manufacturer of Cerasorb DENTAL, announces the U.S. launch of Cerasorb M DENTAL, the next-generation pure-phase β-tricalcium phosphate matrix material. Its design maximizes porosity and surface area to provide faster resorption (up to 25 percent), and enhanced osteoconductivity. The special-shaped granules also have better stability in defect beds. Cerasorb M is recommended for virtually all clinical applications in bone grafting. Like Cerasorb DENTAL, Cerasorb M is available in a range of sizes: 150-500 μm, 500-1000 μm, and 1000-2000 μm. Cerasorb DENTAL and Cerasorb M are distributed to oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists, and other clinicians in more than 30 countries.

For more information, call (888) 237-2767.

Microbrush Plus sets new standard

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MICROBRUSH® INTERNATIONAL announces recent improvements made to its leading applicator brand, the Microbrush® Plus Dispenser Series. The applicator design was upgraded to produce a superior disposable applicator with both a stiffer head that allows for better scrubbing, and a stronger bending portion, with no rebound, that improves control and accuracy during application procedures. Dental practitioners use the applicators for the placement of controlled amounts of materials in hard-to-reach areas. The applicators come in three precise and consistent head sizes, made with small, nonlinting, non-absorbent fibers that hold materials in suspension between the fibers, creating a sphere that stays in place without dripping.

The Microbrush Plus is available in four pre-packaged cartridges, each containing 100 applicators. The cartridges fit the innovative sion™ antimicrobial dispenser. Used with this dispenser, the Microbrush Plus applicators offer the most reliable application system with increased protection against cross-contamination.

For more information or free samples, call (262) 375 4011 or visit

New everStick®A&O glass fiber reinforcement

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Stick Tech Ltd. launches a new pre-impregnated glass fiber for orthodontic use. The new everStickA&O is indicated for passive orthodontic anchorage. An anchorage unit made of everStickA&O is bonded to teeth using an adhesive bonding technique, bonding perfectly to enamel. When you want to use an anchorage for tooth movement such as molar uprighting, incisor intrusion, or space closure, it’s easy to join the teeth even if they are not initially aligned. Bond tubes, brackets, or hooks directly onto the anchorage bar or unit to achieve any type of tooth movement.

everStickA&O is made from glass fibers in a polymer/resin gel matrix, combined to form an easy-to-handle, unidirectional fiber bundle. The bundle is both malleable and tacky - before polymerization - so it will closely adapt to the surface of teeth during placement. The IPN matrix structure also makes it possible to reactivate fiber surfaces, for example, during repair.

For more details, visit

Ansell latex-free Derma Prene® PI surgical glove

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Ansell Healthcare introduces a new addition to its popular Derma Prene glove line - the Derma Prene PI surgical glove. Safe for use by latex-sensitive health-care professionals and their patients, the new gloves are made from synthetic polyisoprene and are light green in color for instant latex-free identification. Similar to the Derma Prene Ultra, which is made from neoprene, Derma Prene PI surgical gloves are powder-free to help eliminate powder-related postoperative complications.

The reduced thickness of Derma Prene gloves provides enhanced tactile sensitivity in the fingertips, while making double gloving easier and more comfortable. Their smooth finish allows for worry-free instrument and suture handling.

For more information, visit

New, wider selection of white shades from DENTSPLY Trubyte®

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DENTSPLY Trubyte introduces a third PORTRAIT IPN white tooth shade, which is now available. The new shade, PW2, correlates to illuminé™ i-2, a natural tooth whitening system from DENTSPLY Professional, and the illuminé all-ceramic and Ceramco® 3 restorative materials. With three white shades, clinicians will be able to make their combination work brighter, and to fully integrate plastic teeth with the esthetics of final restorations. Shade PW2 is available in all Portrait IPN tooth moulds - 62 upper and lower anterior moulds, as well as 27 posterior moulds - the widest selection of esthetic moulds, shades, and occlusal designs.

