Materials Product News

Jan. 1, 2001
Bisco, Inc. introduces MICRONEW the first product in a new category of dental composites and reinforced microfills.
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Bisco, Inc. introduces MICRONEWTM, the first product in a new category of dental composites and reinforced microfills. Like conventional microfilled composites, MICRONEWTM contains predominately sub-micron filler particles and an average particle size of 50 nm to give it superior polishability. However, polishability does not come at the expense of strength. MICRONEWTM also contains a small percentage of larger particles to give it strength and durability not previously seen in a microfill composite.MICRONEW'sTM strength and polishability make it an excellent choice when used by itself or as a top layer with Bisco's hybrid composite RENEW®. MICRONEWTM is available in incisal, body translucent, and body opaque shades that correspond with the VITA® shade guide.

For additional information, contact Bisco, Inc.

(847) 534-6071

Naturals for Sensitive Teeth

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Rembrandt Oral Care Products introduces Rembrandt Vanilla Mint and Chamomile Naturals for Sensitive Teeth. Rembrandt Naturals for Sensitive Teeth contains a comforting vanilla mint and chamomile formula to help relieve pain that is caused by sensitivity and it defends against recurring pain.

One in four Americans suffer from sensitivity to cold, heat, acids, sweet or sour foods. In most cases, sensitivity is caused by open tubules often associated with even the slightest gumline erosion.

Rembrandt Naturals Toothpastes are available in three other botanical ingredient combinations and fresh, clean flavors. The Invigorating formula contains stimulating raspberry leaf and refreshing mint with antioxidant ginkgo. The "Freshening" formula contains stain-dissolving papaya and revitalizing ginseng with antiseptic lemon balm. The "Soothing" formula contains aloe vera, echinacea, believed to boost resistance, and goldenseal, believed to support the immune system.

The Naturals toothpastes are available in a 4.5 oz. tube and can be found at food, drug, and discount stores nationwide. Consumers also may order from

For more information, visit Rembrandt Oral Care Products at

(800) 548-3663

APF Gel: Blueberry Blast

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Biotrol International introduces its newest Perfect Choice® APF Gel flavor: Blueberry Blast.

The Perfect Choice® APF Gels are formulated for rapid uptake in the prevention of dental caries without acidic aftertaste. Other flavors are: Creamy Marshmallow, Juicy Grape, Peppermint Stick, Pink Bubble Gum, Strawberry Delight, Vanilla Orange, Way-Out Watermelon, Strawberry Kiwi, Lemon Lime, Cherry Cheesecake, and Chocolate Vanilla.

For more information, visit Biotrol International at

(800) 822-8550

Orange Solvent Wipes

HAGER Worldwide introduces Orange Solvent Wipes in a handy and effective towelette/wipe form.

It is said to be the only dental wipe that removes impression materials, zinc oxide-eugenol, label gum, etc., from instruments, surfaces, and human hands. The solvent is ideal for stainless-steel surfaces - it cleans and shines.

The wipes contain all natural, nontoxic ingredients; always ready to use and hygienically sealed to stay moist; rinses off easily with water; and has a fresh orange scent.

For more information or to place an order, call your preferred dental dealer or visit HAGER Worldwide at

(800) 328-2335

Select 7.00 practice-management system

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EagleSoft releases Select 7.00, a practice-management system. Select automates and manages many important, daily office tasks for the dental front-office staff. A Windows®-based program, Select makes scheduling, recalls, and reporting easy, sends electronic claims and statements, and can help create a marketing plan and analyze productivity.

New features include lab tracking, prescription writing, and the ability to record medical-history information. It also includes improvements for day-to-day operations in transaction and insurance-claim processing, appointment scheduling, treatment planning, and printing billing statements.

Rx Writer is a fully automatic prescription writer that allows the user to create, process, and print prescriptions for patients.

The medical history feature enhances an office's ability to store patient information. From this window, users can view, print, and modify vital health-history information about patients.

