One-visit dental restoration technology developed

July 19, 2006
D4D Technologies LLC system enables dentist or dental lab to design a dental restoration with greater ease of use, accuracy, and consistency than with conventional methods.

RICHARDSON, Texas--D4D Technologies LLC is the developer of unique technology that enables a dentist or dental laboratory to design and fabricate a dental restoration with greater ease of use, accuracy, and consistency than with conventional or other CAD/CAM methods.

Product Leadership
The company's E4D CAD/CAM system features dental office and laboratory configurations. Both use high speed laser scanning technology to produce digital 3D impressions of teeth prepared for crown, inlay, onlay, or veneer restorations without reflective agents, such as powder or special stones, required by other CAD/CAM systems. E4D design software enables the dentist or technician to customize the restoration before the design is sent to the CNC mill for precision machining. After milling, the restoration is ready to polish and seat or stain and glaze, if desired. The system provides significant productivity improvements: for dental offices, one-visit restorations and shorter patient chair times mean greater numbers of satisfied patients, while laboratories can significantly reduce manual labor.

Technological Innovation
D4D's highly experienced in-house teams of electrical, mechanical, optical, firmware, and software engineers designed and developed the patent-pending 3D scanning, analysis, and design software; CNC milling systems; and related communications infrastructure technologies. The user interface incorporates extensive industrial design and human factors direction, which flattens the learning curve and further distinguishes the E4D system from its competition.

Quality-Driven Manufacturing and Regulatory Affairs
The experienced D4D manufacturing team's mission is to fabricate products that meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations and that comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements.

Best-in-Class Training and Customer Support
D4D aims to attract and retain customers by leveraging D4D's product and technological infrastructure to provide best-in-class training systems and customer support. The company's training curriculum is a three-phase approach, starting with a two-day program at the E4D University, a state-of-the-art training facility, followed by on-site training at installation, and continuing with a variety of self-paced tools.

Experienced Management
Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, the company was co-founded in 2002 by successful entrepreneur Basil Haymann, Chairman and CEO, and Mark and Henley Quadling, co-Chief Technology Officers, experienced developers of 3D digitizing applications. Before joining D4D as President and COO, Jorey Chernett most recently was director of a venture capital firm focused on investing and commercializing early stage technologies.

Strategic Partnerships
Exclusive Sales, Marketing, and Distribution: Henry Schein, Inc., the largest distributor of dental products in the combined North American and European markets.