Composite reaches 10 years of use

April 29, 2006
Tetric Flow is a top-selling flowable in the US market.

AMHERST, NY--Known internationally as a company with a proven reputation, Ivoclar Vivadent celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Tetric Flow flowable composite.

A restorative with the industry's highest radiopacity measured at 280% Al, Tetric Flow is a top-selling flowable in the US market.

"We are proud of this 10-year accomplishment marking our consistent ability to provide first-class dental materials throughout the world," said Dr. Michael A. Gaglio, Vice President of Marketing, Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. "This kind of reliability represents our strength as the manufacturer dentists have come to trust."

A composite's radiopacity, the ability to distinguish the restoration from natural tooth structure on X-rays, is used to ensure patient health by accurately identifying caries.

With a patented filler, Yitterbium Triflouride, Tetric Flow is able to achieve the highest radiopacity on the market, giving dentists confidence in radiograph diagnosis.

According to ISO 4049, restorative materials have to achieve a radiopacity of at least 100% Al. To distinguish the restorative from healthy tooth structure, the value should be clearly above that of enamel, 198% Al, (Hein CM, Dtsch Zahnarztl Z. 1989).

In an internal study, a radiopacity of 280% Al was determined for Tetric Flow (2 mm Al = 100%). The values for Grandio Flow* (190%), Filtek Supreme Flow* (180%), Point 4 Flowable* (181%) and X-Flow* (160%) were significantly lower.