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Materials Product News

Sept. 1, 2004

New NeoSoothe Powder Free exam gloves

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SmartPractice introduces NeoSoothe Powder Free Ambidextrous Exam Gloves with the soothing comfort of aloe vera in a nonlatex glove. Manufactured from latex-free Polychloroprene, these exam gloves are powder-free to eliminate powder trails on clothing and in the office. Made with aloe vera and Vitamin E, the gloves are polymer-coated for easier wet-donning. The single-use, medical-grade gloves have a textured grip. They are available in sizes X-Small to X-Large; 100 per box; 10 boxes/case. For information, call (800) 522-0800.

SybronEndo debuts RealSeal

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SybronEndo now offers a revolutionary, clinically tested, resin-based endodontic filling material known as RealSeal. RealSeal has the same radiopacity of gutta percha, resulting in radiographs that the doctor will be comfortable with. RealSeal creates a true mono-block between the resin-based filling material and the sealer, resulting in substantially less leakage. RealSeal also is completely and easily retreatable.

RealSeal can be used with any obturation technique, from cold lateral to warm vertical techniques. The practitioner has the option to choose from non-standard or standard points as well as pellet filling material. The handling properties and thermoplastic qualities of RealSeal are similar to that of conventional gutta percha.

Call (800) 346-ENDO, or your authorized SybronEndo dealer.

Dynamic Disposables disposable eyewear

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These innovative products offer exceptional protection, functionality, style, and value. Featuring an ergonomically engineered frame that fits flush against the forehead and a wraparound lens, these “featherlight” eyewear are the answer to all of your eye-splash protection needs. A patented attachment system meets OSHA standards (no holes) and makes shield changing quick and easy. All Dynamic Disposable products use Ultra-Clear technology to create a shield that is fog-free, anti-static, anti-glare, and optically clear. The specially designed color strip allows for fingerprint-free handling and assembly as well as making it easier to discard the shield while retaining its frame. Additionally, they are latex-safe. For more information, call (800) 344-6424 or visit

New and improved - TEMP ADVANTAGE

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GC America announces the new and improved temporary cement, GC TEMP ADVANTAGE for temporary crowns, inlays, and onlays. GC TEMP ADVANTAGE is the only temporary cement to successfully incorporate all of the critical additives - fluoride, cholorhexidine, and potassium nitrate - offered in an affordable, easy-to-use Automix Syringe.

Advantages include easy dispensing, minimum two-minute working time, quick set time, and easy clean up. The package contains one ready-to-use syringe and 15 mixing tips. Tips will be available in refills (15 tips). It also is available in a bulk-package, which may be hand-mixed.

For more information, visit

New Impregum™ Penta™ Soft Quick Step

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In response to market demand for a polyether impression material especially suited for one- and two-unit cases, 3M ESPE introduces Impregum Penta Soft Quick Step impression material.

Impregum Penta Soft Quick Step can be utilized for inlay, onlay, veneer, crown, fixation, and implant impressions. Suitable for use with all standard tray types in both metal and plastic, the material offers a maximum working time of one minute and an intraoral setting time of three minutes. Compared to conventional polyether materials, it reduces the overall working time by at least one-third.

The material offers excellent precision with superb reproduction of detail - even in moist conditions - with better initial hydrophilicity than VPS and displaces moisture right from the start of the mix for void-free impressions. For more information, visit or call (800) 634-2249.

BisBlock Dentin Desensitizer

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BISCO announces a safe, tissue friendly, dentin desensitizer with a patented technique designed to stop sensitivity deep within the dentinal tubule. BisBlock Oxalate Dentin Desensitizer is specifically formulated to prevent intratubular, hydroscopic, or hydrodynamic fluid movement within the dentinal tubules. BisBlock’s oxalate crystals penetrate deep down the tubules, interacting with calcium ions to form calcium oxalate crystals. Once sealed with ONE-STEP® PLUS adhesive and coated with BisCover esthetic polish, BisBlock cannot be dislodged by toothbrush abrasion. BisBlock does not interfere with adhesive bond strength when used with low-pH adhesives for indirect and direct restorations. Its viscous solution and yellow hue aids in placement on the dentin. BisBlock is indicated for indirect or direct restorations, temporary restoration, and exposed root surfaces on superficial dentin.