Lab Tracking provides an easy way to maintain and monitor patient lab work. Users will be able to view, edit, and print lab cases and detailed reports.

Other features include detailed treatment-plan presentations, e-business enhancements for Envoy clients, and more customization possibilities in OnSchedule.

Select 7.00 integrates seamlessly with ChairSide, EagleSoft's advanced clinical software and digital-imaging solution.

For more information or a personal demonstration, contact an EagleSoft representative, or visit

(800) 294-8504

Degudent® SF white-ceramic alloy

Degussa-New introduces Degudent® SF, a tarnish and corrosion-resistant alloy suitable for single crowns, bridges (of any length), and milled restorations. The white-ceramic alloy has a unique formulation - the high gold, low palladium content alloy is less expensive than typical gold/palladium alloys.

Its high melting range provides for greater stability at porcelain-firing temperatures and is designed for high strength levels. Degudent® SF is compatible with Duceram® Plus, SymbioTM Ceram, Ceramco II®, and other popular porcelain products.

For more information, contact a Degussa-Ney representative or visit

(800) 243-1942

Crystal Clear? Marketing System

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Keller Laboratories, Inc. introduces the Crystal Clear® Marketing System to help dentists increase patient satisfaction and grow their practice with Crystal Clear® premium bite splints. The system was developed in response to doctors' requests for help in alerting patients to the dangers of bruxing and clenching, and educating them about the treatment.

The marketing system contains all the necessary tools for the doctor and his team to effectively market Crystal Clear® splints. The Patient Brochures, for the reception area, are designed to prompt patients to ask about bite splints. The In-Operatory Patient Education Worksheets are a chairside tool that illustrate the effects of bruxing and clenching with simple visuals. Samples of the Crystal Clear® and Crystal Clear® Soft splints are included to show patients. The bitesplints are prescribed by dentists and are custom-made to fit snuggly over the patient's teeth. The system also contains prescription forms, case boxes, and shipping labels for the convenience of the doctor's office.

For more information, contact Kelly Laboratories Inc. at (314) 919-4000.

(800) 325-3056

Hand puppet teaching aid

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HAGER Worldwide introduces Putzi Pets, available in tiger, lion, cow, and dog configurations. Patients of all ages like these cuddly, plush teaching aids. They help reduce anxiety and foster a relaxed atmosphere, while aiding in the instruction of hygiene. The hand puppets are a perfect consultation tool when explaining dental procedures. The fully flossible, life-size upper and lower teeth create a teaching environment that is funny, effective, and memorable. They also provide entertainment for the patient.

For additional information or to place an order, call your preferred dealer or HAGER Worldwide or visit

(800) 328-2335

Product Showcase Brochure available

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Heraeus Kulzer announces the availability of its first "Product Showcase" brochure - an excellent guide for future reference. The 22-page, full-color brochure highlights 16 brands.

Of particular interest is the chart inside the back cover. Readers will find a helpful list of the various shades and product sizes and types.

A "Product Showcase" brochure may be ordered by faxing a written request, complete with name, mailing address, and phone number to (219) 299-6616. Please allow two to three weeks for fulfillment of the request.

(219) 299-6616

Colored filing folders

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The Dental Record now has colored folders available for more accurate, efficient filing of patient records. Offices that implement the easy-to-use, colored-folder system not only reduce the possibility of misfiling records, they also save time and improve office efficiency.

Customers can choose from 10 colors to either create their own tailored system for categorizing patient files or implement a more formal, fully color-coded system. The colored folders also are useful in distinguishing multiple doctors' patients within a practice, or children's files from adults. They can even be used to coordinate with the office decor.

The folders may be purchased separately in packs of 250 folders (25 of each color) or in individual color packs of 25.

