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Materials Product News

May 1, 2003

SS White revolutionizes conservative preps

SmartPrep™ is a patented, self-limiting technology for conservative cavity preparation that maximizes the preservation of healthy tooth structure. Made of a malleable polymer material, the self-limiting SmartPrep rotary instrument gently brushes away decay without disturbing healthy dentin.

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Unlike carbide burs, SmartPrep's tiny "paddles" become rounded when they hit hard, healthy dentin. As a result, very few dentin tubules are exposed, minimizing communications with nerve endings in the pulp chamber. The need for local anesthesia is reduced. SmartPrep also minimizes the risk of inadvertent pulp exposure, which could lead to endodontic treatment, and is designed to reduce postoperative sensitivity. SmartPrep is designed for adults and children and for treating deep as well as shallow lesions.

For more information, contact SS White at (877) 752-2663 or visit

GC America announces GRADIA DIRECT

GC America is proud to announce the launch of direct composite system, GRADIA DIRECT. GC GRADIA DIRECT is a micro-filled hybrid composite used for esthetic restorations. By offering different shades and opacities with tooth-like opalescence and fluorescence, GRADIA DIRECT is designed to provide an appearance similar to the natural tooth.

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GRADIA DIRECT has a unique shade system consisting of standard, outside special, and inside special shades for a total of 26 shades (20 Anterior and six Posterior). GRADIA DIRECT is available in anterior and posterior formulations.

GRADIA DIRECT is available in pre-dosed unitips and in syringes, as a refill or in the attractive introductory kit containing shades A2, A3, A3.5, A03, CV, NT, P-A2, and a shade guide. A complete kit is also available, containing 106 unitips — three to five unitips of each shade.

GC GRADIA DIRECT, together with UniFil Flow and UniFil Bond, is the complete composite system. For more information, visit

Carl Zeiss GF series loupes

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Carl Zeiss introduces the Vision GF, a complete line of Galilean flip-up loupes and truly a new wave in vision from the innovator in optics. Available on frames of various sizes and colors, these loupes feature the quality of Zeiss optics you've come to expect from Zeiss Prism Loupes in magnifications of 2.5x, 3.0x, and 3.5x at a surprisingly affordable price. Working distances are available to suit all ergonomic situations and clinical applications. Ideal for the entire dental team — the assistant, hygienist, and dentist. Plus, for a limited time, reference Savings Code PR0403 and receive $100 off every loupe you buy!

For more information call (888) 773-2790, email to [email protected], or visit

RelyX™ Unicem now available in Maxicap™

Originally introduced by 3M ESPE last year in the unidose Aplicap™ delivery system, RelyX™ Unicem Self-Adhesive Universal Resin Cement now also is available in the Maxicap™ capsule delivery system. As convenient and easy to use as the Aplicap delivery system, which is specifically designed for single-unit restorations, the Maxicap provides more material and a longer working time, extending the applications.

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RelyX Unicem in the Maxicap offers a working time of two minutes, 30 seconds, as opposed to two minutes with the Aplicap delivery system. The Maxicap requires a self-cure set time of six minutes – one minute longer than the Aplicap delivery system. The increased quantity and longer working time make the Maxicap system ideal for multiple-unit restorations as well as single-unit restorations where a longer working time is preferred. All other features and material properties, including A1, A2 universal, translucent, A3 opaque, and white opaque shade offerings are identical, regardless of which delivery system is utilized.

For more information, visit or call (800) 634-2249.

BisCover™ brush-on liquid polish

Bisco, Inc. introduces BisCover™ liquid polish, a truly unique product that encompasses new polymer technology. BisCover gives a high-luster finish to all composite restorations, provisional bis-acryl restorations, and processed acrylic appliances. BisCover is brushed on and light-cured to a hard, smooth, polished surface without any sticky air-inhibited layer. This allows intra- and extraoral use without the unpleasant odors of glazes containing MMA solvent. The use of the viscosity modifier allows BisCover to be thinned for covering large restorations or acrylic appliances. BisCover reduces or eliminates messy, costly, and time-consuming polishing steps.

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The BisCover Liquid Polishing Kit contains a 5 ml bottle of liquid polish, 5 ml bottle of viscosity modifier, accessories, and instructions/MSDS. BisCover is also available in a 1 ml syringe with disposable needle-brush tips. This delivery system allows BisCover to be dispensed and applied directly without using mixing wells or a separate applicator.

For more information, call (800) 247-3368 or visit

New PureForm™ ceramic components

Centerpulse Dental Inc. introduces PureForm™ ceramic components designed for cemented restorations. The new components closely resemble the shapes and shade of natural teeth, providing esthetic outcomes for dental implant patients and less preparation time and cost for the dental laboratory.

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PureForm components are comprised of a new ceramic material — a blend of aluminum oxide and xirconia — that is stronger than pure alumina products and easier to prepare than pure zirconia products. Shading of the ceramic is done in the manufacturing process, resulting in consistent color close to that of natural teeth.

These "nearly natural" shapes save time for the technician. The ceramic coping serves as the foundation for the porcelain to create the final restoration. No additional ceramic crown or wax-up is necessary.