To order or find out more, call (800) 247-3368 or visit

New infection-control guidelines workbook

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The Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures (OSAP) has just released a 168-page, all-inclusive workbook that walks dental professionals through the new and expanded dental infection-control guidelines. As its title suggests, “From Policy to Practice: OSAP’s Guide to the Guidelines,” takes recommendations from the CDC and helps the dental professional put them into practice.

The new CDC Guidelines raise the bar for infection-control compliance. Dental personnel need to understand and implement these guidelines, and the workbook can help by providing necessary information in an easy-to-read format.

In addition, the workbook offers 10 hours of CE credit. Sample pages can be viewed online by visiting

Medical Emergency Training DVD

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Medical emergencies - are you ready? Answers to that question are now expertly compiled in one easily referenced Medical Emergency Training DVD. Newly released by HealthFirst Corp., the set contains two DVDs and quiz booklet with questions and answers to most probable scenarios. Seven CE credits are available for doctors. HealthFirst has a 30-year history providing Emergency Medical Kits to the dental profession. Materials are written and narrated by renowned lecturer Dr. Stanley F. Malamed. Using the booklet as a guide for staff study on a refreshing schedule will assure their appropriate and rapid response to any medical emergency.

For more information or to order, call (800) 331-1984.

New 2005 drug reference now available

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The top-selling drug reference for all dental professionals is now available in its 10th Anniversary Edition. Written by Drs. Wynn, Meiller, and Crossley, this “must have” reference will replace your P.D.R. This new edition is enhanced with more than 25 new FDA-approved drugs, updated herbal medicines, and O.T.C. products. LexiComp has updated and revised the Drug Interactions, and Effects on Dental Treatment information for every drug as well as added Dosage Forms, Warnings /Precautions, and contraindications. Also added are pregnancy/lactation information to all dental drugs, and updated oral medicine topics. Reduce liability with this easy-to-use reference. Price is $43.95. Call LexiComp at (800) 837-5394 or visit for more information.

Profit recovery!

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Outstanding balances of 60-90, 90-120, 120-180 days plus - what are your numbers? Is it time to finally recover your lost profit?

Your immediate solution is Transworld Systems, a national company and industry leader in recovering outstanding balances for a flat fee of $14 or less per account. If clients turn over $50, $500, $5,000 or $50,000, Transworld Systems still charge a flat fee. The company collects 56 percent, on average, of all accounts that are turned over. The industry average is 14 percent. Transworld accomplishes this in effective, efficient, professional, and diplomatic ways.

Refer to presenting the GreenFlag Profit Recovery Program.®

For more information, call Bob Carson at (781) 344-7261.

Dr. Berland�s

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A new Web site,, provides assistance and information for millions of dental patients with growing denture needs. The latest research indicates that 25 percent of the U.S. adult population is over age 50, and, someone turns 50 every seven seconds! This segment also is the fastest-growing online audience most likely to make an online purchase.

Furthermore, one-third of all Americans over 65 have no teeth and another one-third have less than half their natural teeth. The site’s “Find a Denture Doctor” section is a referral feature that will give the dentally challenged an easy way to get in contact with denture doctors. For more information, visit or call (214) 999-0110 to find out about participation.

American Eagle XP curettes

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American Eagle’s XP technology creates a razor sharp edge, designed to start sharp and stay sharp for months without the need to resharpen. This extreme sharpness provides superior tactile sensitivity, requiring only a slight amount of pressure to lightly “plane” away calculus and tartar. The Gracey XP curettes are designed with a thinner blade, allowing for superb access of periodontal pockets and interproximal areas. When used properly, an XP curette will outlast any standard curette. XP curettes are available in 3/8” Eaglelite stainless steel and 3/8” Eaglelite resin handles.

For ordering information, call (800) 551-5172 or visit

BISCO introduces U-BAR

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The U-BAR is a u-shaped rigid substructure that is indicated for three-unit bridges over pontic areas. Composed of prestressed glass fibers, U-BAR offers a metal-free bridge substructure with unequaled esthetics.

BISCO is offering U-BAR Certification training free-of-charge to all TESCERA ATL owners. Each participant will be trained on the “Tooth Preparation, U-BAR 3-Unit Bridge synthesis, and Cementation” during the all-day course. Other TESCERA reinforcement accessories (Rods, Fibers, Bundles, and Cylinders) will be used throughout the training session.

Visit to locate all certified TESCERA U-BAR dental laboratories. For more information, call (800) 247-3368 ext. 6391, or e-mail to [email protected].

