Crest SpinBrush Uncovers American Women's Views On The Best Celebrity Smiles

Aug. 30, 2002
Julia Roberts, George Clooney and Meg Ryan top the list.

Crest SpinBrush conducted a recent survey of over 1,000 American women nationwide to uncover their views on the best celebrity smiles. From coast-to-coast, women were asked to identify the
best smiles of their favorite starlets and heartthrobs, as well as the most legendary and recognizable smiles. The results proved that women not only view smiles as an important part of their favorite celebrity's star power, but also remember celebs' smiles long after their star has faded.

The Golden Grin Award Goes to ...
Almost half the woman surveyed (44 percent) agreed that "Pretty Woman" Julia Roberts has the best smile. Hollywood hunks George Clooney and Tom Cruise stand out in the minds of the women surveyed, grabbing the vote at 30 percent and 26 percent respectively.

Celebrity couples boast double star power, as Will Smith and Jada Pickett Smith tied with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston (at 26 percent of the vote each) as the best smiling star couples. Hollywood veterans Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward come in second with 21 percent of the vote.

Smile Swappers
Every woman has a feature they wish they could swap with their favorite celebs. When asked whose smile they would most like to have, 37 percent of women chose Julia Roberts, while 27 percent said Halle Berry. And 29 percent of the women said they would trade their man's smile with Mel Gibson's glamorous grin while 18 percent wouldn't mind seeing Tom Cruise's smile flashing back at them every day.

The Smile has it!
When asked which feature of their favorite celebrity they notice first, eyes and smiles top the list at 45 percent and 36 percent respectively. Evaluating what part of their favorite celebrity's smile they liked the best, 19 percent ranked sparkling teeth to be the main attraction while an overwhelming 68 percent like "everything about it!"

Smile Icons
Throughout history, Hollywood has celebrated smiles that could melt anyone's heart. Marilyn Monroe's trademark smile was the voted the most legendary with 42 percent, while 29 percent thought Lucille Ball's smile was the most memorable. As for the male icons, Elvis Presley may have left the building, but not America's hearts. He came in first place with 37 percent of
the vote while James Dean garnered 19 percent.

Some actors are known for their smiles while others are known for making us smile. When asked which comedians were the best at getting an audience to grin, 49 percent of women said funnyman Robin Williams. Jim Carey and Adam Sandler tied for second with 13 percent of the vote each.

In the female category, funny woman Meg Ryan is the favored smile starter (with 37 percent of the vote), while Lisa Kudrow came in second with 17 percent.

A Smile that Tops the Charts
It looks like Janet Jackson's smile will "stay a while" as 22 percent of women thought she was the pop star with the most beautiful smile. Jennifer Lopez's smile popularity may soon put her in the leading spot, as she came in a close second with 17 percent of the vote.

Most Recognizable Smile
Every celebrity's smile is known for something, whether it's their
luscious lips or sweltering smirk. If shown a lineup of smiles, 33 percent of women would automatically recognize Goldie Hawn's bold beam. And, comedic idol Carol Burnett came in a close second with at 26 percent of women.

In the male category, Jack Nicholson was rated most recognizable smile at 38 percent, and Robert Redford was not far behind at 31 percent.