Kerr Nexus RMGI helps dentists “Speed Up the Cleanup”

June 4, 2013
Unique dental cement has One-Peel cleanup
ORANGE, CA – Kerr Corporation, manufacturer of innovative dental restorative materials, announces the launch of its Nexus™ RMGI, a unique dental cement that combines One-Peel™ cleanup, outstanding durability, and improved esthetic qualities for consistent, predictable outcomes.
As the first RMGI on the market available with advanced Nexus Technology, Kerr’s Nexus RMGI provides an optimal gel state and two to three second tack cure capability to ensure easy One-Peel cleanup with every use. The product’s self-adhesive paste/paste dual adhesive technology also delivers significantly higher bond, compressive, and flexural strengths, which provide improved durability and marginal integrity. Further, Nexus RMGI’s BPO-free and Amine-free chemistry combines for optimum translucency with exceptional color stability. Delivered in a convenient automix syringe, Nexus RMGI is designed to provide the dentist with a new standard for cementation of metal-based restorations including full-color zirconia.

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“We’ve repeatedly heard from our clinical customers about the deficiencies that exist with current RMGI dental cements on the market today, such as unpredictability of clean-up times, low bond strength, and less than desirable appearance,” said Alistair Simpson, Kerr’s vice president of marketing. “Nexus RMGI addresses these deficiencies while providing a convenient delivery system. The superior esthetics further differentiates the product, especially with so many of today’s dental practices utilizing zirconia.”

Kerr Product Manager Nick Domanico added that Nexus RMGI is ready for distribution and will be shipping to customers this month.