Capture precise detail, save chair time

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Template Ultra Quick Matrix Material sets fast - in just 30 seconds. When cured, it provides an extremely accurate and precisely detailed matrix.

If you’re currently using alginate, putty, or vacuum-form material to create a matrix for temporary fabrication, you’re sacrificing time and accuracy. These techniques either take too long or they lack the detail to prevent flash formation during the procedure. Template cures with no vacuum, no hand-mixing, and no flash. It flows into the embrasure areas and into the finest morphology, yet, when cured, it releases easily and maintains its stable form indefinitely.

Cut your procedure time in half, and experience better accuracy than ever before, with Template. For more information or to buy direct, call CLINICIAN’S CHOICE at (800) 265-3444 or visit

Cosmedent Renamel posterior system

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The Renamel posterior system consists of two unique hybrids, Renamel Body and Renamel Occlusal. Renamel Body is very dense, and can be compressed like amalgam. Renamel Occlusal is very sculptable, and will form the desired occlusal anatomy and maintain it without slumping until polymerized. Overlaying Body with Occlusal achieves the reality of natural tooth surface.

Renamel Posterior composites feature simple placement, better marginal adaptation, excellent contact areas, added strength and opacity, optimum handling properties, and beautiful esthetics. Also, the composites are highly radiopaque for easy radiographic evaluation.

Renamel Body and Occlusal are available in both syringes or compules, in kits, or individually. For information, call (800) 621-6729 or visit

2004 Art of Smile products

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Even with the substantial increases in demand for cosmetic services by patients, some dental patients perceive cosmetic dentistry as a “specialty,” rather than something their family or general dentist can provide. New products from SmartPractice include 15 families of products that offer six or more items with the same cosmetic design to create a complete marketing makeover. Professionally designed mailers alert current and prospective patients that you provide cosmetic treatment. For information or an Art of Smile catalog, call (800) 522-0800.

Crosstex adds to Advantage line

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Crosstex International, manufacturers of high-quality infection-control and single-use disposable products, announces the addition of Cotton Tipped Applicators to its innovative Advantage line of products.

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The Advantage line offers the perfect alternative for the price-conscious practice. The new 3-inch and 6-inch Advantage Cotton Tipped Applicators, similar to the premium brand, are constructed with a wood dowel and are packaged in sealed, autoclavable bags of 100.

For more information, or to request a sample, call (888) Crosstex (276-7783).

The tip makes the difference!

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Dentsply Rinn offers the Max-i-Probe® for the safest and most effective irrigation of root canals and periodontal pockets.

Unlike open-end needles, which may have sharp edges and force pressure directly onto the apex, the Max-i-Probe has a patented side window dispersal port for safer and more effective cleansing without the risk of tissue damage. The small diameter and flexibility of the unique 30-gauge probe facilitates the navigation of small, curved canals to ensure complete irrigation. The probes are available in 30, 28, 25, 24, 23, and 21 gauges. New packaging includes a convenient, easy-to-use dispenser.

For more information, call Dentsply Rinn at (800) 323-0970.

New Garrison sectional matrix kit

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Garrison Dental Solutions has combined its popular Composi-Tight Gold Sectional Matrix System and its newly introduced Universal Forceps into a new sectional matrix kit, the AUK4, making it Garrison’s most complete sectional matrix kit to date. The new kit offers all of the features and benefits of Garrison’s Composi-Tight Gold system with a forceps that eliminates the need for separate rubber dam clamp forceps and sectional matrix ring forceps for posterior composite procedures. The forceps’ multi-function nature saves tray space, sterilization and set-up time.

The patent pending forceps tip design works with all available sectional matrix rings and rubber dam clamps. The Universal Forceps is now available separately or as part of the Composi-Tight Gold kit.

For more information, call (888) 437-0032 or visit

GC America launches Saliva-Check at ADA

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GC America introduces Saliva-Check, an examination tool to educate patients, assist in preventive treatment-planning, and use to initiate changes in patients’ oral hygiene. Saliva-Check allows screening of patients with medium and high risk factors to help plan preventive treatment strategies that will bring the saliva back into balance to maintain its vital role in protecting teeth.

With Saliva-Check, you can identify, measure, and assess possible caries risk based on saliva condition. The test allows measurements for hydration, salivary condition, resting and stimulated saliva pH, saliva buffering capacity, and stimulated saliva flow.