For additional information or to place an order, call The Dental Record Inc. or visit

(800) 243-4675

Disposable Insti-Dam

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Zirc Company introduces the disposable Insti-Dam. Advantages include a built-in flexible frame, with a pre-punched hole. It is made with translucent natural latex that is very stretchable, tear-resistant, and provides easy visibility. The compact design fits outside patients lips, is nonthreatening, and comfortable for patients. Radiographs may be taken without removing the Insti-Dam, by pushing the Insti-Dam to the side.

For additional information, contact Zirc Company at (763) 682-6636 or visit

(800) 328-3899

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Biotrol International introduces ArcBriteTM, an in-office lightening product. The required time to complete this chairside application has been reduced by eliminating some of the time-consuming steps commonly associated with other lightening systems.Pre-mixed, pre-measured, and pre-loaded syringes in the ArcBriteTM system eliminate difficulties often associated with powder/liquid systems.

The application process is easy and permits the dental clinician to deliver both materials directly from the kit to the patient's dentition - it's that simple!

For more information, contact Biotrol International.

(800) 822-8550

Preserve toothbrush for kids

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Recycline toothbrushes are made of 100 percent recycled plastic. The Preserve Jr. is a Preserve toothbrush for kids. It features a curved and pea-pod-shaped handle that is designed to help children's smaller hands brush comfortably and effectively. Kids also find the pea-pod-shaped handle fun to hold on to.

The bristles are made from virgin nylon, are end-rounded, and are extra soft to be gentle on teeth and gums - all firmness options are softer than other brushes. The handles also come in a variety of colors.

For additional information, contact Recycline.

(617) 776-8401

Razzberry flavor topical anesthetic

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Sultan Dental Products has added Razzberry flavor topical anesthetic to the expanding Topex® family. The new Razzberry flavor's quick onset delivers maximum strength 20 percent Benzocaine for fast, temporary relief of pain. Topex® Razzberry has no bitter aftertaste - so it stays active without being washed away from excess salivation.

Razzberry Topex® Topical Anesthetic is available with a free offer - buy any five Topex® Topical Anesthetics, get one free!

For more information on Razzberry or any of the Sultan Dental products, visit Sultan Dental at

(800) 238-6739


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Roydent Dental Products adds the Ketten-bach "Plug & Press" Dispensing System to its product line. The system offers polyvinyl siloxane impression materials in a newly developed foil-bag system. It also offers a heavy-bodied material, a monophase material, and a unique alginate-substitute material.

The Kettenbach "Plug & Press" system is easier, cleaner, and sets faster than other systems.

For more information, contact Roydent Dental Products or your local dealer.

(800) 992-7767

Nexus2 resin luting cement

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Nexus2, from SDS/Kerr, offers tremendous flexibility with its five shades, high and low viscosities, and a dual-cure option.

This resin luting cement is the result of more than two years of top clinician input, and is indicated for all indirect situations, including posts, PFM crowns and bridges, and veneers, and inlays/onlays. The new Clear shade is among the most translucent of any resin cement available today - said to be perfect for today's cosmetic needs.

To experience the difference, contact your authorized Kerr dealer.

(800) KERR-123

3.3x Prismatic Telescope

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Providing practitioners with an easy transition to higher magnification, Orascoptic introduces a 3.3x prismatic magnifying telescope into its line of high quality magnification products.

This Through-The-Lens (TTL) model combines the lightweight comfort and wider views of lower magnification with the improved detail and higher resolution of prismatic telescopes. The 3.3x is ideal for users of lower magnification who wish to step up to a higher level of magnification. The patent-pending optical design allows fine-tuning of the working distance at the operating site. Durable titanium frames come in several different sizes and are available in gold, silver, black, and slate.

For more information, contact Orascoptic Research, 5225 Verona Road, Bldg. 3, Madison, WI 53711; or call (800) 369-3698

(608) 278-0111

36" x 36"

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DenLine Uniforms offers a reusable patient cover that protects clothing from accidental spills and stains during treatment. The fluid and stain-resistant fabric repels blood, bleach, prophy paste, Astringedent®, and most other liquids. The textured fabric does not slide around during treatment, it breathes for patient comfort, and the Ceil Blue color facilitates color-matching.

