Abutment captures margin in premade impression coping

May 8, 2006
Stress Free Snappy Abutment is ideal for posterior, partially edentulous, and single implant restorations.

Snap it on. Pick it up. Impression done!

That's all it takes with the Snappy Abutment from Nobel Biocare. This extremely easy restorative solution makes it easy and simple to create beautiful esthetics and worry-free impressions for Nobel Biocare implants.

Ideal for posterior, partially edentulous and single implant restorations, the Snappy Abutment captures the margin in a pre-made impression coping.

The impression coping retracts the tissue, so no retraction cord is needed. Plus, the short profile means there is no need to make any modifications.

Best of all, everything you need to place the abutment and record an impression, including the impression coping and healing cap is included in the package.