Once saliva problems are identified, the practitioner can recommend a course of preventive care which may include introducing supplements (fluoride, CPP-ACP, chlorhexidine), lifestyle changes (increase water intake, decrease diuretic intake - caffeine, alcohol, etc.), increase saliva stimulation (chewing gum and low-acid foods), altering oral hygiene regimen (increase brushing, and flossing methods). The complete Saliva-Check procedure takes less than 10 minutes per patient.

Saliva-Check is available with 10 single-patient kits per box. For more information, visit

QYK-SET for fast temporaries and repairs

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QYK-SET is a rapid-setting, cross-link copolymer that takes just two minutes to set with minimum shrinkage. Repairs and relines can be done in seconds, even in the presence of eugenol.

QYK-SET also can be used for assembly of implants, copings, and crowns, stops for bite registration, and for denture repair. Its rapid set and accuracy saves hours of chair time.

Dental experts say QYK-SET is one of the most remarkable products developed in recent years. It is available in shades 59, 62, 65, 69, 77, 81, and translucent, as well as in a denture repair kit.

For more imformation, call (800) 322-5577 or visit

Hu-Friedy diamond-coated scalers

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Hu-Friedy introduces DiamondTec File Scalers. The new scalers have a full 360 degrees of diamond coating for complete coverage and unbeatable scaling access.

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DiamondTec scalers are the perfect size and shape to enhance definitive scaling in furcations and root depressions. Exclusive 360-degree coverage is great for horizontal, vertical, and oblique stroke patterns. Double-ended designs allow for more efficient scaling and large diameter handles offer an ergonomic grip. DiamondTec scalers come with color Signature Series® grips for easy identification.

Two designs are available - the SDCN7 (Nabers) for furcations and root depressions, and the SDCM/D7 for mesial and distal line angles and developmental grooves.

For more information, call (800) HU-FRIEDY (483-7433).

4 Seasons® Flow now available

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Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. announces 4 Seasons Flow, a flowable, light-cured resin restorative based on the natural esthetic properties of 4 Seasons universal composite. Available in eight true color, perfectly matched A-D shades (plus bleach shade), 4 Seasons Flow is easily polished for sustained luster as a result of its fine particle chemistry. It is esthetic, translucent, and fluorescent with high radiopacity. Optimized handling properties provide controlled flowability.

4 Seasons Flow is the choice for Class V restorations, small posterior restorations, micropreparations, preventive resin restorations in premolars and molars, lining tooth restorations, repairing composite or ceramic veneers, or blocking undercuts. It also provides fluoride release for added confidence.

For more information, call (800) 533-6825 or send e-mail to [email protected].


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HUG Video announces the availability of “A DAY AT THE ZOO” on both DVD and VHS. “A DAY AT THE ZOO” features dozens of animals from around the world. See gorillas, orangutans, lemurs, and other primates in playful activity, along with tigers chasing each other over rock piles and splashing through their water pools. Lions, rhinos, hippos, bears, giraffes, sables, exotic birds, and most other animals are the stars of this video safari.

“A DAY AT THE ZOO” is sure to help patients of all ages have a more pleasant visit by providing a calming and interesting visual focus along with soothing music. Cost is $34.95, or create your own combo - choose any four titles from the HUG Video catalogue for only $99.95. Call for details.

For more information or to order, call or fax to (856) 228-6233.

MicroDental P2Z™ pressed ceramics

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MicroDental Laboratories announces the new evolution in pressed ceramics - MicroDental P2Z - Pressed to Zirconia. Combining Zirconia with the pressed beauty of CZR Press porcelain from Noritake, MicroDental P2Z preparation requirements are dramatically simplified with either a deep chamfer or shoulder prep for added convenience. The margins are 100 percent pressed, adding considerable esthetic possibilities to the finished restoration. MicroDental P2Z also is conventionally cemented with any universal or dual-cure adhesive resin cement. Exclusively fabricated by the leaders in pressed-ceramic restorations, MicroDental P2Z is indicated for single restorations and bridge spans (both anterior and posterior) up to 47 mm.

For more information, call (800) 229-0936.

DEFEND® Dynamic Mixing Tips

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Mydent International now offers DEFENDDynamic Mixing Tips, designed for use with automated impression material mixing machines. The new tips offer a high-quality, economical alternative to manufacturer-supplied tips. They are packaged in bags of 50 and are available through authorized Mydent International dental dealers.