For more information, contact your DENTSPLY Trubyte Laboratory, your DENTSPLY Trubyte Sales Representative, DENTSPLY Trubyte Customer Service at (800) 786-0085, or visit

GC America launches NATURE-CRYL™ line

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GC America, Inc. introduces the NATURE-CRYL family of denture base materials consisting of two high-impact denture materials (NATURE-CRYL HI-PLUS and NATURE-CRYL HI-20ET), NATURE-CRYL POUR, and NATURE-CRYL MC. For the first time, one brand of denture base materials is available to meet all the needs of the patient, dentist, and laboratory. Each are available in a harmonized shade system consisting of seven popular shades, including the three COE-LOR™ heavily pigmented ethnic shades, which make it the most complete shade system in the industry. It is available for use in the most popular processing techniques, including heat cure, fast heat cure, microwave, pour, and reline and repair.

For more information, visit

Breakthrough whitening chemistry offers enhancements

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Combining Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) with the proven effectiveness of Potassium Nitrate, Discus Dental now offers the most powerful one-two punch for sensitivity relief in take-home or chairside whitening. Recent studies using Nite White™ ACP indicate a 30 percent reduction in sensitivity during take-home whitening, with more than twice as many patients experiencing zero sensitivity.

Licensed by the American Dental Association Foundation (ADAF), Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) has proven to dramatically reduce patient sensitivity while enhancing the enamel’s natural luster. ACP also works to give patients brighter, more lustrous smiles. ACP chemically bonds with the tooth surface, filling microscopic defects and enhancing overall smoothness and luster. Clinical testing further shows that Nite White ACP patients achieve longer-lasting results. Independent testing by the ADAF indicates that ACP remineralizes enamel subsurface lesions.

For more information, call (800) 422-9448 or visit

Granitec® orthodontic adhesives

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Masel releases Granitec Light-Cure and No-Mix Orthodontic Kits. Granitec is one of the strongest fluoride-releasing resins available. Both bracket adhesive systems produce a quick-setting, strong bond with metal, plastic, and ceramic brackets, and are easy to remove. Fluoride-releasing agents help prevent caries and decalcification under the brackets. Both the Light-Cure and No-Mix kits are available in two application styles - choose either the 40 pre-filled tip kit or the two-syringe dispenser kit.

The Granitec Light-Cure system includes a thick-viscosity composite adhesive, a low-viscosity resin sealant, and an etchant gel. The adhesive works with standard and quick-cure lights on metal, plastic, and ceramic brackets. Granitec No-Mix is a chemically cured orthodontic bracket adhesive system. This self-cure adhesive contains a thick-viscosity composite adhesive paste, a low-viscosity liquid resin primer, and an etchant gel.

For more details, call (800) 423-8227 or visit

Marketing in a box

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Marketing activities can have a major impact on the bottom line of your practice. For maximum effectiveness, all the parts of a good marketing plan must work together. With Levin Group’s Marketing in a Box, you have everything you need to enhance your marketing efforts in one convenient, easy-to-use package. Containing ready-to-use patient-education brochures, training scripts, fact sheets, posters, and more, each component of Marketing in a Box is designed to help your practice attract new patients, retain existing ones, and promote additional services.

For more information, call Levin Group at (888) 973-0000 or visit

Larger G-Force diamond cuts faster with improved margin

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Garrison Dental Solutions has added a new shape to the G-Force rotary instrument line. The GRT060 (U.S. reference #789.7, European reference #856-024) is a large-diameter, round-end taper designed specifically for rapid buccal and lingual axial gross reduction. The large diameter maximizes the rotational speed of the abrasive head as it contacts tooth structure. In addition, the larger diameter reduces the “J” shaped margin that is common with smaller-diameter round-end tapers. The GRT060 incorporates Garrison’s unique diamond spacing and braising technology that allows more of the diamond crystals to contact tooth structure and share in the cutting burden. These features, combined with uniformly sized manufactured crystals, result in a bur that cuts faster and lasts longer.

The GRT060, along with the 22 other shapes in the G-Force line, is available in a five pack and comes with a money-back guarantee. Call (888) 437-0032 or visit for more details.

