Impression material introduced

April 20, 2006
3M ESPE's Imprint 3 VPS provides balance of clinical properties for highly accurate impressions.

ST. PAUL, Minn.--Beginning May 1, dentists can have a VPS impression material that offers the features they need without having to sacrifice one property to get another.

3M ESPE introduces Imprint 3 VPS Impression Material, a state-of-the-art material that--when compared to leading VPS materials--provides superior hydrophilicity, best-in-class memory and toughness, and excellent tear strength, delivering the best balance of properties that cannot be found in any other leading VPS material.

The advanced chemistry and new filler technology of Imprint 3 impression material results in a highly flowable and hydrophilic VPS material. Imprint 3 impression material also boasts superior toughness, a combination of tensile strength and elongation that resists tearing far better than most leading materials.

Offering nearly 100 percent elasteric recovery after stretching, the outstanding memory of Imprint 3 impression material means that impressions are less likely to distort upon removal, resulting in more accurate impressions for better fitting final restorations.

In fact, nine out of 10 dentists judged restorations made with Imprint 3 impression materials to be equal or superior to those made with their current material.

The Imprint 3 family of impression materials also features the innovative Imprint 3 Penta Putty, the first putty specially designed for the Pentamix 2 Mixing Unit. This new thermally active putty actually accelerates the setting of the wash without reducing oral working time.

"With its impressive balance of clinical properties, Imprint 3 impression materials deliver excellent performance in all key areas," said Dr. Mark Konings, marketing manager, 3M ESPE. "Impressions made with Imprint 3 materials show very good detail reproduction, even under challenging clinical conditions--reducing the potential for costly retakes, remakes and adjustments."

Imprint 3 impression materials are available for easy dispensing in the Pentamix 2 mixing unit or Garant Cartridge Dispenser, and offer a wide range of viscosities and setting times.

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