To find out more about Centerpulse Dental's products, practice-building programs, and continuing education, call (800) 854-7019 or visit

Clearly AFFINITY — clear matrix material

Accuracy, efficiency, and esthetics — you need all three for successful temporaries. And you can have all three when you choose a light-cured flowable composite and a clear silicone matrix material — Clearly AFFINITY — to create your temporary veneers.

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Clearly AFFINITY is a water-clear silicone matrix material unlike any other. It is easy to place, and extremely accurate because it flows into the embrasure areas, preventing the formation of flash. And, you can light-cure right through it! Because Clearly AFFINITY is see-through, you can place the matrix filled with the provisional material intraorally with precision.

Toss your vacuum splints and alginate impressions, the choice is clear for esthetic temporaries!

For more information or to buy direct, call CLINICIAN'S CHOICE at (800) 265-3444.

CONTOURS™ help build anatomy

Build anatomy into your composite restoration quickly with long-lasting CONTOURS™. We've made these new coarse polishers available in the same shapes made popular by REALITY's five-star-rated D-FINE polishers for hybrid composites, so there's a CONTOURS shape suited to every anterior or posterior restoration you undertake.

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CONTOURS stand out from the crowd of other polishers in several ways. First, they cut composite faster than other polishers. Second, they will outlast other polishers, guaranteed. You'd typically have to discard other polishers after a single use, but you can sterilize and re-use CONTOURS again and again — with no reduction in performance!

To buy direct or for more information, call (800) 265-3444.

AIT Dental Sonic Plakaway Plus

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The only sonic rechargeable oral care system, the Dental Sonic Plakaway Plus integrates the special needs of dental implant, bridge, and orthodontia patients. It combines effective brushing, interdental cleaning, and tongue care in one complete system. The Plakaway Plus has patented tips that clean interdentally at 30,000 strokes per minute. The system includes two brush heads, two tongue scrapers, two adapters, 12 Proxi-Tips®, and 12 Perio-Brushes™. For more information, please call (800) 876-4620.

DENTSPLY Trubyte: Occusal Options

Do you recognize these occlusal schemes — Bilateral Balanced, Lingualized, and Monoplane occlusion? These concepts are not new, but when do you use each approach? Why is it an advantage to select from a broad range of mold shapes, esthetics, and occlusion forms? Confusion on these topics is rampant! That's why Trubyte has simplified this process in a new brochure. Technical definition is provided on these three distinct occlusal options.

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Specific step-by-step instruction is provided for proper and consistent lingualized set-ups. It also distinguishes the benefits for each of the seven different Trubyte IPN posterior lines of denture teeth. Illustrations and set-up suggestions are provided for Portrait 40° EuroLine, IPN 33°, IPN PT 30°, IPN/SLM 22°, IPN 20°, IPN 10°/IPN Anatoline, and Portrait IPN 0°/IPN Monoline posteriors.

For a free copy, call (800) 786-0085 or visit

CygnaScope Micro receives new features

Rated for its excellent image quality two years in a row, the CygnaScope Micro, along with the new Micro Plus, is the only intraoral camera to receive a 2003 five-star rating from REALITY. With a lightweight, ergonomic design, unique Multi-Op connector, and crystal-clear images, the CygnaScope units earned their high ratings.

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Capture and focus buttons conveniently located on the camera handpiece make one-handed operation simple and efficient. Designed with multi-operatory use in mind, these portable cameras weigh just 27 ounces and utilize a compact and economical multi-connector module that eliminates space-eating docking stations. The new Micro Plus also provides onboard capture capability of up to four images, and is ideal for use with televisions.

For more information, call (888) 924-3800 or visit,, or

Commit¿ ¿ to stop smoking

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GlaxoSmithKline, the marketers of Nicorette® gum and NicoDerm® CQ® patch, has introduced the first and only nicotine lozenge. The Commit lozenge, available in 2 and 4 mg doses, has been shown to be effective in helping people quit smoking, including smokers who have tried quitting before. Its groundbreaking new dosage-selection tool, Time To First Cigarette (TTFC), enables smokers to get the right strength of nicotine based on how quickly they need to smoke after waking. Commit lozenge provides an alternative to smokers who prefer an oral dosage form, but do not want to chew gum. For more information, visit,,, or call (800) 652-5625.

Longer shelf life and greater stability

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Power-light bleaching has never been more precise, effective, and lasting. Rembrandt One-Hour whitening has built upon its unique technology with Rembrandt Lightning Plus, the newest power-light bleaching gel and the only power-bleaching procedure that whitens teeth up to 10 shades in less than one hour with little or no sensitivity. The Rembrandt Sapphire light used with Lightning Plus gel can bleach all teeth at once or one tooth at a time, concentrating on problem teeth. This flexibility provides the most natural, uniformly white teeth available today. The results last — no need for a return visit.

The two-patient kit featuring a dual-barrel syringe provides on-the-spot mixing, easy gel placement, and a longer, 18-month shelf life.

For more information, call (800) 433-6628 or visit

Top-quality diamond burs, of Scottsdale, Ariz., is introducing the ultimate in diamond bur technology with more than 80 sizes and shapes available.