The patient cover is made of a durable fabric that can be autoclaved or washed in hot water.

For more information or to place an order, contact DenLine Uniforms, Quincy, Illinois, at (800) 336-5463 or (217) 228-9272.

Ask for Introductory Offer #DL-200-PW.

(800) 336-5463

NEVI scalers with Satin Steel handle

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Tradition and quality - right in the palm of your hand! In honor of master craftsman, Neville Hammond, a 34+ year employee of Hu-Friedy, two new scalers now are available: the NEVI set of instruments.

The SCNEVI1 has a curved sickle paired with an elongated disk end - perfect for anterior lingual stain and calculus removal. The SCNEVI2 is designated for posterior use and features a super-thin curved sickle scaler. Its unique contra-angle design is great for interproximal reach and ergonomic hand positioning. Both instruments are available in the Satin Steel handle.

For additional information, contact Hu-Friedy or an authorized dealer representative.


Zilactin® #1 OTC treatment

A survey of 65,000 pharmacists nationwide indicates Zilactin® nonprescription medicated gel as the #1 U.S. pharmacist-recommended over-the-counter (OTC) treatment for both cold sores and canker sores. The survey was conducted by Pharmacy Times Magazine, which performs an annual survey to determine what OTC products pharmacists are recommending for treating various conditions, including cold sores and canker sores.

Cold sores are liquid-filled blisters that erupt around the lips and sometimes under the nose or around the chin. Roughly 58 percent of the U.S. population is affected by these sores, and 24 percent, or 65 million people, suffer from recurrent sores. Canker sores are small, but very painful, occurring inside the mouth. A quarter of the population experiences canker sores.

Zilactin is marketed by Zila Pharmaceuticals.

(602) 266-6700

ExaFAST NDS 75ml

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GC America introduces ExaFAST NDS 75ml introductory package with two dispensers - 75ml and 48ml. This is said to be the perfect way to try ExaFAST, the fast-setting version of Examix - the line known for its superior handling, accuracy, and consistency.

Cartridges of both 75ml Heavy Body and 48ml Injection are included, along with appropriate mixing and intraoral tips.

For more details, contact GC America, Inc.

(800) 323-7063

Dental Carbide Burs

Miltex Instrument Company introduces improved packaging and product selection on Dental Carbide Burs. Miltex will offer Carbide Burs in transparent, blister packs of 10. The new transparent packaging allows for easier bur identification and storage. Clinic Packs of 100 burs of the most popular styles will be available now at a discounted price.

For additional information, contact Miltex customer service or visit

(800) 645-8000

Desensitizer patient brochures

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To encourage patients to ask about a simple, painless procedure that eliminates tooth sensitivity, Gluma® Desensitizer patient brochures are available now, free of charge, from Heraeus Kulzer. This attractive brochure provides patients with information about how their dentist easily can eliminate tooth sensitivity caused by enamel erosion and prevent sensitivity from fillings, inlays, or crowns. The brochure uses specially designed artwork to demonstrate how Gluma® Desensitizer sets up multiple walls in dentinal tubules to a depth of 200 microns to block the flow of fluid that causes sensitivity.

Packs of 50 brochures may be ordered by faxing a written request, complete with name, mailing address, and phone number to (219) 299-6616. Allow two to three weeks for fulfillment of the request.

(800) 343-5336

Fashion frame colors

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Orascoptic announces the addition of two new fashion-frame colors - black and slate - to its line of magnifying telescopes. The new frame finishes complement the standard gold and silver offerings. All Orascoptic telescope frames are constructed of titanium for comfort and durability and are available in four different sizes.

For more information, contact Orascoptic Research, 5225 Verona Road, Bldg. 3, Madison, WI 53711, or call (800) 369-3698.

