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Campaign launched to provide free teeth whitening

June 7, 2013
Effort by local dentists hopes to help unemployed get hired.
ORLANDO, Florida--Sm;)e Perfected, for a limited time, will provide free whitening for patients through local dental offices that are Sm;)e Perfected providers.
The campaign aims to help people land their dream job, one smile at a time. Sm;)e Perfected has pledged to do its part in order to help people struggling to find a job.

Studies have shown that if applicants do not like their smile they will consciously hide their smile.

Nicole Vulcan of Demand Media, outlined recently in "How to Smile in an Interview" that it is the little things that can make the difference in a job interview. She points out that a smile is more than common courtesy. A smile shows enthusiasm about the job and the interview.

Enthusiasm is key, says Richard Nelson Bolles, author of "What Color is Your Parachute?" as reported in a 2007 MSNBC successful job interview article. Prospective employers want to see energy, a willingness to work, and a bright smile will help convey this.

Nancy R. Mitchell, the Etiquette Advocate, states, "Don't underestimate the power of a smile." She talks about how a lack of a "smile" may imply being mad, nervous, or psychotic, emphasizing that a great smile shows a pleasant nature as well as confidence. A smile invites others to get to know one's true personality.

D.A. Hayden and Michael Wilder co-wrote an article describinh "your smile during a job interview as your biggest secret weapon." They go on to say that a good smile shows the employer the prospect is warm, open, and friendly, all of which are desirable assets for all employers.

In an interview with Sm;)e Perfected CEO, William L. Balanoff, DDS, MS, FICD, Dr. Balanoff explained that companies have a responsibility to help people in their community in ways that are imaginative and innovative. Dr. Balanoff cannot hire everyone, but he states that his company has the ability to impact people's lives by giving them a better smile.

Travelling throughout the country, Dr. Balanoff states that many dental offices want to help their fellow citizens in their local hometowns. Dental offices can whiten the teeth of their unemployed or underemployed patients, giving them the confidence of white teeth and a great smile during an interview to improve their chances of landing their dream job.

Sm;)e Perfected will help defer the cost to dental offices by giving them free Sm;)e Perfected whitening kits provided the dental offices donate their time to deliver the whitening treatment to unemployed patients at no cost.

This special opportunity presents a "win-win" scenario for local dental offices. The offices spread good will in their respective community, boosting the dental practices' visibility and good standing. In turn, patients like to go to a dental practice that cares about the local community.

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