Versatile new implant with variable positioning options

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IMTEC Corporation introduces ENDURE, an internal hex implant system. The simplicity of the ENDURE system allows it to be placed as a one- or two-stage implant. ENDURE may be used for crowns, bridges, and dentures. Advantages of the ENDURE system include variable implant positioning for natural, complementary dentition. All prosthetic components for the ENDURE system are universally compatible with all lengths and both diameter sizes. ENDURE is available in 3.5 and 4.3 mm diameters and lengths of 11, 14, and 17 mm. Call (800) 879-9799 or visit for more details.

Pharmaden periodontal formulas

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To improve the success rate in periodontitis, Pharmaden introduces a unique new systemic approach that is used as an adjunct to scaling and root-planing. It employs the use of nutraceuticals custom made for dentistry: non-antibiotic, pharmaceutical-grade nutrients, clinically and university tested to reduce pocket depth, bleeding, and inflammation. The use of pharmaceutical-grade nutrients ensures superior quality for greater efficacy and absorption.

Patients use Periocare after periotherapy as their “gum vitamin” to help maintain wellness. It inhibits the release of destructive toxins and enzymes and reduces the formation of plaque and calculus, while preventing gum inflammation and deterioration. Only dental offices can purchase Periocare wholesale. For more information, visit Call (800) 910-5523 to place an order.

New blue shade CompCore AF Dual Cure from Premier

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Premier introduces a new blue shade CompCore AF Dual Cure core build-up to provide excellent contrast. CompCore owes its outstanding physical properties to Premier’s patented hyperbranch technology, which significantly reduces shrinkage, and improves strength and performance, including easy stacking on the tooth - without slumping. With a hard set, CompCore offers ideal trimming.

The SyringeMix™ Kit contains two automix dual-barrel 9 g syringes of CompCore AF Dual-Cure, 15 automix dual-barrel syringe mix tips, and 15 intraoral syringe tips. They are available in 50 g blue refill as well as in white and natural shades. A free 4.5 g Trial (A3) is attached to each kit ($24 U.S. retail value). To order, call your authorized Premier dealer. For more information, visit

Positive-image mirror is a practice-builder

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“I never knew that’s what I really look like!” is an often-heard comment by users of the Real Image Mirror™ (patent pending) when patients experience this high-technology, positive-image mirror. Cosmetic Surgery Suppliers, Inc., offers this hand-held device that allows patients to see, often for the first time, how the world sees them, not the negative reflection produced by standard mirrors. Patients will gain new appreciation for recommended cosmetic procedures once they see themselves in the Real Image Mirror.

For example, in cosmetic dentistry, patients may see a defect in dental alignment they may have never noticed before. Developed to build practices, this new mirror can be an easy and inexpensive addition to every cosmetic consultation.

The Real Image Mirror is available from Cosmetic Surgery Suppliers, Inc., for $75. For more information or to order, call (800) 525-7752.

New! Adhesive-free dual-arch impression trays

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Premier Dental Products Company introduces its new T-LOC Triple Tray. The patented design eliminates the need for adhesives, saving both time and money, and helps to ensure accurate impressions. T-LOC Triple Tray has retention tracks that mechanically lock in material from all aspects. The low, tapered sides and thin posterior bar help avoid impingement when the patient closes. Like all Triple Tray designs, T-LOC utilizes thin, loose webbing to maximize intercuspation of the teeth and to ensure an accurate bite. Large ergonomic handles simplify loading, make it easier to pass from assistant to dentist, and enable convenient insertion and removal from the mouth.

Available in anterior and posterior designs, the trays are economically priced - $34.95 - and are offered by dental supply dealers at a special 2+1 free introductory offer.

For technical questions, call (888) 773-6872 or e-mail

Sultan Chemists introduce Silgimix™ alginate replacement

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Sultan Chemists introduce Silgimix Alginate Replacement Impression Material. Available through Sultan’s global network of distribution partners, Silgimix puts an end to messy hand mixing of powder/liquid alginate impression materials.

Silgimix was developed from vinyl polysiloxane chemistry and is available in a new style 380 ml disposable cartridge system for all automatic mixing machines, or in convenient 50 ml, 1:1 cartridges for dispenser guns. Either style allows the user to automatically mix the material without hand mixing, saving valuable time. Everyone will enjoy the fast 2:10 set time, and patients will love the great mint flavor!