(608) 278-0111

Summit Investment is versatile

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Jelenko Dental Health Products introduces Summit Investment. Summit is a multi-purpose investment offering traditional and rapid-burnout capabilities. The versatile investment can be used for all alloy types of crown and bridge, partial-denture frameworks, implants, precision attachments, and even pressable ceramics.

Summit provides cost savings by eliminating the need to stock several different investment products in your laboratory.

Summit produces smoother, denser castings. Its superior properties allow for ease in devesting. Accurate fits can be achieved with centrifugal and induction casting machines. When used as a partial-denture investment, there is total compatibility with hydrocolloid and silicone duplicating systems.

For more information, contact Jelenko at (800) 431-1785 or visit

(914) 273-8600

Mizzy Handi-Liner? with fluoride

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With so many benefits, the new improved Mizzy Handi-liner® II with fluoride provides you with a simple premeasured application of cavity liner.

For additional information and a free sample, call Keystone Industries at (800) 333-3131 or visit

(609) 663-4700

Rubber Dam Clamp Line

The Miltex Rubber Dam Clamp Line is comprised of 37 of the most popular styles of rubber-dam clamps. The wide variety of styles offer a rubber-dam clamp for almost every application. The highly polished finish allows for easier cleaning and processing. The line is an important addition to the popular Miltex Rubber Dam instrumentation line of Rubber Dam Punches, Rubber Dam Forceps, and Rubber Dam Frame.

For more information, contact Miltex customer service at (800) 645-8000 or visit

(516) 349-0001

Compressed air system guide

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Kaeser Compressors, Inc. offers its compressed-air system guide. The step-by-step guide is a helpful guideline for any industrial facility that uses compressed air.

The full-color, eight-page reference manual outlines maintenance activities for each component in the system, including compressors, dryers, filters, drains, and aftercoolers. It describes the different maintenance needs for varying component types, including reciprocating vs. rotary-screw compressors, and refrigerated vs. desiccant air dryers.

Contents also include comprehensive maintenance checklists, product diagrams, rule of thumb, and a helpful reference library.

For additional information or to place an order, contact Kaeser Compressors at (800) 777-7873 or visit

(540) 898-5500

Dental Shades: disposable, tinted

Protect your patients; protect yourselves with Dental Shades. Dental Shades protect your patients' eyes during procedures where pieces of old restorations, teeth fragments, and bacteria can shower the patient.

Dental Shades are safe, easy-to-use, disposable, inexpensive, reliable, "clean," guaranteed to be effective, and also tinted for your patients' comfort.

For additional information or to place an order, contact Dental Shades, Inc., 12400 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 400, Los Angeles, CA 90025; or visit

(800) 448-9600

By Word of Mouth newsletter

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The Dental Advisor offers By Word of Mouth, a dental newsletter for your patients, and it helps promote your practice and educate your patients.

By Word of Mouth is a convenient and effective way for you to:

  • promote your treatment recommendations
  • increase treatment acceptance
  • prompt scheduling of postponed treatments
  • remind your patients of recall appointments and
  • generate new patient referrals.

The newsletter contains easy-to-read, dental-related articles designed to educate and inform your patients, increase their dental awareness, and reinforce preventive care and good dental health practices.

For additional information or to place an order, contact The Dental Advisor at (800) 347-1330 or visit

(743) 665-2020

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Panasonic Security & Digital Imaging Company recently launched its web site. The new site offers a wealth of information on PIMG's industry-leading line of high performance CCD cameras and professional imaging products, as well as fast access to technical resources and information.

The new Web site categorizes PIMG's product line into clearly defined groups so that visitors easily can find and access the information they need. Also included are frequently asked questions, contacts for frame grabber/image capture board vendors, and links to the industry's leading trade publications.