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Included in the array of sizes and shapes, DollarDiamonds .net also offers grits in coarse, medium, fine, super fine, and extra coarse. Not only does DollarDiamonds .net carry a complete roster of diamond burs, but also offers a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

For your free catalog, call toll-free (866) 666-0261.

Relieve sensitivity with a fresh taste!

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Sensodyne announces the availability of Fresh Impact. Fresh Impact fills an important void in the dentifrice category. With its great new taste and dual paste/gel-striped delivery, it provides maximum pain protection for sensitive teeth while keeping breath fresh for hours. No other toothpaste for sensitive teeth provides these benefits. This combination takes toothpastes for sensitive teeth to a whole new level.

For product information and samples, call (800) 652-5625.

Edge-Ease comfort cushions

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Invented by a dental hygienist, Edge-Ease X-ray comfort cushions can be applied to film packets and digital sensors to provide an extremely comfortable edge for radiographic procedures. They are simple to apply and adhere to the packet or sensor surface, eliminating any chance of accidental aspiration. Edge-Ease allows for easier film placement, protects soft tissue from film packet or sensor abrasion, increases patient comfort, and reduces the number of retakes. Since it eliminates discomfort, patients will bite harder on the film holder, which pushes the film more periapically — providing better diagnostic radiographs.

Edge-Ease is available in two sizes — Edge-Ease blue fits the long edge of size 2 film and digital sensors; Edge-Ease white fits the short edge of size 2 film and digital sensors. Edge-Ease is available through most major dental supply companies. For a free sample, call (800) 648-9729.

New dental dam material resists tearing

Coltène/Whaledent Inc. introduces the Hygienic Flexidam nonlatex dental dam. It has an elastic elongation that is nine times its original length. This high level of elasticity means an extreme resistance to tearing and punctures from bur and instrument contact.

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The high elasticity assures the clinician of a tight fit around the preparation for moisture control and effective isolation. In fact, a smaller punch hole than is used with latex dam is recommended for an exceptionally tight fit. In addition, Hygienic Flexidam can be used on sensitive patients without fear of a latex reaction. It is powder-free, odorless, and available in a 6" x 6" nonreflective violet color.

For more information, call your dealer, or Coltène/Whaledent at (800) 221-3046 ext. 8198, or visit

GC America announces FUJI ROCK EP

GC America introduces an extended color line for its type IV dental stone, FUJI ROCK EP. FUJI ROCK EP is a synthetic die and model material. It is the ultimate stone for producing fine and smooth dies, as well as working and study models.

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The four new colors are Topaz Beige, Royal Blue, Platinum Gray, and Ebony Black. FUJIROCK EP features a longer pour time and a faster set time. It resists chipping, exhibits high compressive strength with lower expansion, and yields a hard, glossy surface. Features include greater wear resistance, high accuracy, high early strength allowing earlier removal, and smoother pouring characteristics for precise detail reproduction without dimensional change. It uses less water to mix, producing outstanding strength and excellent physical properties resulting in fewer remakes.

For more information, visit

BlueLine™ teeth by Ivoclar Vivadent

In response to long-standing demands from dental professionals for a tooth line that incorporates specific criteria for esthetics, occlusal schemes, and material characteristics, Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. introduces the BlueLine™. It represents an innovative line of denture teeth that combines the most desirable features into one comprehensive system.

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Specifically, BlueLine features advanced layering techniques that enable the teeth to replicate the depth, reflection, and beauty of natural teeth. Light is properly reflected, and esthetics are enhanced with more translucent incisal layers. Additionally, BlueLine is available in all 16 color-perfect A-D shades, in addition to two new bleach shades (010 and 030), to accommodate diverse color-matching for all patients. BlueLine teeth are fabricated from a special double cross-linked acrylic that resists wear, chipping, cracking, and staining. This helps maintain the prescribed vertical dimension.

For more information, call (800) 533-6825, or send e-mail to [email protected].

Unique latch system makes it easy

Advanced Dental Systems introduces a latch system for HVE tips and saliva ejectors. These products make it easy to insert the saliva ejector or HVE tip into its holder. The black plastic adapters simply plug into your present equipment — nothing needs to be removed. Insert the black adapters into the holders, and leave them there permanently.

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To insert your disposable tips, press a small lever on the side of the adapter, insert the plastic tip, and release the lever. The tip will not come out until the lever is pressed again. Removal is just as easy — simply press the lever to release. No tugging needed!

For more information, e-mail to [email protected].

Breakthrough in managing oral pain

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The John O. Butler Company now distributes Gelclair™, a bioadherent gel for the management and relief of oral pain. A concentrated lubricating gel available by prescription, Gelclair provides immediate and long-lasting pain relief from a variety of oral lesions and ulcers, as well as post-surgical irritations, abrasions, soft-tissue trauma, and chemotherapy-related mucositis. By minimizing oral pain, positive patient response increases, recovery times may be reduced, and clinical results improved.

Unlike alternative temporary relief options, alcohol-free Gelclair adheres to the oral mucosa to create a film barrier without numbing, stinging, or drying effects. For additional details, call (800) JBUTLER (528-8537) or visit