Mydent International offersinfection-control products, disposables, impression material systems, and solutions for defensive healthcare.

For more information, call (800) 275-0020 or visit

Correct reduction - every time!

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The Occlusal Reduction Bur (ORB) is a patented, multi-layered diamond bur design that allows access to the pits and fissures from a vertical (occlusal) orientation. The bur has a unique, angled stop that limits the bur at the designated depth. A crosshatch pattern is formed on the occlusal surface that, when connected, yields a perfect inclined plane reduction. The color-coded bur is available in several incremental millimeter depths - 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0, 2.2, and 2.4 - corresponding to proper occlusal reduction for various restorative materials. The ORB takes the guesswork out of crown preparation and allows fast and precise occlusal reduction every time! The diamond burs are sold in kits or individually.

For more information, call Dr. Kometas at (386) 760-0031 or visit

Fast-setting super-cement

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New C&B-Metabond QUICK! provides almost twice the extraoral working time of the original C&B-Metabond, yet it sets in the mouth in just half the time. Its adhesive retention is identical to that of the original formula.

Described as “the adhesive of last resort,” its unique formula combines high bond strength with a resilient, polymerized film that reduces stress concentration and cracking. This allows bonding in demanding cases when other adhesives will not work, such as non-retentive preparations, direct periodontal splinting, and repairing pfm fractures. High biocompatibility allows use in deep preparations, or even as a direct pulpcap.

The material contains no amines, so it will not discolor like traditional self-cure resin cements. A kit of C&B-Metabond QUICK! costs $250. For more information, call Parkell at (800) 243-7446 or visit

ProTech Plus denture acrylic

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Dental professionals who have experienced the superior features of the amazing ProTech Plus Repair Acrylic will be delighted to know that ProTech Plus denture acrylic is now available. This new and superior denture base comes in the same popular shades as the ProTech Plus Repair Acrylic and the regular ProTech Repair Acrylic.

Three times stronger, denser, and more color-stable than ordinary denture base, ProTech Plus will outperform any competing premium brand, and do so at a lower price. Plus cures with the conventional boil or eight-hour overnight process, and requires no special finishing materials.

Call ProTech at (800) 872-8898 for details.

Powerprox Six Month Braces™ Technique

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The Powerprox Six Month Braces Technique is a fantastic procedure you can offer your patients. It can be used as a stand-alone procedure or as a way to enhance the results of your cosmetic and reconstructive cases. You will work on patients who want to be there and refer more patients to you. The Powerprox Six Month Braces Technique can be easily worked into your existing general dentistry practice. It is what dentistry is all about - improving smiles and providing for your family.

To order the book or view upcoming seminar schedules, go to

New Big Easy™ Ultralite™ designs

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Premier Dental Products Company expands its offering of Big Easy Ultralite scalers and curettes to include the Barnhart 5/6 and Jacquette 34/35. These larger, yet lightweight handles have been accepted by hygienists and dentists who prefer an ergonomic design.

The thick, sculpted, medical-grade silicone grips provide passive feedback so the practitioner can use less pressure. The high-temperature polymer handles can endure repeated autoclaving - including rapid sterilization systems - thereby ensuring a long working life. With surgical 440A stainless steel tips, Premier ensures the instruments will maintain their precision cutting edge with complete satisfaction guaranteed.

Introductory special - four plus one free. For every four you order through your dealer (metal or resin), you can receive one free through September 30.

Sharps Disposal by Mail Systems™

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Sharps Disposal by Mail Systems is now available to dental practitioners through Sullivan-Schein. The system provides dental offices a convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally safe method for disposal of needles, sharps, and other small-quantity medical waste by mail.

The system replaces costly waste removal services and includes collection, destruction, and postage. To use the system, place the small-quantity waste into the special Sharps container, seal the box, and attach a special shipping label. Each system complies with federal and state regulations regarding tracking and documentation of medical waste. The Sharps Disposal by Mail Systems are available in 1-, 2-, and 3-gallon sizes and mount on a wall for convenient access.

For more information, call (800) 372-4346 or visit

New "GARFIELD Orange" exam gloves

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He guzzles coffee, inhales pizza, makes fun of the dog, and hates Mondays. He never utters a word but is never at a loss for words. His name is GARFIELD and his cartoonish sarcasm makes us laugh, fostering a positive attitude between patients and dental professionals.