For more information, call Panasonic Industrial/Medical Group at (888) 880-VISION or visit

(888) 880-VISION

Trio of lighting brochures

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Derungs® Medical Lighting highlights its newest series of color brochures, featuring a complete line of medical-task lighting solutions for virtually any healthcare application requirement.

The three categories include illuminated magnification lighting and microscopes for laboratories and diagnostic work; examination and procedure lighting; and compact fluorescent task-lighting solutions that illuminate reception desks, doctors office, and lobby areas.

For your free catalogs, call (800) 634-0007 or visit

(800) 634-0007

'The Power to Succeed'

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What exactly distinguishes those who are effective in their patient, staff, and personal relationships, productive in business, and happy, powerful and successful in their approach to life from those who struggle, suffer, and fail?

That is the key question The Power to Succeed supports readers to explore in life-changing detail. The information, examples, experiences, and detailed exercises offered will produce life-altering insights for readers who examine who they are being on a moment-to-moment basis that either contributes to increasing their personal effectiveness, happiness, and power - or not.

For more information or to place an order, write to Vision Works Publishing, P.O. Box 217, Boxford, MA 01921; e-mail [email protected].

(800) 999-9551, Ext. 870

MicroCLEARTM water treatmentResponding to the need for a safe, effective, easy-to-use, and inexpensive treatment for dental-unit water, Rowpar Pharmaceuticals has added MicroCLEARTM dental-unit water treatment to its line of patented stabilized chlorine-dioxide products.MicroCLEAR'sTM proprietary formula includes chlorine dioxide, which is used internationally to purify water. It kills a broad spectrum of microbes, is less corrosive than chlorine, controls slime-causing bacteria, does not create hazardous residues, and selectively oxidizes compounds. MicroCLEARTM requires no special installation, no waiting time to become effective, and very little effort to maintain safe, healthy water in the dental unit. Packaged conveniently in gallon jugs with a pump dispenser, MicroCLEARTM is simply added to the self-contained unit with three or more quick pumps each time the water unit is refilled.MicroCLEARTM is available from dental supply companies, or by calling Rowpar at (800) 643-3337. Research on the product is available at

(800) 643-3337

Opti-Prep Ultra
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Opti-PrepTM Ultra is available from Ultradent Products, Inc. The new powder concentrate is optimal for cleaning dental and medical instruments.Opti-PrepTM Ultra is a powerful, safe, polymer-based solution that provides a better approach to pre-sterilization by removing blood and microbes to molecular levels. The cleaner eradicates the ultra-thin biofilm that normally protects many dangerous microorganisms. Applications include ultrasonic cleaning and instrument pre-soak.The unique penetrating properties deliver outstanding removal of tooth debris, tissue residue, and fluids from the surface of vacuum tubes, suction pipes, and endoscopes. Opti-PrepTM is safe and effective for use on metals, plastic, and glass.

For more information about Ultradent, call (800) 552-5512 or visit

(800) 552-5512

Gripping tasks improve with Gripeez

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Dentists at Brickroth Inc. have identified the need for a product that will assist people with arthritis and poor dexterity to correctly manipulate toothbrushes and smaller handled items. The result is Gripeez, a revolutionary product ergonomically designed to distribute holding power without the need for strong and sustained muscular contraction. Gripping tasks which once proved difficult now can be performed without strain.

Gripeez is molded out of a durable thermoplastic elastomer, which forms around most common small handles. A sure-fit, inner-handle sleeve is tapered to tightly anchor toothbrushes, flatware, razors, combs, and pens.

For more information, contact Brickroth, Inc. at

(888) 830-4747

Alloy and Ceramic Systems Guide

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Degussa-Ney Dental, Inc. introduces a new alloy and ceramic systems guide.

As stated in the guide, restorative materials perform better when they are designed as a system. For example, Ducera® brand ceramics, such as Duceragold®, assure superior-wear characteristics when matched with alloys designed for that ceramic.

Clinicians who require a wide degree of latitude in their alloy selection can count on Duceram® Plus, a high-fusing porcelain applicable to all PFM alloys with a CTE between 13.4 and 15.4.

