CEREC Chairline sets standards in system integration

Jan. 25, 2006
Treatment center integration creates more space in the operatory.

CHARLOTTE, NC — CEREC by Sirona is the first and only chairside CAD/CAM system available worldwide.

It creates all-ceramic inlays, onlays, partial and full crowns and veneers in the dental practice. With CEREC, you can create and place ceramic restorations in a single appointment.

After taking an optical impression of the preparation, the restoration is designed with the what-you-see-is-what-you-get 3D software and then milled in a high precision milling unit. CEREC has enjoyed more than 20 years of unequivocal clinical success, with mote than nine million restorations placed worldwide.

With CEREC Chairline, the complete integration of CEREC into the C8+ treatment center, Sirona sets new standards in system integration. The CEREC Chairline module, including the camera, is located behind the monitor. With this design, the camera is always close at hand. A separate acquisition unit is no longer necessary.

The integration creates more space in the operatory. The workflow is comfortable, because patient consultation and explanations can be immediately followed by CEREC treatment. The dentist can operate the camera using a dual-function foot switch attached to the treatment center foot control.

The CEREC package also includes a PC with the CEREC 3D software. The design steps can be carried out either via the trackball located on the treatment center or on the PC in the operatory. The CEREC camera can be easily removed and attached to other CEREC prepared C8+ treatment centers in the practice.

CEREC Chairline makes all-ceramic restorations at the treatment center a standard procedure. It combines, in a harmonious design, the economic and clinical advantages of CEREC with the ergonomic and hygienic advantages of Sirona's C8+ treatment centers.

CEREC Chairline consists of two components, the CEREC Chairline module and the CEREC Chairline integration package for the C8+ treatment center. The treatment center and the integration package can be purchased from any dealer who carries Sirona's products.

For the CEREC Chairline module please contact Patterson Dental Supply, the exclusive dealer for CEREC in the U.S. and Canada.