Now, SmartPractice introduces “GARFIELD Orange” gloves that are as outrageous as the feisty fat cat’s sense of humor. The single-use, powder-free latex exam gloves feature a beaded cuff, interior polymer coating for donning ease, and textured-grip fingertips. They are available in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL; 100 per box; 10 boxes/case.

For information about special introductory pricing, call (800) 522-0800.

Suction cups provide strong retention

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Orange County Cosmetic Dental Laboratory introduces the Suction-Cup Denture that provides a solution for patients with a flat ridge. The Suction-Cup Denture works through a series of strong but comfortable suction cups. The denture is stable and comfortable with an esthetically pleasing look, and needs no adhesives or pastes. Any existing acrylic denture can be converted into a Suction-Cup Denture. The price per arch is $265. A full line of cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing products also are available.

For more information, call (800) 696-7165.

Veneer Styx assures successful results

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Veneer Styx by Cosmetic Innovations, Inc. are easy to use and ideal for positioning and cementation of porcelain veneers. Only Veneer Styx can assure predictable results while enhancing the dentist’s vision during veneer placement. The tip design maintains clear visibility and accessibility, allowing easy access for light-curing and flossing.

The Veneer Styx handle is autoclavable, and the disposable tips are made of a semi-soft, flexible, and slightly tacky material that is ideal for positioning and holding veneers. Each tip has an internal hex, allowing rotation for anterior and posterior, maxillary, and mandibular teeth. Its slender design is contoured for cervical and incisal widths, and follows the convex nature of the veneer.

For more information, call 877-3-VENEER (383-6337) or visit

(877) 383-6337 ..............................Circle 159

New Trollbyte™ and Trollbag™

Trollbyte simplifies intraoral digital sensor positioning. Instead of a series of components that have to be assembled, Trollbyte comes in three different pre-assembled formats, which collectively cater to all types of radiographs - apical molar region, horizontal bitewing, vertical bitewing/apical front.

Trollbyte fits Suni, Schick, Visualux, Cygnus, and other sensors, and can be autoclaved. A Trollbyte starter kit is available from TrollDental at $40. Call (800) 537-8765 for more information.

Intraoral digital X-ray sensors should never be used without some form of protective sheath. Trollbag has been engineered by TrollDental with efficiency and patient comfort in mind. They are made of a special non-latex elastic material that is soft and tasteless. Easy to apply and remove, Trollbag is safe, strong, and hygienic.

Trollbag is available in standard size ($65 per box of 500) and XL size ($69 per box of 500). For free samples, call (800) 537-8765.

(800) 537-8765 ..............................Circle 160

Vista introduces universal composite line

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Vista Dental Products introduces ENDURANCE and ENDURANCE Flow composite lines for restorative dentistry. Both are available in a number of VITA® shades. Endurance is a micro-hybrid, anterior/posterior composite containing 0.5 µ glass filler and is available in syringe and unit-dose delivery. Endurance Flow has a filler size range of 0.5 µ to 1.0 µ hybrid glass, available in syringe delivery. The small particle size of both systems leads to outstanding polishability without any compromise to the physical properties or long-term color stability.

Endurance and Endurance Flow are available in varying degrees of opacity and contain fluorescence which reflects visible light when exposed to UV light, both of which result in natural-looking restorations. The materials will be available at the ADA meeting in September.

For more information, call (877) 418-4782 or visit

New ADA code for oral cancer screening

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Zila, Inc. announces that the Code Revision Committee of the ADA has approved a new dental reimbursement code for oral cancer screening products. Zila’s ViziLite product provided the pathway for the new code, and Zila anticipates that OraTest will also satisfy the code requirements once FDA clearance is obtained.

ViziLite’s recent clinical efficacy data was cited as a factor in the Committee’s decision. Zila envisions ViziLite and OraTest to be synergistic products that provide a means for all adults to benefit from improved identification of oral pre-cancers and early cancers, and possibly prevent the disease through early intervention.

For more information about Zila, visit

New ergonomic NiTi spreaders

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Hu-Friedy, the world’s leading manufacturer of hand-held dental instruments, has added new ergonomic NiTi Spreaders to its endodontic instrument line.

Nickel Titanium points provide these spreaders with extra flexibility and memory, while the ergonomic, ISO color-coded handle allows for maximum comfort and control. The NiTi Spreaders can be used in the most difficult canals without causing permanent damage to the instrument. Hu-Friedy offers nine different designs and sizes for use in nearly all procedures.