Degussa-Ney now offers Cergogold®, a pressable ceramic as the core of a total hydrothermal ceramic system. This ceramic makes possible all of the advantages of hydrothermal ceramic without the use of alloys.

For more recommendations, request this free guide from Degussa-Ney Dental Inc., 65 West Dudley Town Road, Bloomfield, CT 06002-1316, or visit

(800) 243-1942

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3M introduces ParadigmTM MZ100 Block for CEREC®, which is said to offer a sound alternative to porcelain blocks with its exceptional strength, excellent wear, eye-catching esthetics, and economical advantages.ParadigmTM is indicated for use in milling inlays/onlays, full-crown restorations, and veneer restorations. Paradigm requires fewer steps, saving dentists' time. There is no need to glaze or fire the restoration, eliminating the need for a porcelain furnace, and hydrofluoric-acid etch is not required.

For more information on the complete 3M line of dental products, call the 3M Dental technical hotline at (800) 634-2249 or visit the 3M Dental site at

(800) 634-2249

Ultra-Bond Quik
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Den-Mat Corporation introduces a dual-cured, resin-based cement - Ultra-Bond QuikTM Resin Cement. It is ideal for laminate restoration, and was developed with dentists' needs in mind.The dual-cartridge system eliminates the need for mixing, saving time, waste, and mess. The low film thickness assures larger margins, which is beneficial for inlays and onlays. With a no-slump consistency, Ultra-Bond QuikTM Resin Cement is said to be a breakthrough in the laminate-restoration process.

For more information, visit Den-Mat Corporation at

(800) 433-6628

NEO DIAMOND brochure

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A new, color NEO DIAMOND brochure is available now from Microcopy. The complete line includes 66 shapes in various grits with friction-grip shanks. Priced as low as $1 each with a good selection of shapes and grits, NEO DIAMONDS are supplied sterile in single-unit packets, 25 of the same shape per pack.

For additional information or free samples, call Microcopy at (770) 425-5715.

(800) 235-1863

5th Generation Adhesive Kit

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Premier Dental Products Company introduces the IntegraBondTM Adhesive Kit, providing all necessary materials to bond light-cured, dual-cured, and auto-cured composite materials and resin cements. According to Premier, IntegraBondTM saves dentists time by combining the priming and bonding in a single step. Based upon a proven acetone-based formulation, IntegraBondTM provides over 20 MPa of shear bond strength to moist dentin and is reported to have extremely low film thickness - 10 microns.IntegraBondTM is said to seal dentin tubules and establish an ideal hybrid zone by wetting dentin, without collapsing the fragile collagen fibrils.Introductory Special: Attached to each IntegraBondTM Adhesive Kit is a professional trial pack of CompCore smooth-flowing composite resin-core paste with fluoride.

The kit is available through authorized dealers. For more information, visit


Orajel Ultra Mouth Sore Medicine

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Orajel Ultra Mouth Sore Medicine offers mouth-sore suffers the extra relief benefits they are looking for: fast, effective pain relief plus long-lasting, effective protection of mouth sores. Orajel Ultra uses a unique patented delivery system, a film-forming gel, that shields distressed areas to provide long-lasting protection from irritation, and it contains two powerful pain relievers - benzocaine and menthol - for immediate pain relief.

Orajel Ultra protects canker and mouth sores to provide an optimum environment for healing.

For more information, contact Del Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

(516) 844-2300

'Cash Flow Management'

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Cash Flow Management, the latest book written by Sally McKenzie, is intended to show you how to reduce your accounts receivable, increase your revenues, and reduce your overhead expense. If you're falling short of consistently meeting benchmarks such as a 98 percent collection ratio, percent of accounts receivable over 90 days less than 15 percent, 45 percent over-the-counter collections, 55 percent overhead expense, 15 percent minimum increase in collections each year, then this book is designed for you.

