Company announces expanded launch of digital impression system

Nov. 27, 2006
Cadent's iTero replaces conventional physical impression technique for crowns and bridges with technology for all restorative procedures and material options.

NEW YORK--Cadent has announced expanded commercial availability as part of its roll-out of the Cadent iTero digital impression system.

iTero is the first digital impression solution for the fabrication of dental restorations and material options enabling dentists to apply this technology to all commonly performed restorative procedures.

Prior to iTero, first-generation digital impression systems have been hindered by their narrow application to only a small fraction of common restorative procedures, as well as a capital-intensive cost structure.

iTero breaks new ground both clinically and economically with technology that can be used for all restorative options and a lab-based solution that lowers investment in system ownership.

"Cadent has been a leader in providing digital solutions to the orthodontics community for many years," said Tim Mack, vice president and GM, iTero Unit of Cadent, a leading provider of 3-D digital solutions for the orthodontic and dental industries.

"Cadent is committed to providing dentists with practical, cutting-edge technology and service support to ensure seamless integration of iTero into their practices. We are excited to apply this next-generation of our proprietary platform technology so that digital impressions become the standard of care for all restorative procedures."

iTero technology utilizes a ground breaking intra-oral scanner to capture the 3-D geometry of the tooth preparation area. The digital model is magnified and displayed while the patient is still in the chair. This enhanced visualization plus real-time analytical tools enable the clinician to make adjustments if necessary before completing the scanning process.

The digital model is then transmitted to a participating Cadent-partnering dental laboratory. The laboratory reviews the digital file and sends it electronically to Cadent's manufacturing facility for milling into the physical model. Cadent returns the physical model to the local dental laboratory. The laboratory applies the aesthetics and delivers the end-result-a beautiful, precise-fitting restoration-to the dentist all within standard service times.

According to New York City dentist Dr. Steven Glassman, who lectures and writes extensively on technology and cosmetic/restorative dentistry, "iTero is a unique approach to digital impression taking because it enables me to make fittings with all kinds of cases. It allows me to easily, make real-time adjustments during the impression process, which eliminates the need for impression retakes. Furthermore, iTero's advance precision shortens my seating appointments and increases my overall productivity. In addition, patients have expressed a true preference for the scanning procedure over the impression process. By removing the physical impression from the crown and bridge process and the need to coat teeth, iTero provides an obvious improvement in patient comfort."

Key iTero features include the following:

* Real-time, chairside display and feedback
* Intuitive interface equals short learning curve for dental professionals
* Short scan time (less than 3-5 minutes)
* Mobile cart with wireless communications
* Cadent milling process
* On-line consultation with lab
* Availability and Pricing Structure

Accelerating its nationwide roll-out, Cadent announced that commercial
availability for the iTero digital impression system would immediately broaden to 13 markets. These markets include New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Maryland, Colorado, and Utah.

As Cadent continues its staged launch of the iTero digital impression system, the company anticipates announcing commercial availability in additional markets on a periodic basis.

iTero provides a novel digital impression solution that enables dentists to capture a digital model in the office, and then work with Cadent and the dental laboratory to create the actual restoration. The cost of ownership of the iTero digital impression system is less than 20 percent of the capital cost associated with first-generation digital impression system offerings.

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