Silgimix addresses the shortcomings of alginate materials by giving users the ability to disinfect, the option of pouring multiple times, and the ability to scan the impression electronically. Additionally, its chemistry allows the user to delay pouring the model for several weeks and ship the impression long distances.

For more details, call (800) 637-8582 or visit

Refractron Technologies Corp. introduces zirconia for dental applications

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Refractron Technologies Corp. has expanded its growing line of Advanced Engineered Ceramics to include proprietary Partially Stabilized Zirconia (PSZ) for use in dental restorations. Applications include dental prostheses such as caps, crowns, inlays, and onlays. Compositions include Mg-PSZ (Magnesia Partially Stabilized Zirconia), Hot Isostatically Pressed Y-TZP (Yttria Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal), and Pre-Sintered Y-TZP. These are manufactured in shapes and sizes for all CAD/CAM grinding systems used by dental labs and offices.

Some machines are built to support grinding HIPed Y-TZP to eliminate the need for final sintering. But this process requires extensive tooling and machining time to complete a finished restoration. Newer machines use a softer, Pre-Sintered Y-TZP that cuts tooling costs and machining time drastically. The system’s software accounts for shrinkage due to sintering, and adjusts the size appropriately before grinding. Once sintered, these restorations have a density and strength that give the zirconia an advantage over existing materials.

No matter which material you choose, Refractron has an aggressive quality assurance program including ISO 9001:2000 certification and FDA Master Files to go along with more than a decade of experience in the design and manufacture of ceramic components. For more information, contact Paul Maher at (315) 331-6222 or e-mail [email protected]. Also, visit

New Inlay/Onlay Styx replacement tips interchange with Veneer Styx

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Inlay/Onlay Styx tips by Cosmetic Innovations, Inc. are interchangeable with the Veneer Styx veneer positioning tips, and are ideal for seating inlays, onlays, and posterior ceramic crowns during both try-in and cementation.

The Inlay/Onlay Styx tip, designed to fit any occlusal groove, holds the restoration securely within the tooth during try-in, while the contacts are checked with floss. The Inlay/Onlay Styx tip enables you to seat restorations with a gentle and even distribution of pressure while enhancing your vision during placement. The tips of the Inlay/Onlay Styx rotate for approaching the restoration from different angles, maintaining clear visibility and accessibility for the light source.

Call (877) 3-VENEER or visit

New VANISH® 5% NaF White Varnish from Omnii

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For more than 20 years, traditional 5% Neutral Sodium Fluoride varnishes have provided the highest fluoride concentration possible - 22,600 parts per million. However, the ingredients in all traditional fluoride varnishes leave an ugly yellow color on your patients’ teeth and a bad aftertaste that many find unacceptable. VANISH 5% NaF White Varnish eliminates these problems. It is the only white fluoride varnish available to the profession. Its white color virtually disappears after application. The pleasant-tasting cherry and melon flavors leave no “tree sap” aftertaste that can cause gagging, and are preferred by patients over existing varnishes. VANISH also releases 23 percent more fluoride over a 24-hour period than the nearest competitor. The enhanced flow characteristics allow VANISH to reach areas traditional varnishes may miss. Plus the new unit-dose package assures convenience, consistency, and safety for all your patients.

For more details, call OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals at (800) 445-3386.

Hu-Friedy restorative and diagnostic promo!

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Hu-Friedy announces the High Definition promotion, which runs through March 31. Hu-Friedy offers an extensive range of restorative and diagnostic products that allow you to efficiently complete procedures with exceptional results every time. Hu-Friedy instruments are made with the finest stainless steel for superior performance and unsurpassed durability. Hu-Friedy Colorvue® Probes provide strength, flexibility, and visibility for comfortable yet thorough assessments. Hu-Friedy explorers are hand-crafted from Duraspond™ steel, a specially blended alloy which makes them flexible and responsive for even the most precise diagnostic procedures.

Outstanding products featured in this promotion include: Satin Steel XTS Composite Instruments, Colorvue Probes, Duraspond Explorers, and UNC Color-Coded Probes, just to name a few.

Buy any 12 Colorvue Replacement Tips, get two Colorvue Handles free. Buy any six Restorative Instruments, get two free. Buy any eight Diagnostic Instruments, get two free. This offer is available through all authorized Hu-Friedy dealers.