It is filled with proven "scripts" that can make you feel comfortable in collecting money from your patients. Step-by-step training protocol is provided on how to achieve the industry objectives that are accomplished by highly successful practices. Techniques are given to increase your production 15 percent a year by scheduling more effectively. And, ways for the team to reduce your overhead in the most common "out of control" areas: dental supplies, laboratory expense, salaries, and miscellaneous categories.

For additional information, free catalog, or to order a copy of the book, visit McKenzie Management at

(877) 777-6151

Need fluoride flexibility?

Dental Resources is manufacturing a sodium-fluoride concentrate that can be diluted to a wide range of concentrations. With each patient having a different oral environment, DR felt it was important to allow the dental office flexibility in prescribing different fluoride concentrations. Heavy caries patients can have a 0.5% for weekly use or the dental office can make a 0.05% for light caries and daily use.

For more details, circle the number below.

(800) 328-1276

Standard Operating Procedures

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All of Marsha Freeman's standard operating procedures (and related forms) for general dentists or specialists, as well as all of Dental Communication Unlimited's dental marketing SOPs, are available now as instant e-mail attachments in Microsoft Word 7 (or higher). The SOPs are purchasable individually (five minimum), by topics (Appointment-Scheduling and Front Office Basic Tasks are two of the seven), by chapters of Standard Operating Procedures for All Dentists (including the significantly expanded Personnel Agreements), or as Internal Marketing, External Marketing, or Referrals sections. All are modifiable; no tax or shipping costs.

For more details, visit

(800) 563-1454

Dental Record Starter Kit

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The Dental Record Starter Kit now contains even more information to help dental professionals decide which system is right for them. The Record Report will now be included when customers order the Starter Kit.

The Record Report series highlights customer success stories and procedures, and offers valuable suggestions on how to implement and use The Dental Record successfully.

For more details or to order a Starter Kit, contact The Dental Record.

(800) 243-4675

SofSkin Safemask?

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SofSkin Safemask® is designed to assist those professionals who are latex-sensitive or dye-sensitive. SofSkin Safemask® is available only in white (dye-free). Each box contains 50 masks. Medicom products are available through your dental distributor.

Call Medicom to receive a sample.

For additional product information, visit Medicom, Inc. at visit

(800) 435-9267

New Forest Friends products available

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Replace dingy mouse pads with a touch of art. Forest Friends Mouse Pads measure 7 7/8" x 8 7/8" x 1/4" and are sublimated to ensure crisp, vibrant color. The Forest Friends Smile Time Coloring Book keeps dental health the focus of fun. Every page features Terrapin Illustration line art.

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Safegauze? nonlinting gauze

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Anyone who has struggled with cotton-filled gauze previously will appreciate this "easy-wipe" alternative from Medicom.

Finally, a highly absorbent, nonwoven, and - most importantly - nonlinting gauze is available with exceptional pricing and is ideal for all procedures. You will especially enjoy that Safegauze® eliminates cotton sticking to scaler tips!

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Oral DefenseTMDeveloped by dentists, Oral DefenseTM is said to be the only toothpaste that combines powerful antimicrobial action in a gentle, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)-free formula. Oral Defensetrademark uses a unique combination of ingredients which have been clinically proven to out perform Colgate Totaltrademark in bleeding indexes and pocket-depth reduction tests. Dental patients switching to Oral Defensetrademark are shown to have a significant and almost immediate improvement to the condition of their gums.Oral DefenseTM Rinse is designed to work with the toothpaste. It features an antibacterial formulation and is alcohol-free.

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Proxi-Tip? Pocket Traveler

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The new pocket traveler offers something no other dental product offers today: a complete interdental care system that is designed to provide thorough interdental cleaning with a unique assortment of replaceable tips, all in one convenient product.

The Proxi-Tip®, Proxi-PikTM, Perio-Brush, and Inter-Brush/Adapter store in the handle.

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