For more information, call (800) HU-FRIEDY (483-7433).

Zirc restorative organizer

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Zirc Company introduces the solution to cluttered set-ups. The Zirc restorative organizer gets rid of the confusion and gets your restorative materials in place. It contains compartments shaped like the arch of the mouth for veneers, inlays, onlays, and composites. It also has an accessory area for brushes and matrix tape in addition to disposable mixing wells for bonding agents, cements, etc. The light-protective cover can be used as a light shield to prevent materials from setting early. The base is autoclavable. The unit comes with a 144 pack of disposable mixing wells.

For more information, call (800) 328-3899 or visit

Optra® Accessories by Ivoclar Vivadent

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Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc., introduces Optra Accessories, a specially designed line of contact point instruments, selectively thinned matrix bands, composite sculpting and modeling instruments, and lip and cheek retractors. Optra Accessories facilitate precise composite placement, creation of properly contoured contacts, and quick and easy access to the working area.

OptraGate® provides latex-free, single-patient retraction of lips and cheeks during a variety of dental applications, offering increased visibility and accessibility to a much larger working space. With high flexibility and elasticity in all directions while simultaneously enabling the patient to fully occlude, OptraGate is ideal for use in a broad range of procedures, promotes quick and easy placement, and is available in both small and medium sizes.

OptraSculpt® composite sculpting and modeling instruments enhance the ability to easily place and manipulate all composite materials and restore dental morphology. Consisting of two instruments and six differently shaped disposable tips made from an elastomer material that reduces stickiness. Handles are autoclavable for multiple uses and can be used with any combination of the customizable tips for personalized techniques. OptraSculpt produces smoother surfaces for enhanced polishability.

OptraMatrix® matrix bands selectively thinned to just 10 mm at the appropriate contact areas, also assist for precise, anatomically shaped contact points in direct, multi-surface Class II restorations, while eliminating the need for forceful separation of the teeth. With an opposing window framed for stability of movement through contacts on uninvolved surfaces, OptraMatrix enables easy application of composite when using any conventional Tofflemire retainer.

OptraContact® instruments feature patented bifurcated ends that assist in achieving tight and properly contoured proximal contacts during the placement of Class II composite restorations. OptraContact creates a stabilizing composite bridge with the application and initial curing of the first increment of composite, facilitates targeted positioning and shaping of the final restoration, and enables improved marginal adaptation.

For more information, call (800) 533-6825 or send e-mail to [email protected].

New diamond wheels in three shapes

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DollarDiamonds.Net presents new single-patient wheels. They’re the workhorse you’ve been wanting, and they eliminate your assistant’s time spent cleaning, autoclaving, cataloging, and tracking the expensive burs you’re currently using.

DollarDiamonds.Net’s unique patentable process of affixing the diamond to the mandrel delivers a fine cutting instrument. Each stainless steel mandrel is designed and produced to match, with Rockwell hardness, each bur size and shape to allow you the ultimate in cutting efficiency.

The new diamond wheel burs are available in both coarse and medium grit, and come with a 100 percent guarantee. To order or to get a free sample and DDN’s newest catalog, call (866) 666-0261.

Diamond-coated Piezon® Perio instruments

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The new EMS diamond-coated Piezon Perio instruments allow thorough root cleaning during periodontal surgery. They also can be used to remove restoration overhangs and for recontouring narrow furcations (odontoplasty) to facilitate patients’ oral hygiene efforts.

Instrument HPL3 (70 µm diameter) is used for periodontal debridement and odontoplasty. DPL3 (15 µm grain diameter) is used for root smoothing and polishing.

Tips fit all existing EMS Piezon ultrasonic units and come with its own CombiTorque® - a combination of torque wrench and tip holder (also for sterilization).

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New Unidose package!

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Advantage Dental Products announces that Hemaseal & Cide desensitizer is now available in Unidose package for convenience and ease of use. Evaluated as the best desensitizer by some of the world’s top evaluation groups and by leading clinicians, Hemaseal & Cide has a patented formula of 4% chlorhexidine, hema, and water. Tests show this formula to be effective in eliminating sensitivity, maintaining bond strength, and increasing bond strengths with self-etch products. Hemaseal & Cide is used under all bonding and cementation procedures.

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