For complete details on this promotion, call (800) HU-FRIEDY.

Ivoclar Vivadent introduces Variolink® Veneer esthetic resin cement

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Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. announces the release of Variolink Veneer, a microfilled esthetic resin cement previously marketed under the overwhelmingly accepted brand name, Appeal®. Variolink Veneer has been developed specifically for anterior restorations to provide the shade flexibility, easy clean-up, superior high-gloss polishability, and low wear that today’s esthetic cases demand. Available in seven light-cured, amine-free “value” shades, the Variolink Veneer esthetic cement features a light-cure Initiator System that ensures long-term color stability, polymerization on demand, and immediate high bond strengths for predictable long-term clinical success.

The logical “value” shading sequence simplifies cement selection because shades are based on the true influences of the cement (i.e., the “value” or relative brightness) on the esthetics of final restoration, rather than on the “color” of the cement. The +3 (whiter, brighter) and -3 (more intense chroma) shades of Variolink Veneer provide slightly more intensity than the original cement shades. As a result, clinicians truly have the ability to manipulate the visible effects demonstrated in the final restorations.

The Variolink Veneer system also includes accompanying try-in pastes that are perfectly matched to the cement for accurate previews of the final result. Variolink Veneer is ideal for use with all-ceramic restorations (e.g., IPS Empress®, IPS Empress® Esthetic) where light-curing is indicated.

For more details, call (800) 533-6825 or e-mail [email protected].

New Artiste™ Nano-Hybrid Flowable Composite

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Pentron Clinical Technologies, LLC introduces new Artiste Nano-Hybrid Flowable Composite, a truly versatile esthetic flowable that combines the beauty and polishability of a microfill with the strength of a conventional hybrid flowable. Artiste is formulated using a proprietary combination of conventional submicron barium glass and innovative nano-scaled spherical silica fillers. The nano-scaled fillers are colloidal bound and linked generating an interlocking, reinforced structure. The result is a flowable composite with exceptional flexural strength, reduced polymerization shrinkage and outstanding wear resistance. Artiste Flowable Composite also offers ideal handling properties with ideal viscosity for controlled and reliable placement.

The nano-hybrid formulation also produces exceptional shine, polishability, and polish retention for long-term lustrous beauty. Available in 14 radiant shades (A0, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, C1, C2, C3, D2, Incisal, and Universal Opaque), it features excellent stain resistance, so that restorations not only start out beautiful, but they stay that way.

For more information, call (800) 551-0283 or visit

New 15-minute, tooth-whitening refresher

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New Perfecta REV! Refresher Pak, from Premier Dental Products Company, provides professional tooth whitening with only 15 minutes wear time once a day, and has less sensitivity than professional-strength strips. It is ideal for patients who have already whitened their teeth and desire a touch-up, and as a take-home treatment following in-office whitening. Ease of use and economical cost make REV! Refresher a superior alternative to OTC options - making it a practice-builder and practical adjunct to the REV Patient Pak.

Perfecta REV! Refresher Pak has a 3 cc syringe of a patented hydrogen peroxide gel, and a finishing rinse to eliminate residual gel, enhance the whitening effect, and refresh with a cool, mint flavor. Dentists can request free counter displays, posters, and patient brochures. As an introductory offer, dentists can purchase six Perfecta Rev Refresher Paks for $77.70 U.S. ($12.95 each) from authorized dealers, so patient cost is more attractive than store-bought remedies while still being under professional care.

For an online tutorial, visit For more information, call (888) 773-6872.

Snap-On Smile™ - an innovative, versatile breakthrough

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Snap-On Smile is the biggest breakthrough in dentistry in 20 years! It’s the cosmetic alternative to permanent dental work. Well-suited for instant gratification, dental phobic, financially-challenged, medically compromised patients, as well as apprehensive patients who want to preview permanent work, it gives clients the look without the expense of cosmetic dentistry. It has achieved amazing results in more than 300 successful cases dealing with cosmetic enhancements, missing tooth replacements, restoring patients’ vertical dimension, or simply as a diagnostic tool. Its specialized resin allows a thinness of .5 mm without compromising its strength. Its simple design permits patients to eat without any impingement into the gingiva. It comes in 17 shades and 18 smile designs, giving patients an array of choices for their cosmetic-enhanced, custom-fitted appliance.

No cementation or bonding is ever needed. A slight tightness or pressure on the teeth as well as a period of tongue adaptation may occur for up to one to two days upon insertion. The only contraindication is in cases of severe, highly mobile periodontal disease.

Snap-On Smile is a registered trademark by Dr. Marc Liechtung, and is exclusively available from Trident Dental Laboratories through dental professionals. For more details, call (800) 221-4831 or visit

Dentapreg USA, Inc. acquires rights for dental reinforcement material

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Dentapreg USA announces its agreement with ADM, s.a. for the North American distribution rights of the Dentapreg line of Fiber Reinforcement Materials. This agreement completes ADM’s worldwide distribution of the product that began more than 10 years ago. The Dentapreg line consists of 12 different configurations of 45 mm length strips. Each category (splints, retainers, and bridges) consist of either unidirectional or multidirectional fibers in either round or flat strips. Each package contains one type of fiber in eight hermetically sealed compartments for less waste.

The Dentapreg line sets itself apart from the competition in several ways. Dentapreg is much easier to use. Because Dentapreg is pre-impregnated with a light curing resin, it requires no messy wetting agents and eliminates a full step in the Fiber Reinforced Composite (FRC) construction. This resin also aids in forming the strip to the effected area due to its tacky, honey-like consistency. Dentapreg does not require any special cutting instruments, composite materials, or gloves with the use of its strips.

Dentapreg will be sold directly to the dentists allowing for the most economical FRCs on the market. Besides being the easiest and most economical fiber reinforcement on the market, it is also the strongest. Dentapreg has scored almost 1,500 pounds tensile strength in recent testing by an independent lab. Other competitors only averaged 675 pounds.

Dentapreg has plans to show in the upcoming Yankee Dental Congress show, Chicago Dental Society mid-winter show, and the Thomas P. Hinman Dental Show in Atlanta, Ga.

For more information, contact Rob Roth at (716) 684-5124, e-mail [email protected], or visit

The Atlantis Abutment in Zirconia: the ultimate esthetic solution

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Atlantis Components, Inc. announces the introduction of the Atlantis Abutment in Zirconia. By combining esthetics, strength, precision, reliability, and simplicity in one product, the Atlantis Abutment in Zirconia delivers the ultimate esthetic solution to clinicians, labs, and patients. Atlantis’ proprietary integrated design and manufacturing process provides a patient-specific, multi-platform zirconia abutment that needs no additional modification prior to placement. Independent testing confirms that this all-zirconia abutment - manufactured from yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystals (Y-TZP) - is the strongest and most reliable patient-specific ceramic abutment currently available.

Atlantis revolutionized the design and fabrication of unique dental abutments with its titanium abutments. This abutment, delivered ready for fabrication of the final restoration, saves the lab valuable production time. Dental labs now are able to provide an all-ceramic solution with the strength and reliability demanded by clinicians.

The Atlantis Abutment in Zirconia is available for most standard diameter external hex interfaces; additional interfaces are planned for introduction over the next several months. As with every Atlantis Abutment, included is an abutment screw specifically designed for the abutment and the implant to which it will be connected.

For more information, visit

DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental introduces GT® Fiber Posts

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DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental announces the addition of GT Fiber Posts to its GT family of endodontic instruments and products. GT Fiber Posts are engineered from glass fiber and epoxy resin, allowing for greater translucency than metal posts, high flexure strength, and high resistance to fracture. This latest GT product holds to the easy-to-match color-coded system, allowing practitioners to easily match up the correct post to the size and shape of the canal being treated. The new fiber posts more closely resemble natural tooth structure, and their passive, parallel shape creates less stress on roots for less chance of root fracture.

The GT Fiber Post System starter kit includes 15 posts (five each of small, medium, and large), and three post drills (one each of small, medium, and large). Post refill kits are available.

For more information, call your Tulsa Dental representative or call (800) 662-1202.